✅ Glen Makes Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Short Ribs || Glen & Friends Cooking

✅ Glen Makes Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Short Ribs || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome to another one in our series of
most-watched recipe videos on YouTube videos
the problem is YouTube has disabled these sorting features so we can no
longer sort by date or by most-viewed so I had to come up with another plan and I
sort of thought I’ve seen a video that I think will be the number one so if we
search beef short ribs there you go slick top video in this
case is slow-cooked beef short ribs by Gordon Ramsay and it has 7.1 million
views now even if it isn’t the number one video for this type of recipe 7.1
million views is an absolute pile of views I think most people would would
give their left arm to get 7 point 1 million views so let’s take a look and
see what Chef Ramsay has to say I think we’re onto something we’re gonna give
this shot it should be really good so I know the premise of this recipe is that
beef short ribs are supposed to be a cheaper cut of meat I don’t know what
planet Chef Ramsay is living on because here these are only about $1 per pound
different than prime rib so but I mean the flavors amazing so I guess it’s
worth it the first thing I’ve done is I’ve just started to salt and pepper
these ribs you want to salt and pepper them on all sides and if they were
attached you just want to cut them off so that they’re one bone and one bone
only and you’re gonna get some that have a lot of meat and some that have very
little meat just cook them all the same they all add flavor to this dish
now some olive oil in the bottom of the pan and you want this pan sort of medium
hot it doesn’t need to be screamin hot we want to brown the beef but you don’t
want to burn it you don’t want to introduce any sort of burnt flavors into
your final meal so that’s induction it’s almost hot already and we’ll just
start transferring this in beef side down bones side up and we’re still gonna
Brown on all sides but at least start with the beef side down this is a recipe
with so few ingredients that every ingredient and every step is crucial to
building the flavor there’s nowhere to hide absolutely nowhere to hide so get
the best beef can use the best wine that you can at
least use a red wine that you would drink at the table this is not a dish
where you should cheap out on any ingredients
okay the beef is nice and brown so in goes the tomato paste and the top tip if
you’re to take away anything from this video or Gordon Ramsay’s video is you
need to fry out your tomato paste before you add any other ingredients
if you don’t fry it out it does have a very tinny or metallic taste some people
will call it sharp I think it tastes like the can and just the act of frying
it a little bit caramelizing some of the sugars and takes that tin flavor away
doesn’t take a whole lot you just need a little bit and you can sort of mix it in
with the oil that’s already in the pan well that’s frying off I’ve got one head
of garlic and you just slide the knife through it cut it in half you don’t have
to peel it but if some of the peel comes off you just leave it behind and I know
that in my previous videos where I’ve done this some people have gotten really
mad I’m disrespecting the garlic you need to peel it you need to take care of
it you don’t right into the pan put it right in there with the tomato
paste in the oil and it just starts frying off with everything else okay
now the wine we want the wine to come up to a boil we
want it to mix together with the tomato paste and the juices from the beef and
you want it to bubble away until it reduces by at least half so this has
turned into an incredibly nice thick sauce okay last thing into the pan is
beef stock now if you make your own beef stock go ahead and use it um you can use
as dark a stock as you can make if you’re buying your stock from the
grocery store I would suggest not using beef stock I’ve always found that in
this type of preparation as the purchased beef stocks reduce and
concentrate in flavor I find they give a really kind of strange off flavor to me
so if you’re buying it I would use chicken stock because the purchased
chicken stock doesn’t seem to have that flavor at the end but it’s your dish you
can do whatever you want now lid on I’ve got a preheated oven and I’m gonna stick
this in and we’ll check back when it’s done okay so we’re just a few minutes
from pulling the ribs out of the oven and Chef Ramsay finishes this dish with
some pancetta and mushrooms so we’re just gonna fry off some pancetta here
get this going in this pan and while that’s cooking off I’m going to slice up
the mushrooms and he just sort of halves in quarters I’m depending on how big
your mushrooms are Sattar 1/2 or 1/4 will be just fine and if you can’t find
pancetta which I understand most people can’t bacon think it’ll be just fine
I mean this is just to finish the dish and I kind of think it’s maybe a little
over the top but over the top might be just what we’re looking for okay the
pancetta looks great let’s get the mushrooms in we’ll just toss those around get them
coated with a bacon grease and just have them release some of their liquid now
before we serve this we want to get all of this sauce out of the bottom and just
strain it to press the liquid out of the garlic buds there’s gonna be so much
flavor in there a little bit of mushroom and pancetta on top kind of on top kind
of around and then drizzle it with the sauce so Flynn you’ve got like the
you’ve got everything here I see bacon I see ribs what is not in this well I
wanted to do a really nice presentation because in my head all I can hear is
chef Gordon Ramsay yelling at me that I’m a donkey so I wanted to do I wanted
to do his recipe proud so I tried to make a nice presentation I used the same
kind of plate that I used in his video this is the one I think oh that’s right
I think the number one watched beef rib recipe on YouTube so like seven point so
many of a million views it’s there’s enough that it’s probably the most okay
so I think it’s a little over the top there’s a piece for you
I think the mushrooms and the bacon are a little over the top but I think that’s
probably what makes the dish the Bacon’s a little too much for you Omar well let
me let me let me participate hold on I don’t know if over-the-top is the
right answer for that that oh that’s got some great flavor combinations it’s
amazing it’s me and I okay go ahead it’s another recipe where there’s
nowhere to hide you’ve got beef ribs you’ve got wine you’ve got beef stock
salt pepper and a little bit of tomato there’s no really so it is that simple
I didn’t yeah oh and a bulb of garlic but there’s there’s very few it’s
another one of those very few ingredients with an explosion of flavor
because the method is good ah is that the key so that that’s how all
the flavors got inside yeah it’s the method well way to go we like it so Chef
Ramsay is it worth the effort um is your question I mean it’s pretty is it so
there’s not a lot of effort I mean it comes together really quickly it does
sit in the oven for three hours oh that’s not effort that’s just time it’s
just time there is a huge amount of flavor
I think the trade-off comes from beef ribs not being as cheap as they used to
be ah it’s almost the same price as prime rib yeah so at this yeah so at
this point you guys have to make that trade off it I mean well and then eating
me generally this can be very expensive yes and I totally understand that which
is why this is such a rare event in our house so if I saw beef ribs on sale this
is something that I would definitely do okay do it and do it right if you got
the treat of having beef ribs do it right you’re right
do this and also this is just a great base recipe then you could layer other
flavors on top if you really wanted to you don’t have to that’s the thing you
don’t have to this is so amazing but if you wanted to you could okay so I’m
gonna ask another question yeah could you take this same methodology and apply
it to other types of meat and you would you think he’d be as successful any meat
that you would stoop to any type of beef any beef that you would put in a stew
pot you could do this way okay thank you stopping by and see you guys soon enjoy you you

