तवा वेज फ्राई – पार्टियों की खास हलवाई स्टायल सब्जी । Veg Tawa Fry Masala

तवा वेज फ्राई – पार्टियों की खास हलवाई स्टायल सब्जी । Veg Tawa Fry Masala

Namaskar I am Nisha Madhulika Today we will make veg Tawa veggie It is specially made during weddings The griddle usually have pre cooked
veggies along with Masala mixture Whenever a guest ask for a
specific veggie then it is given to them after sauteening and
mixing more Masala to it. Everyone really enjoys having it Come, let us start the cooking We took some veggies to make the Veg Tawa fry It has 3 bitter gourd, 6 brinjals, 15 ladyfinger, 3 potatoes and 6 Arbi We took Arbi and potato after boiling them. Rest of the veggies are raw Firstly, we will prepare the bitter gourds. Chop bitter gourd from both the sides and peel while scratching it Cut it from the centre Open it softly as shown Divide it into two equal halves If its too tall,
chop into three equal sized pieces Apply some salt over it We will assemble all the
bitter gourds likewise We appilied salt on all the bitter gourd We will place them in a plate
for 15 to 20 minutes as it is Later on, we will wash it The sourness of bitter
gourd will move out of them In the meantime,
we will chop the rest of veggies Arbi is pre boiled, we will peel it We will chop it into halves We can chop it vertically These are boiled potatoes We will peel and chop them
into the larger sized pieces Now, we will prepare the brinjal Hold it as shown,
hold its stalk in your hand Cross cut it from the top Now, we have ladyfinger Let us chop them quickly too Cut its head and tail Mark a cut on its centre too Chop it as shown The ladyfinger is also ready We prepared the veggies Let us wash the bitter gourd too Make sure you remove all the salt from it Wash it properly and drain
out all the water from it Now, we have to deep fry the veggies Preheat oil for it Add the veggies to fry in the heated oil The oil should be rightly heated First of all, we will fry the brinjals The brinjals has moved in the oil They have slightly fried We will flip and make them soft Keep the soft brinjals in a plate 3 minutes was utilized to fry them We have cooked them on high flame Nowm we will add the ladyfingers We will fry these on high flame too We want these soft It has cooked crunchy and 2 minutes was acquired to fry these Now, we will add the Arbi We will make them crispy Keep the flame on high The Arbi has also become
crispy after 3 minutes Now, its the time for potatoes The potatoes has also become crispy It took almost 5 minutes There quantity was too much too Now, we will add the bitter gourd The bitter gourd has also cooked The bitter gourd took
3 minutes to be cooked The veggies has cooked Now, we have to mix spices to it We have to take a teaspoon of
Chaat Masala for the spices Add a teaspoon of Degi Mirch to it Add a 1/2 teaspoon of salt to it Mix it well Sprinkle a 1/2 teaspoon of
Masala mixture to the veggies Mix it well The Masala has also mixed
well with the veggies Now, we have to make its Tawa fry We will prepare a gravy Masala
mixture for it separately Take a pan and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of oil in it Preheat it We took 4 tomatoes for the Masala an inch of ginger baton and 2 green chillies We made their paste Firstly, we will add a 1/2
pinch of asafoetida to it If you have the lesser
quantity of asafoetida then it will help to
enhance its taste too Now the paste of tomato,
ginger baton and green chilli Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to it Add a 1.5 teaspoons of coriander to it Add a teaspoon of fennel seeds powder to it It helps to enhance its taste too If you are adding Tawa Masala
then do not add the fennel seeds. Add a teaspoon of Degi Mirch powder to it It will help to enhance taste and color too Add a teaspoon of cumin seeds powder to it Roast while continuously stirring
it until oil separates from it The Masala mixture has roasted and add a 1/2 teaspoon of salt to it Add a tablespoon of fenugreek leaves to it I took it after crushing
it and it is homemade too. You can make it too and watch its recipe on my channel too The Masala mixture has roasted We will add Garam Masala to it and some green coriander too Mix it We roasted the Masala
mixture in a broader wok It has cooked quickly We are making a Tawa veg curry We need a griddle for it We usually don’t have a
larger sized griddle at home We are using a smaller sized griddle
for it which we make to use Chappati To make it, we will arrange the
fried veggies on the griddle Switch the flame to low It is a smaller sized
griddle that’s why we will arrange the lesser
quantity of veggies on it Leave it empty from the centre
to again cook the veggies If someone ask us for a brinjal, potato and some ladyfinger then we wil add some butter on it We separated 2 to 3 ladyfingers from it We took a brinjal and a potato We placed the veggies on the centre of Tawa Now, we will mix some Masala mixture to it Add 1.5 teaspoons of Masala mixture to it Add a teaspoon of water to it Stir and roast the Masala
mixture for a while Sprinkle some Chaat Masala over it Mix it and you can increase its
quantity according to your taste Now, we will serve this curry Now, we will mix the Masal mixture
with all the veggies and cook these. Add some butter on the pan likewisr Now, we are using all the Arbis even
the Arbis which were left in a plate Add 1 to 2 teaspoon of Masala mixture to it some water It will help to make the veggies soft Stir to mix and cook it The Tawa Arvi curry is ready to be served Remove them Now, we will cook the bitter gourd some butter some bitter gourds Add 2 teaspoons of Masala mixture Add some water some Chaat Masala The Tawa bitter gourd is ready to be served Now. we will cook Tawa potato curry butter potato Masala Water and some Chaat Masala The Tawa potato is ready to be served Now, we will cook the Tawa brinjal Add some butter to it Brinjal Some Chaat Masala and some water Add some Chaat Masala again The brinjal curry is ready to be served and now we will cook some ladyfinger Add some butter lady finger Masala mixture Add some water to it Stir and cook it for a while Add some Chaat Masala to it The Tawa ladyfinger is ready to be served All the Tawa fry veggies
are ready to be served They are tastier to eat Garnish it with some
chopped green coriander We have fried them separately on the Tawa You can cook them all together too It is a Tawa fry curry so frying
it on a Tawa is more preferable It is easier to cook You should try the recipe and eat it Share your experience with me Do let me know which latest
recipe you want me to post Do subscribe to my channel

