⭐️Make Ahead BREAKFAST FREEZER MEALS! Late Night Freezer Cooking!

⭐️Make Ahead BREAKFAST FREEZER MEALS! Late Night Freezer Cooking!

– Well hello, hello. We meet again. I’ve been eating a can of mixed nuts that’s over there on my counter. Just confessing all my sins to you now. It is, it’s 8:35 on a Tuesday night. Let me tell ya, we had a
full-on day of school today. Everyone has been fed
and bathed and read to and nature hiking and
loved and on and on and on. Anyway, now I am going to do five breakfast freezer meals for you today or tonight I should say, ’cause this is the only time
a mama can film sometimes. And let me tell you, you are going to love all the breakfast freezer meals that are goin’ down,
and my kitty’s crying. New kitty alert. Mm-hmm, that’s Biscuits. I’ll introduce you to the new cats. That’s something to look forward to. Let’s just get to the breakfast
freezer meals, Jamerrill. Okay, okay, we are gonna do
loaded breakfast biscuits. These things are delicious. Just picture like biscuits and gravy, not you Biscuits, okay, biscuits and gravy and egg and cheese all rolled into one, it’s amazing. So we’re gonna do the
loaded breakfast biscuits. Then we’re doing a ham
and cheese quiche, yum. Then we are doing a
sausage and cheese souffle. Winner, winner, souffle
dinner or breakfast. Anyway, wanna use it. We’re finally gettin’ to
those homemade granola bars. Oh yes we are. I think I promised that back like, 10 freezer cooking videos
ago, last year some time. We’re doing, I’m not going to bed. Banging this counter, not going to bed ’til we get homemade granola bars going, and there was something else. Oh, Brazilian egg and cheese
burritos, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Okay, so let’s do this. Now I’m gonna try to be a good little breakfast freezer meal making soldier and do these one recipe at a time but you know in real life, it’s hard to just do one recipe at a time. ‘Cause the reality is I’ve already cooked two pounds of sausage that
needed to be precooked today, while the kids and I were
doing our read alouds, and I need to get 48 eggs
scrambled and cooking. That will be for our breakfast burritos. And then I’m gonna fly around doin’ other things, but I’m gonna try real hard to stay focused
on each recipe for you, but if I mess up at any
time, which can happen, as you can tell, as I’m trying to even get this video started. If I mess up at any time, head over to the website,
largefamilytable.com, the links will be in
the description below, and all the recipes will
be sanely and sensibly spelled out for you there. (smooth guitar music) So we’ve got those 48 eggs
scrambled and cooking, also wanted to tell you, do not miss this, okay, okay. Today’s video is a collab video with Kimmy, from She’s In Her Apron, and Jennifer, from The Family Fudge. I’m sure you know these ladies already, but let me introduce you yet again, and if you don’t know Kimmy
from She’s In Her Apron and if you don’t know Jennifer,
from The Family Fudge, then you are in for a treat. Both of these ladies are expert level ninja mum status on making freezer meals, and dump and go crock pot meals and cleaning their homes. I know Jennifer, over on The Family Fudge, girlfriend has the internet on doing bunches of lunches, so
be sure to check out Jennifer’s lunch videos. Kimmy has a ton of
cleaning and freezer meals, and again crock pot
recipes, mum life stuff, and it’s super helpful. So be sure, after you get my
five breakfast freezer meals, to head over to Kimmy
on She’s In Her Apron and Kimmy has five brand new breakfast freezer meal recipes for you, and head over to Jennifer’s
channel on The Family Fudge. Both will be linked below, and Jennifer has five brand new breakfast freezer meal recipes for you as well. So, together, between the three of us, you’ve got 15 new breakfast freezer meals. Yes and amen. But I know one thing that
will definitely help, and I’m sure Kimmy, and Jennifer won’t get this wrong, I don’t have both my burners on. I was here working with
this one pan of eggs thinking, why is this back
pan not heating up on me yet? Well Jamerrill, you need
to turn your stove on. That’s all, turn the stove
on, we’ll be doing fine. So we are gonna get these eggs going. Apparently one pan is gonna
cook before the other. Granola bars next. I had to think through, you know, it’s so nice whenever I can use my large family freezer meals cooking packs, and I do have a breakfast
pack that has 10 breakfasts, and I think if you cook the
whole thing you end up with like 35 or 40 breakfasts. When I cooked it last summer, and I did a video on
it, I think it took me about $155 to make over 35 breakfasts. So, when I have my laid out pack, I can get my freezer cooking
done quickly and efficiently and fairly organized,
do my grocery shopping, and have like my running
batch cooking list. Whenever I am doing five to 10 recipes and I don’t have the batch cooking guide done ahead of time, which,
I do those for the packs, but not for myself in daily life. I do those for you guys. I have to really think
through my cooking steps. So, out of all these meals that I’m doing, and I’m doing five breakfast
freezer meal recipes, but you know I’m gonna get more
than five meals out of this, ’cause I do large family
freezer meal recipes. I’m going to do somewhere
between 30 and 50 burritos. The reason my number’s
a little loosey goosey is I ordered eight inch
tortilla wraps from Walmart. I think they gave me the
bigger, like burrito size. Then we have I will do one