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    ^^^^Full recipe in the info section below the video.^^^^

  2. I’m really glad you added at the end the part about the any meat you would stew of course it makes a huge amount of sense but also gives a bit more inspiration to everyone to try it with something else

  3. Looks great. I’d much rather watch this than Gordon’s over the top personality any day.
    I’m not sure this recipe is over the top at all. It really is nothing but a stage for the ribs to stand on. I bet a healthy dose of red pepper flakes or a few slices Serrano peppers in the mix while cooking would add another layer of depth too!
    Love the channel guys. Keep me coming

  4. I have not watched your videos before but I don't understand what he means by them removing the sorting. If he means in searches, just click the "Filter" button.

  5. Just out of curiosity, what type of red wine did you use? Was that a cabernet, a merlot, or something else? I also think a nice side of roasted asparagus, with some Yukon gold potatoes, mashed or fried would pair very nicely. What do you think?

  6. It is interesting to hear about the price in your country because in Brazil it is a cheap cut of beef.
    Congrats for your channel.

  7. I just love how this channel has NO filler, it's straight to the point! Not even intros or bad, forced jokes. I'm subscribing, liking and commenting all the way

  8. Hey, from Ottawa and I love your videos, keep it up. Seems like your channel is picking up steam quickly and it's well deserved.
    Edit: Don't pay attention to the dumb comments. You could be doing everything perfectly and some people would still find something to complain about. You don't have to peel the garlic to cook it obviously just like you don't with onions neither.

  9. Uh… So earlier today I was watching one of your videos and you had 107k, and then 1 video later, 108k. Now a few hours later I'm watching this and you have 110k! You are blowing UP. When I first saw your channel you had less than 10k subs I'm sure. Crazy how you got so big in a few months. Keep it up 🙂

  10. Hi Glen, I'm a college student that can't buy normal wine yet, but I can buy cooking wine. Would Red cooking wine work ok in this dish? Also, I don't have the kind of pan that I can put in the oven, but I do have a stone baking dish. Would it be reasonable to transfer it into that stone dish, and then cook it in the oven like that? Advice appreciated

  11. A lot of meat cuts that used to be cheap have become expensive thanks to the likes of chef Ramsey, supply and demand I guess. I used to use beef cheeks a lot, now they're price is comparable to Ribeye steak. Keep up the great work, I've been pointing my stepdaughter to good knowledge bases for cooking as she wants to follow me into catering. And with a name like Glen, it's gotta be good right!

