100 thoughts on “आलू चिप्स- crispy and crunchy potato chips within minutes by dawat cooking.”

  1. Verrrrrry yummy and delicious recipe my dear friend thumbs up for your great job keep it up nice sharing my friend

  2. Interesting potato chips recipe my friend and very well prepared Beautiful result Great thanks to you and hello from FRANCE my friend 🍭🍊😍🍄💖💖🍚🍄💖🍚

  3. My friend, a dish made of fresh ingredients. Delicious French fries.This is my favorite menu.
    I enjoyed the delicious cooking video.I want to try your French fries.
    Thank you for the delicious video.

  4. Hy dear Good morning. 24big like jee. Great preparation. Thanks for sharing and keep in touch. Support each other

  5. Looking Crunchy crispy superb🤤🤤🤤🤤👌🏻👍 thanks for sharing💖💖 like 35 new frnd here. I have subd you hope you will join me back😊💖🌺
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