പയ്യോളി കോഴി പൊരിച്ചത്|Payyoli Kozhi Porichathu /Payyoli Chicken Fry -Recipe no 135

പയ്യോളി കോഴി പൊരിച്ചത്|Payyoli Kozhi Porichathu /Payyoli Chicken Fry -Recipe no 135

Hellooo!!!Namasthe!!!Hope all are doing great Till where has your cooking challenge reached?? Many people informed me that they have started the challenge. But people have so many doubts regarding the challenge People are sending me the photos in FB and CW App.But,for the time being you just keep the pictures with you only At the end of the challenge send me all the pics together as one to my FB account or mail id. I had a mistake while I count the recipes.So kindly note that there are 104 videos for the challenge. Those who didn’t start the challenge yet,u can start now also 🙂 If you could send me a video,sharing your experience of this challenge,I’ll share it with my viewers The last date is 15th june.So send me your pics and video on or before 15th june Don’t forget to like and share Let’s see how to make “Payyoli chicken fry” Let’s start to make Payyoli chicken fry I’ve taken 1kg of chicken.I always use fresh chicken only I’ve mixed some water diluted with 2 tsp of salt and 2 tbs of curd. Then I soak the chicken in that water for about 30minutes In many videos I’ve told you that,before frying chicken,you should do this step in order to make the chicken soft After 30mins wash it properly with vinegar and water and drain the water completely If you want,reduce the size of the pieces.It helps you to reduce the cooking time So decide the size of the pieces according to your preferences Make some gashes in the pieces like what we do on a fish when we fry them So that the masala reaches everywhere Now let’s prepare the masala for the marination We need 4tbsp of kashmiri chilli paste. To make this paste,we need 15 kasmiri dry red chillies. Wash it properly and cook for 15minutes in water After cooling drain and ,grind the chillies with a little water YOu can make it at home or buy from shops. But,readymade chilli paste may contain vinegar and salt in it This paste is not much spicy also Now add 3 tbs vinegar(adjust with your likes),which gives a little sour taste to the dish Add 1 tbs of ginger paste.We are not adding garlic in this recipe Add 1 tsp of meat masala In my beef roast recipe,I’ve told you that,meat masala or any masala can be stored in the fridge by packing them with a zip lock cover,if you are not using them regularly I use meat masala very rarely.So I always put the masala in a zip lock cover and keep it in the fridge. Add salt to taste Always check the taste of masala before marinating the chicken Make necessary changes if require Add some curry leaves by crushing it with your hands and 4-5 green chilly slits Since we are using kashmiri chilli paste,we need to add green chilli to balance the spice level of the dish Finally,add 1 tsp of coconut oil Mix well the green chiilies then only we will get the exact flavour We will add grated coconut in this recipe which is the highlight of this dish Check the taste and make necesssary changes required I need more salt and chilli flavour so I’m adding some salt and 2 more green chillies to this mix Now,add the chicken pieces to this mix and marinate well.. We haven’t added water in this masala. Since we are using kashmiri chilli paste,there is no need to add food colour in this recipe Boil the chillies really well in water for 15 minutes.Then remove the water and let it cool for some time.Then grind it using a little water into a fine paste Marinate the chicken pieces well and keep it in the fridge for minimum 2 hours It tastes really good if you keep it overnight in the fridge Do not keep it in freezer..but keep it in the fridge only I’m going to fry the chicken today itself so now i’ll do the process with coconut also If you are going to prepare the chicken next day that is after 12 or more hours,do not carry out the process with the coconut today Take 3 tbs of coconut in a bowl and mix it with 1 tbs of chili paste and salt After frying the chicken,we will fry this coconut also in the same oil which is the highlight of this dish Don’t keep this mix for a long time.Because,there is a chance that the coconut could get spoilt After 2 hours,we can fry both the chicken pieces and coconut For this recipe,coconut oil is the best choice for frying chicken and coconut. Then only we will be able to taste the exact flavour. You can use the oil of your choice,but I always recommend coconut oil When the oil is medium hot,add the chicken pieces one by one Keep some space in between each pieces and please don’t try to fry the whole pieces together Keep the flame in MEDIUM .Only after 2 to 3 minutes flip each pieces carefully I got this recipe from the programme called “foodpath” telecasted on Asianet channel ,hosted by Raj Kalesh Coconut oil and grated coconut gives a special flavour to this recipe. And garlic is not added in this recipe 1 tsp of meat masala also gives a good flavour to the chicken Flip the pieces carefully Maintain the flame in medium.Otherwise the chicken pieces will absorb oil If you have a kadai,you can fry the chicken with minimum quantity of oil.But it requires more time to fry the whole pieces The pieces are coated well with the masala.After 10 minutes,will flip the pieces again Flip them again.At the end,pick a small piece and check whether it is fried enough or not It takes about 15 to 20 minutes of time to get fried the chicken pieces in this size. If the pieces are smaller than this,it will get fried in less than 15 minutes. Make sure the pieces are cooked well I’ve checked the chicken by cutting a small piece from this and it is cooked well now and it is really soft So now transfer the pieces into a strainer or use a tissue paper to remove the excess oil. Fry the remaining pieces in the same manner So all the pieces are cooked well Now carefully put some green chilli slits(10 nos) and lot of curry leaves into the oil and fry well in medium flame When fried well,add this to the fried coconut pieces It would be better if you can filter the oil before frying the coconut.Do it very carefully and slowly since the oil is really hot Now pour the filtered oil into the pan and let it heat enough to fry he coconut Keep the flame in medium,then slowly add marinated coconut into the oil Fry them well without burning. When it turns to light brown colour,just check it whether they turned crisp or not. Stir well and check the crispiness like this Its almost done.Now transfer them into a strainer When the excess oil is being removed from the coconut after 5 minutes,Just wipe it with a tissue paper Check the salt.If it tastes less,sprinkle some salt to it Now add the coconut to the fried chicken pieces and mix them well Here ends the process and tasty as well as the crispy Payyoli Chicken Fry is ready now Everyone should try this recipe and its very easy to make and tasty too Once you try this recipe,you will make it again and again.I’m sure about that Till I come with the next recipe,bye to all and Thank you😃