  12. I think he's living on a planet where the financial collapse of 2008 hadn't happened yet. Judging from the aggressive music and intensity of the video (I went and watched it) it's most likely from his short lived cooking/reality variety show from like 13 years ago.

  13. Made these according to this video last night!!! OMFG it is good. and so simple to make …
    Thanks for posting this…

    I did change it up a little — i think you are right, the pancetta and mushroom seems a little over the top, but only because the dish is RICH enough as it is… so what i did, was when cooking the pancetta and mushrooms, once the mushrooms and the pancetta were all nice and browned, i added Spinach to it; fried it in the pancetta fat until wilted, but still a little firm…
    The result was surprisingly refreshing. the spinach added some acidity to counter the pancetta a little, and was pleasing to look at when serving the dish!! was VERY VERY good.

    Next time, I'll hack the recipe a bit and reduce the broth by half, but add curry sauce in with the broth, and serve on a bed of rice. What makes this so great is how easy it was to make, but leaves it wide open to experiment with, and create other dishes with amazing flavour.

  14. I reccomend gordon ramseys chicken tikka masala recipe. Iv made it on a few occasions and it always goes down a storm in our house. If you cant find curry leaves (and i couldn't) it works well without them. If you dont like spicy though i would reccomend halving the chilli or even cutting it to one third as fresh chillies always vary in strength. The first one i made was pretty spicy and the dish is usually served mild in the uk……alsofor different meats you could swap out beef ribs for porkribs or belly slices and use a good hard cider in place of a red wine as the cook in sauce.

  15. I’m not sure how they can be nearly as expensive as prime ribs. Here in Britain they are half the price and as Gordon was in his swanky pad in Kensington in the vid I reckon that’s what he saw too.

  16. Sorting by view count works fine for me. Maybe they're doing some A/B testing and disabled it for you. Try using different browser in private mode, maybe it'll help.

  17. I grew up in the american midwest. Pancetta is too strong tasting to me as is pure maple syrup. I like bacon and aunt jemima.

  18. It is very nice that you made this dish. You are right this meat is not a cheap piece, but I love it in all different ways to make it. I just found your channel 2 weeks ago and try to keep up. Greetings from Germany. 💚❤️💙💜💛🧡

  19. Hi glen I love your show the pop episodes I love because I love pop I have all my life.. & my husband is a glen with one n .. & I also don’t get why he thinks that short ribs are affordable.. I heard him refer to ribeye 🥩 steak as affordable . I’m in the south in us Kentucky and it’s usually 7.99 -9 bucks a pound

  20. regarding pricing comment at 1:30 again i know video is of age, just cannot resist ^^.
    Where i live i used to be able to buy cheap beef and pork cuts, but they became popular for stews and with sloow cooking like crockpot the cuts that usually got made into ground meat, now are sold as medium cut pricing.
    For example pork rib and the cuts off of sawing certain cuts now are equal to price of ground beef/pork in my region.

    However the expensive cuts are cheaper here, which is bizzare.

    i bought a very good quality entrecote cut for 16,7 euro/kg a week ago. about that is about 20$/kg. And for sweden that is very cheap.
    yesterday i bought some ground beef 19% fat at 6$ per kilogram ( 2,4$/pound)

    However i went to a town about 200miles away, there prime cuts were expensive and my stew cut the pork throw away cuts were 1/3rd of the price of what it costs in my hometown.
    To be honest it looks alot like a matter of supply and demand. etc.

  21. Sam the cooking guy was 2nd on the list

    If you don’t know who he is I’d recommend that you check him out

  22. I once tried to marinate and cook the meat with good quality cabernet but it doesn't came out very good
    all I can taste was the wine, and beef got a strange texture like wine corrupted the outer layer or something
    ever since afraid to use wine with beef

  23. Love your podcast, I have a wine question. I don’t drink or buy wine. So when you say a wine I really don’t have a clue as to what buy. Can you suggest a type/brand?

  24. You have a truly great channel. I just found you 3 AM in the morning and i truly enjoy the calm, high quality presentation and great hosts.

  25. I tried this recipe today, and the taste was great! Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

    However, i would advise anyone who tries it to check once or twice during the cooking in the oven, that theres enough liquid… There was nearly nothing liquid left when i took it out after 3,5 hours. I might have used a 100 ml less wine than was in the recipe (since i used less meat). I think this would have been just as good after 2,5 or maybe just three hours.