large 10 by 16 souffle. We’re doing two nine by 13 quiches. We’re doing 24 of these
loaded breakfast biscuits, and then I’m doing as many granola bars as I can get out of the limited amount of oatmeal that I have on hand, but I still wanted to share
that recipe with you guys, and get it up over on the blog. So, I think we can safely say that’s at least 10 meals if not 15, dividing down those burritos. So, I’m thinking about my oven use. I only need the oven for two things. I need it for the homemade granola bars, that are also freezer friendly, and then I need it for those
loaded breakfast muffins, but I don’t need it for anything else, because we’re gonna mix
it up and freeze it, but I won’t be cooking those tonight, but I’m gonna show you how to make them, how to freeze them and then the directions for on your cooking day, when you need to use those meals. (bright guitar music) Okay, another freezer cooking fail. Look at this, can you tell? Okay, the oatmeal, when I order oatmeal, it’s the big old things of oatmeal, or a big bag of oatmeal, and so I put in an order for quick oats. I obviously, this is like
mum brain fail, didn’t look, this is only an 18 ounce container. So, to do granola bars
like how I would like, I would say to use eight
cups of quick oats, but I only have the equivalent
of four and a half cups, so I’m going to have the recipe both ways. You can look over on the blog
for the large family version and also this smaller, sensible version. Again, what is happening! I just want you to know, it pains me having to make
recipes the regular way, the regular size, but I
can do it, I can do it. So, two of these sticks equal half a cup and I was just thinking I
needed a full cup, but I don’t, ’cause I’m cutting everything in half. So, I only need two. Good thing I caught that, or our granola bars would
have been extra buttery. Then the easy part is,
it’s a just a matter of dumping everything in. So I have about a cup of nuts
here that I’m chopping up, but the problem with working with nuts is that I end up eating
a good part of them. Okay, I got the raisins that I need, so you guys can have the rest. Late night perks, while mama’s cooking. Take that out there. And then I have my chocolate chips. There will be some of
these extra chocolate chips you guys can have shortly too. I’ll bring them to you when I’m done. Half a cup of shredded coconut, adding half of melted butter. We’re gonna do a cup of brown sugar. So I’ve just got a can
of mixed nuts at Walmart. The cheapest can of mixed nuts. This is an eight ounce can, there we go. So, I’ve eaten half of them and I’m putting the other half in. And then we need a cup of honey, which I am simply going
to pour half of this honey, again from Walmart, into our bowl. Okay, I don’t know if I can
stand waiting that long. We may just pour it. So now we’re just gonna mix up our granola bar mix here,
gonna mix it up well. I already have the oven preheated to 400. Now it will be can Jamerrill stop eating chocolate chips long enough to get these granola bars made. This is all pressed together well and now I’m going to put this in the oven. The oven’s at 400 degrees. I’m gonna leave this in
for about 20 minutes. I might take it out a few minutes before. We will eye ball it and see. Now we will clean up some things and then next let’s see. I think next, I need
to do a sausage gravy, and that gets poured into the
loaded breakfast biscuits. It’s a layer of sausage gravy, a layer of cheese and then an egg mix inside of a biscuit cup. You’re gonna love it. So, when the granola bars come out and then those have to cool a while, if we have the loaded
breakfast biscuits ready to go, we can get those in the oven,
and with those in the oven, we can do the quiche and the souffle and then we’ll do the
breakfast burritos, okay. Or, I may pick up some
breakfast burrito inspiration well see. Very fun, there’s
actually lots of different varieties that you can do to
do loaded breakfast biscuits. We can even do different
dinner recipes I’m thinking of. We can even do like, little
mini shepherd’s pies. So many fun things. Anyway, I’ve got enough for almost an extra dozen and I’m
not complaining, fine by me. It’s actually what several of the kids are staying up late for. They love these. I’ve been wanting to do
breakfast freezer meal collabs with The Family Fudge and
with She’s In Her Apron, for a while now. I think we’ve been talking
about it for a while, so I am so glad this has
finally all worked out and I cannot wait to see what
they have cooked up, as well. I don’t actually know
what they’re cooking up. they don’t know what I’m cooking up, but we just said breakfast freezer meals. I know you all will figure it out and it will be amazing and no, no doubt, they’re gonna not disappoint. I’m gonna say this is fast,
quick and in a hurry gravy. This took all of 30 seconds
to come together here. I don’t think I’m gonna
add any more milk to it. You have to just decide on how
much milk your gravy needs, based on the thickness
that your family likes. This is pretty thick sausage gravy and I might actually add
just a little bit in there. Let me turn, little bit more. Now the good news is, and a lot of people don’t realize this, you can make up a big
batch of sausage gravy and you can freeze it. You sure can. You can have biscuits and
gravy in your freezer, ready to go. I just make up regular old
sausage gravy like this. I also have a separate recipe
