झटपट भेंडी फ्राय  | Bhendi fry | Quick Tiffin Sabzi | टिफिन के लिये चटपटी भिंडी फ्राय | Madhura

झटपट भेंडी फ्राय | Bhendi fry | Quick Tiffin Sabzi | टिफिन के लिये चटपटी भिंडी फ्राय | Madhura

Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi oLet’s see how to make bhendi fry today. You get bored by eating same bhendi fry regularly We are adding a nice secret masala in this. That will enhance its taste much better. Heat up 2 tsp oil first. Add 1/2 tsp mustard seeds & let them pop up as I always tell So that it releases its khamangpana into the oil. When mustard seeds pop up add 1/2 tsp cumin seeds Let them splutter. Add a pinch of hing. When tadka is khamang that khamandpana is added to every sabzi Add finely chopped garlic, 8-10 curry leaves & mix well. Fry until garlic gets light golden color. Add green chili & turmeric powder. Mostly bhendi becomes sticky. What to do to avoid that stickyness? Will tell that. I have washed bhendi well, dried it completely & then chopped. Do not add wet bhendi So the stickyness of that moisture is released in bhendi. Generally we add salt quickly in sabzis. If we add salt at this stage then bhendi will release moisture & it will become sticky. So while making methi or bhendi Or palebhaji or while cooking any sabzi add salt at the end. When bhendi gets nice coating of tadka Then steam it. Cover & steam for just 3-4 minutes. Not longer. If you cook longer it will be sticky. Let’s steam for just 3-4 minutes. I have steamed just for 3 minutes on medium heat. Nice. It is not dry It has released a little moistuere. Do not cover after this. Fry bhendi uncovered as it is. You can fry depending on how much cooked bhendi you like. I have fried bhendi for just 7-8 minutes. If you like crispy you can continue this more. But I like a little soft so I cook this much only. When it begins to caramalize a little add 4-5 tsp roasted peanut powder. Peanut powder gives nice coating to bhendi When the peanut powder is fried, it gets nice crisp. Add salt to taste now. Mix well & fry for about 2-3 minutes. When sabzi is almost fried after adding peanut powder we are adding secret masala. That is Maggie Masala-ae-Magic This actualluy contains 10 roasted whole spices. These masale are roasted khamang. So that sabzis get nice khamang & different taste. This doesn’t give taste of daily sabzis. When sabzi is about to get ready them add this masala. Mix well & fry for just about 2 minutes. After frying for just 2 minutes bhendi fry is all ready. Nice & khamang aroma!! Do try it. If you try then do drop a comment. Do subscribe if you haven’t yet. Click on bell icon too. Thank you very much for watching my recipe. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.

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  1. Hello Ma'am
    How are you? How is Manthan and Manasvi? Firstly, I really want to thank you for making this " Madhuras Recipes You Tube Channel" because of which I have learnt cooking starting from scratch. As I wasn't good at cooking at all, so I use to not cook at home and now coz of your delicious, variety and permutation and combination dishes my parents wants me to cook daily. On day to day basis I refer to your receipe and prepare at home. I never thought I would learn cooking as its an art. Sheera, upma, all bread recipe, tomoto Dal, Jowar ch ghavan,pav bhaji and many more the list is unending my parents love them the way I cook by referring your recipes. Thanks a ton Ma'am for giving me a platform to learn cooking.

  2. Nice recipe.. me pn bhendi maggi masala use krun krte chan hote khup.. madhuras recipe masale deliver jhale i have tried today chan ahe goda masala..

  3. मी भेंडी करायच्या आधी परतून घेते त्यामुळे ती चिकट होत नाही
    तू सुद्धा ट्राय करून बघ
    भेंडीची भाजी छान आहे

  4. Khup chan aahe recipe 😘😊😘 aamcha kde bhendi aani karle khup khatat tyamule mi he nkki try kren ☺😍☺😍 thank you for the recipe

  5. मधुरा गुजराती रेसिपी शेअर केल्या तर चालेल का

  6. Mast hoti recipe😋😋😋😋😋 tumhala jya padhatine bhaji banvail kiva khaila Aavdate te banva aani Bakichyan jas Nehmich Banvata tas banvu Dya

  7. Hi madhura mi kalch hi bhendi fry banwli khup chhan zali thank you 💐💐👍👍

  8. हळद नाही व मॅगी मसाला नाही ताकायच्या खान्देश

  9. Tai, ek request karu ka amchya Sangli t khup ch flood aalela aahe tyamule surv tumche je tumche recipe bagatat tyna Sangli, Kolhapur ani Satara til surv lokana ya pur paristitun lavkar baher nighnacha eshwar charani prathana karayala sanga. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. Ag madhura tai mala plz help kr g mi tujhi recipe baghun pizza banavla test khupach mst ali pn ag pizza chya sides la jasa crust yeto na tasa yetach nhi ahe tyala..mi microwave madhe convection mode vr banavla to 200 degree vr pn dominoes la jara brown shade ani crisp yeto tasa yaila hawa g plz mala sang na kai karu

  11. ताई एक request आहे. मार्केट मध्ये मिळते तशी बिकानेर प्याज कचोरी ची recipe वर एक विडिओ बनवा plzzzzzzz

  12. मस्तच मी कालच कारल्याची भाजी बनविली होती माझ्या मुलांना खूप आवडली ……
    भेंडीची भाजीही आता ट्राय करणार आहे…. दिसतेय तरी खूप छान … Thank you

  13. Nice recipe madhura tai…… mi aj bhendichi Keli….. Maze Mr kdhi bhendichi bhaji Khat nahit tr Tyani Aj khali ani ti tyana Avdli….. Thnx a lot tai😘😘😘😘

  14. तुमच्या रेशिपि पाहुण लाखो कुटुबं आज चवदार जेवणाचा आस्वाद घेतात, लाखोंचे तूंम्हि गुरू आहात, तूमचे गुरु कोण,

  15. Madhura tai tumhcya saglya recipe chan astat . Ani amhi tumche masale order kele Amazon varun. Khup chan masale ahe tumhe .👌👌 thankyou

  16. Me pan karun baghitali bhindichi bhaji khup Chan Zali hoti pan Maza Kade Magi masala navta magnum me pasta masala ghatla khupch Chan zale hote tumcha style madhe ekdam jabarjast thanks Tai etkya Chan recipes dakhvta 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  17. Khup ch Chaan Recipe..Mazya husband la khup ch aavadli..Zatpat hote.
    Secret masala ne taste enhance zali..Shengdana kut available naslyamule mi nahi add kele..Overall APRATIM..😋👌..Traditional yet tasty

  18. Mam I've rquested u 2 times before this attempt to show recipe of 'Takatil Bhendi'. Now Shravan month is running and there are so many fastings of woman.So if you show this recipe it will in proper time period.I am eagerly waiting.You only replied lavkarch dakhavun.When the time will come to watch rajyatil bhandi by you?

  19. Madhura , please don’t do endorsement. Your goda masala , lands Lasun are good .. uptil peanut powder it was good to taste … seriously keep it to your original prep

  20. Nice bhendi fry,me ravyache dose kele hote chaan zale hote,madhura receipe mla khup aavdte,madam me saglya receipe krun bghe, thanks mam

  21. तुम्ही रेसिपी तर भारी बनवतात त्यात काही शंका नाही पण तुमचं किचन व तुमचा आवाज खूप छान आहे

  22. Bhaji ekdam chan zali.. Mainly idea about – bhendi chya bhaji la wash karun.. dry karun.. mag cook karne.. THANK YOU for this simple, quick receipe! 🙂👍

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