100 thoughts on “【華名】アメリカでもちゃんこ鍋は作れるの?【KANA】”

  1. サイトの菊タロー鍋のレシピを知り作ってます。



  2. I'd like to think if I saw Kana walk into my store, I'd be calm and collected and wouldn't ask for a photo. The actual truth is I'd be so star struck and anxious, I'd be afraid to speak to her. The lady is pure awesome.

  3. A very fun moment as always, thank you! I was a bit afraid though, when I saw Kana beginning to drive in real life :p And fortunately, she didn't throw a green mist at the supermarket's employes faces ^^ More seriously, she seems to be someone really cool and nice. No wonder someone prentends to be her husband xD

  4. Dear, Asuka.. if ever you come across Honolulu, Hawaii.. Please come and visit our stores at the airport… I have a dream that one day I will come across and meet you.. I’m your biggest fan since NXT…I watched all your matches except the first loss that you had..I just can’t bear to see it, but I knew that day will come… I was just never ready for The Empress of tomorrow to lose… We love you to the moon and back.. Best of luck to all the things that you want or wanna do… ALOHA!!

  5. I didn't know a video of Asuka going grocery shopping was what was missing from my life, but it's here and its made me a better man

  6. Great video as always. Seeing your face and hearing your voice and laughter is a wonderful way to start my day. good idea for Kikutaro to introduce himself as your husband keeps the "wolves " away. I imagine it can take you hours to complete an average grocery store errand unless you wear a disguise of some sort.
    Waiting to see final results of the current WWE draft. I don't care if you stay on Smackdown or move to Raw, as long as they don't break up the team.

    Kabuki Warriors Forever!

  7. Look at all of those fans she attracted to the shop. Kikutaro and her should do sponsorship… "I always prefer to make Chanko with the crisp fresh products at _____ Sumo Friendly Market."

  8. If Kikutaro has taught me one thing in this video, it is to have a mouth hole in my mask big enough to eat food in it.

  9. 菊タローさん、華名さんの調理方法を参考にさせて頂きキャンプの時に作ってみたい。

  10. What’s up Kana/Asuka !! Just wanted ya to know I’m a huge fan of yours. The funniest thing is when you get angry at opponents, you tend to look at your opponent with a look that says if your opponents ever look at you again in any aggressive manner that you would whoop their butts. 😀

  11. Kana Chan, you are in a Filipino grocery market?

    Btw, i'm a fan of you as Asuka in WWE.

    I hope you and Kairi Sane will have good run as WWE women's tag champs.

    Have a great day!

  12. I saw Kikutaro and I clicked so fast. And for you WWE stans, Kikutaro is the greatest "comedy" wrestler of all time.

  13. お、菊ちゃんこれを切っ掛けにもっと名が売れてほしい^-^

  14. To the LUCKY bastard who REALLY marries Kano…

    You will be wearing the #1 headband- and 5 million of us are coming after you! :p

  15. 流石、WWE スーパースター。気さくにファンサービスに応じるところがとても良い。

  16. There are no words to describe how jealous i am of the guys who got to take a picture with Kana.
    There are no words to describe how jealous i am of the guys who got to take a picture with Kana.

  17. Chanko Nabe! I remember hearing Haku/Meng a long time ago on Chris Jericho's podcast talk about how he (and all the other sumo wrestlers from his island) ate it all the time when they went to Japan to compete!

  18. You need to start selling some KanaChanTV shirts, with those funny illustrations that pop up during your videos, on them.

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