just for the sausage gravy and for homemade biscuits. You can mix them up and then with the gravy, once it cools, you just put it in a gallon freezer bag, label it, then whenever you need it, you set it out from the freezer, into the refrigerator to defrost. So, you just heat it up in the microwave. You don’t even need to heat it
back up in a pan or anything. It works fantastic. Then you just get a bag
of these southern style hash browns, that are
already all cubed up. You can also get the hash browns that have peppers and onions already chopped up, and mixed in, if you like. Then I just do a little sprinkle. Now I always say to use
whatever shredded cheese you have on hand. I think in my recipe,
it calls for cheddar. I happen to have a bag of mozzarella, so I’m gonna do layers
of mozzarella in this, because this bag is
leftover from some other freezer cooking I was doing. Okay, now for the egg mix. And that will just be a
little bit for the tops and then of course, more cheese and then we’ll get it in the oven. I’m just using my spoon to press down this loaded biscuit a little more, a little more loaded here biscuit. (smooth guitar music) Yum, no complaints. Stuffed with gravy,
potatoes, egg and cheese. What more could you want? These also of course, freeze great. When they cool, I would just put, probably about eight or so, in a gallon freezer bag
at a time, as I’m able. Whenever we would need them, we would put them from the freezer into the refrigerator the night before, and then you can just microwave them for about a minute and a half,
or so the following morning, just to warm them back up. But yeah. So, I’ve just taken the
precooked scrambled eggs now and I have mixed the shredded
cheese in with the eggs. No reason to take time
to do an extra sprinkle. Let’s just get it all in there onto the egg and cheese
breakfast burritos. You just do a few spoonfuls. (smooth guitar music) So, one oversight in my Walmart
grocery, pickup ordering, is I am out of my gallon
zip-lock freezer bags. It’s so sad, but all of these burritos are wrapped super tight and
they’re gonna probably be gone within the next few weeks. Let me tell you, that’s
how things go around here and I’ve had no breakfast freezer meals, so this is a super
appropriate thing for me to do with my time right now. Anyhow, I just repacked
these burritos in these bags, ’cause again, this is not
long term freezer storage, and yes, on to the next thing. Okay, so, we are now going to do finally, a sausage and cheese quiche. So I’ve got pie crust, all ready to go, from Walmart. That’ll gonna work just fine, I won’t tell if you don’t. Now, this is where all kinds of Jamerrill kitchen
imagination, is going down. I don’t have any little, lovely, round baking dishes to
make a pretty, little, pretty little, perfect,
singular quiche, okay. I have, smallest things I have are my nine by 13 baking pans and of course they’re rectangle. But I even use these
ready made pie crusts, whenever I do chicken
pot pie freezer meals, just anything with a pie crust
and I just make them fit. I just pretend I made them. I made them myself and you can of course, make homemade pie crusts and I stretch them out on this pan. I’ll use sections of
them, I will make it work. (smooth music) So what I’m going to do
with both of these sausage and cheese quiches, is
I’m going to wrap them and label them and get
them in the freezer. Now, whenever a day is coming that I know I need a breakfast,
I’ve got no time to cook, no cereal, no fruit and granola bars and waffles to throw at the kids, I will set one of these quiches
out in the refrigerator, from the freezer, the day before, then the morning I need it
I will pop it in the oven and follow the baking
directions from there. This ham and cheese souffle I’m going to chop the crust
off a whole loaf of bread. Remember, no guilt with that, ’cause I’ve got chickens now, yay. (smooth guitar music) So, I am going to get
this souffle wrapped up. It’s also similar
directions as the quiche. I can just wrap it up uncooked, freeze it, then whenever I want to serve it, Let’s say we have four more
family members coming over and it’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I want a breakfast from the freezer, that’s the way to go. I will just take the souffle out, the day before that I need it, and then the following morning,
I can put it in the oven and it’ll work out just great. For recipes, specific directions, oven times, etc., you can go over to largefamilytable.com where I log all these recipes,
before and after photos, more tips on storing them,
anything you would need to make these five
breakfast freezer meals. Again, don’t forget to
go over and check out what Jennifer on The Family Fudge, see what breakfast freezer
meals she’s cooking up today, and go see Kimmy’s
breakfast freezer meals. I hope you love these collab videos, because I’ve been planning for
well over a year to do them. I have, and finally I am doing them. I have several amazing ones coming up. Let me know in the comments below also who you would like to
see more collab videos, me collab, fun stuff going on. Also let me know some of your favorite breakfast freezer moo, moos and meals. The kids have long been in bed so I guess, in the morning, I’ll be
filming a cleaning video, because besides putting food
away, mamas going to bed. Gonna clean in the morning. So, I’ll talk to you
in those comments below and I’ll see you next time with another brand new video. Bye bye.

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