『Eng Sub』【霉干菜烧排骨】真心好吃  Braised ribs【田园时光美食 2019 049】

『Eng Sub』【霉干菜烧排骨】真心好吃 Braised ribs【田园时光美食 2019 049】

Braised ribs Put some starch (potato starch, corn meal, etc.) or rice flour Then add in some water Hand wash it for a while Soak for 30-40 minutes this process will get rid of the blood taste in the meat Soak it for 10 minutes in some water wash clean several times because there might be some sand in it. wring it dry and set aside clean the spare ribs , and place them into a bowl place some oil in a pot And pan frie the ribs until the garlic are fragrant and rock sugar are melted mix well cook for 1 minutes add in washed pickled vegetables stir well add in hot water (Almost cover the ribs) Cover and cook for 30-40 minutes on medium-low heat now is ready! If you want this dish to be more beautiful Leave some sauce in the pot take out the ribs boil some baby bok-choy Placed on a plate Put the pickled vegetables on and then put the ribs on top reduce the sauce in the pot then add in a very small amount of water mixed together with corn starch pour this sauce over the meat

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  1. 正好有梅干菜 不过我的是新鲜的 之前都是用梅干菜煮五花肉 这个要试试看 很不错 谢谢老师!

  2. 明天去买排骨😄我就爱看田园老师的菜谱!家里不知道吃啥的时候就爬上来找吃的!

  3. 这些天我家人正看牙,只能吃软烂的食物,排骨看着就很嫩,谢谢田园老师,总是给我启发。

  4. ¨等到蒜片出香,冰糖融化¨…想起一首日本歌《恋雪景》:等到残雪消融,春色妖娆……田园老师有时还挺诗情画意的。

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