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  1. haai chechi e receipe njan kanan vittupoy . payyoli ende naada to . chechi njangalude naadinde Peru edaykedayku parayumbo bayankara sandosham . good attempt adipoli chechii

  2. Chechi…Abu dhabiyil ullla Ghee rice restaurantil ulla ERACHI CHORU undakunadg kanich tharamo ?? Plz…..bayanga tasta chechi ee Erachi choru…Thalasseri poyapo kazhichitund…big big big request…….

  3. chechi, ceramilc cookwares ano nan stich cookwares ano nallat..ceramicil nonstickil cheyyunnapole ellam cheyyan pattuo

  4. Chechee .. chilly curryveppila chicken fry cheyyunnathinu munne idunnathalle nallath. Ennaal athinte flavor okke pinneed chicken fry cheyyumpo kittille.
    Enikku naale try cheyyaanaanu dear. ☺️ please reply

  5. Kanditth vaail vellam vannu chechii….. ..im frome mysore…. e Naligera endho chechi parinjille… adh yendhaanenn yenikki manassilaailla…. chechi….

  6. Hai veena nhan apratheekshithamayitanu veena yude vedios kanunnathu enikku valare ishtamayi aa samsaravum aa chiriyum ellam .Pinne vedio kanumbol ariyam veena yude neatness okke.Congrats.pinne makkalodum hasbandinodum kurichulla vedios okke kanumbol nammude veettilulla oru vangathe poleyanu thonunnathu. Pinne veena kozhi niracha things vedio ittittund ayirunno ? Nhan kandilla.ethayalum ella reciepykkum thanks.

  7. Chechy dry chiken curry try cheyumo?dark brown colour annu.nk athinte name ariyila.function okke vekkuna style

  8. Chechi, innu chicken marinate cheythitu naale aanu undaakan pokunnathenkil, chicken, freezer lu alle vekkendath, Fridge lu allalo

  9. തേങ്ങാ വറുത്തെടുക്കുന്നത് ആദ്യമായാൽ ചിക്കൻ പൊരിച്ചെടുത്താലുടൻ ചൂടോടെ വിളമ്പിക്കൂടെ? ഇത് തന്നെയാണോ പാരഗണിൽ കിട്ടുന്ന ഫിഷ് ഫ്രൈലും ഉപയോഗിക്കുന്ന രീതി?

  10. Hai veenachechi. Payoli kozhi porichathu chechide recipe nokki undakki. Nalla soft and tasty aayirunnu. Thankyou chechi for this recipe.

  11. Hi veena. Here in Luxembourg we don’t get meat Masala or chicken masala of our brands. It’s mostly north brands which is so much different from our brands like eastern. What would be your suggestion instead?

  12. Veenechi, innale Christmas nu Payyoli Chicken ayirunnu special undakkiyath.. Super.. Thank u so much… Easy methods, simple and detailed discription, pinne Happy ayittulla presentation is contagious to all…Convey rgds to Jaan Chetan… Ningalanu namuk cooking nodu Pranayam undakki thannath… Stay Great…

  13. Veena thank you so much for this recipie…I was eagerly waiting for this 😊😊….This is a special item in paragon restaurant 👍

  14. ചേച്ചി പയ്യോളി വന്നു ഒരു ദിവസം ചിക്കൻ കഴിക്കുക

  15. Chechi njan undakki nokki.kollatto.ellarkkum ishtayi.njan Kashmiri chilli powder paste aakkiyanu cheithe.

  16. ചേച്ചി ഞാൻ ഇന്നാണ് ഈ recipe try ചെയതത്… അടിപൊളി.. ഒന്നും പറയാൻ ഇല്ല…

  17. chechi payyoli chicken fry kandit kothyay so njan inn undakanamen orkunnu.Enik ith nale dutyk pokumbo kondpokanamenn und .So suppose morning njan fry cheythit coconut fry grated add chyth ath cold ayen shesham containeril aaki kondpoyal ath kedakumo until afternoon.

  18. ചേച്ചി എന്തൊരു സ്പീഡ് ആണ്.. ശ്വാസം എങ്ങിനെ കിട്ടുന്നു.. 😄

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