    It tasted great, though! 🙂

  26. I wonder what are your occupations you and your wife in real life . I know it's not my business but i feel like you both are University teachers . You in history and your wife in literature or politics. Wide guess 😉

  27. Anyone know what that low pan is? Size, brand, or what’s it’s called? Is it just a enamel skillet?

  28. Every delicious but cheap cut of meat is destined to become expensive again because people learn what the hell a braise is and so the demand triples and the price adjusts to reflect that.

  29. Garlic respect comes from > scene from Goodfellas using razor to cut those pesky fruits. Scam! Go ahead and "take care of it" any way you wish as in the end, it's just garlic. Boss said: "Va bene, non preoccuparti, Don Jay ti da le spalle finché la salsa pomidori è giusta"

  30. Yummo. The simple recipes are often the best. Time and care.

    If wine isn’t good enough to drink, it’s not good enough to cook with.

    Use low or no salt stock and adjust to taste later. Especially after you add the pancetta.

    Nice crusty buttered French bread to sop up that luscious sauce!

  31. Making chef Ramsey's short rib recipe was the first time my wife or I ever actually had homemade short ribs. I love this recipe.
    I'd love to watch you prepare YouTube's most watched oxtail soup.

  32. I'm not Chef Ramsay, but I will say that your plate at 7:45 needs some green. At least that's what the chefs I worked for while I was cooking professionally would have said.

  33. Beef in the U.S. is outrageously high. Short ribs that are affordable have about one bite of beef on them not worth it.

  34. If you truly want the most watched, you have to log out or open up an incognito tab without logging in. Youtube will edit your search results to fit you, meaning the only way to truly get what most people watch you have to log out.

  35. Hey Glen love these videos
    Would you ever do a video about the cookware you use and kitchen essentials as you have some great equipment

  36. I haven't found an "offensive" use of garlic… Aside from refusing to use it. I've even tried Life of Boris' method for Plov (pilaf with stew meat and some vegetables) that just has the whole bulb sitting in the beef and liquid while the liquid cooks down. Still came out great.

  37. This channel is great and I hope you gather lots of subscribers. You have wonderful content and your kindness is refreshing. When you got to the mushrooms and lardons it triggered a memory of Julia and Jacques cooking beef on a series they did together in the late 1990s. When her dish was done, she sauteed mushrooms and lardons to garnish the top. "Bon appetit" and "Happy Cooking". Indeed 😋

  38. I think the reason all of these cheap cuts meat are going up in price is because everyone is realizing cheap cuts can be just as good as a prime cut of meat. It just takes time to cook the meat.

  39. It's simple supply and demand, the reason short ribs are expensive is because seven million people start to buy it.

  40. I wonder if the price difference is a UK/North America (or Canada specifically) thing? I'm in the UK and looking at a fancier online supermarket (the less fancy ones don't tend to have named cuts or bone-in beef) they have short rib for £7.49/kg vs prime rib at £18.49/kg – a huge difference! Plus they sell the short ribs singly or in packs of 575g (those are £7.99/kg) whereas the prime rib is sold in pieces a minimum of 1.8kg.

  41. What wine would you suggest? I am wanting to try this dish but I am not well versed in cooking with wine. I have a red that I like to drink but it is a blend. It's called Apothic Red. Any suggestions would be great! Love your channel!

  42. One of the most enjoyable, conversational and actually-informative cooking channels ever (plus now I have a second "regular" to watch!)

  43. Huh, I actually bought some pretty good beef short ribs last month for a decently low price here in South Africa.

  44. You can thank celebrity chefs for making cheap cuts of meat expensive. I once spike to a butcher in a very well known chain of supermarket here in the UK, and he told me that they were advised a day in advance of what was appearing on what was coming up on television, so that they could "adjust" accordingly. I won't use his exact words, but I'm sure that you can guess…

  45. shortrib is stupid expensive because bougie restaurants made it TrEnDy

    same with pork belly, I can't get cheap pork belly anywhere unless I go to a Chinatown butcher

  46. You do need to care about how you treat garlic as its flavor is all about how much you damage it’s cells, so if you were to mince or even crush the garlic you could use a whole lot left for the same flavors

  47. “ disrespecting the garlic” oh my! Now I’ve heard everything! 😅 BTW to be fair to Ramsay, here in the UK short ribs are very good value, probably because of the ratio of bone to meat, but hey, all those bones for broth, right? So probably a little cheaper here than your side of the Pond.

  48. Now I feel too indulgent. We live on a tight budget and I buy short ribs 3 times a year when I can get 5 pieces for $12. But, albeit, we hardly ever dine out in our house…..i guess that is how I justify such meat purchases. The true English in me cannot eat meat without onions….I know I know it is the peasant bloodline in my genealogy.

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