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  1. Mam maine aapki ye recipe banayi bhut hi tasty bani my daughter loves it.mujhe aapki recipe bhut pasand h aur bhut try bhi ki hain bhut acchi banti hain

  2. Thanks a lot mam…. Mn kr rha hai ki bs phone m se plate bahar aajaye or m taste kr lu…… Really….. it's very simple…. 😘

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  5. Dear Madum, we Don't know Hindi very much. Pls keep subtitles for every item using for ur recepies. Any how this recipie is awesome to look. It will be definitely tasty + I will try in a few time.

  6. Aap ki racipe dekh kr or aapke vistaar se batane k tarike se pata lgta h ki aapko khana banane mie kitna aanand aata h…great mam

  7. Dear madam ur just like my mum making cooking soooo easy.i've learned a lot from her n now from u.Baba bless u for that.ur recipes are so amazing.thks for sharing.👏👏👏

  8. Bohot hi shandaar lagrahi aunty dekhte dekhte ye vedio mere moo me pani agaya kaash jo aapne banaya wo taste bhi karsakte ham👌👌👌

  9. Uble aloo or arvi ka to koi taste nhe hota.sabzi fry hone k baad kon sa masala rachta hai under.Koi nhe ☹. Or Kreela to krva zehr ho ga .30 mints+ mai fry hota hai kreela theek se.

  10. Nice recipe mem..mem ap sirf veg hi bnti hai ya nonveg v ..agr ha to plzz mem corean chiken ki recipe share kigiy..

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  12. Thank you for sharing "Mazedar"😋 recipe Mam.. aapne to tave par itni sari sabzi ek sath arrange Kar li ham to only ek sabzi hi arrange Kar payenge…🤣

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