It’s a bit grey today Let’s go to the supermarket and buy some ingredients Hello, everyone Welcome to video, I’m super chef Got a haircut today
Xiao Yang, do you think my temperament has improved? Yes Have I become handsome? Yes, you are Please call me handsome chef in the future Today I bought a fish weighing 5 jin. Let’s make minced chili fish head and braised fish in brown sauce Because my mother can’t eat chili Let’s get start The fish from the supermarket has been processed and we can just use it Cut the fish head with a knife for taste more better Can you open a bottle? Let me do it One two Awesome This bottle of chopped pepper is pickled. Just use it Start marinating the fish head Add the salt Add pepper and cooking wine Is it good? Salt the back of the fish head Touch it with your hand and add the chopped pepper Fresh fish heads do not require complicated handling Layer with chopped peppers Xiao Yang, we’ll make another minced chicken in a couple of days What do you think? Haven’t eaten Add scallions and ginger Add water to boil A lid on it Ready to boil the water first Prepare ginger, garlic, start braising fish in brown sauce, no chili, mother does not eat chili Cook the fish in brown sauce in a smaller pot Put the fish head in the pan Xiao Yang, what if the lid can’t be closed?
Use a large pot cover Because the lid is too small, use a large pot instead Steam for about 12 minutes The small pot began to cook the fish Add hot oil to the pan Oil is hot, add ginger, garlic My confidence comes from my hairstyle Add water Add soy sauce To join the old smoke Wait for the water to boil Point of tangency scallions For ornament Be careful. It’s very hot The fish is cooked Add steamed fish drum oil Sprinkle with chopped green onion Sprinkle with sesame seeds Start cooking the oil Sprinkle with sesame seeds Mom, dinner’s ready Today we had a whole fish feast Delicious We haven’t had minced fish heads in a long time Never made minced fish head Fish bubble I ate a lot of them The fish is very delicious and the pickled cabbage is very delicious Xiao Yang, give me this piece It’s easy to make sour I have a wonderful son Wow, you’re eating such a big piece Come You really want this? Xiao Yang, eat the bones in front of you Leave you to eat Xiao Yang, you ate two-thirds of it alone I ate a lot
Of course
I’m full Do you feel satisfied? You can’t lose weight with chili peppers all over your face I’m not losing weight All the fish are gone That’s the good life. Eat well and drink well If you like my video, please subscribe to my channel

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  1. Que rico ya tengo una receta para hacer en mi hogar gracias por los subtítulos en español no es fácil poner los subtítulos pero gracias por su esfuerzo

  2. 超小厨真是暖男丈夫啊,看到小杨爱吃剁椒鱼头,自己本来爱吃就少吃点。小杨的幸福是自己丈夫会做菜,而且每天做好吃的给妻子,就凭这一点,天下女人的幸福就被小杨独占了!羡慕涅……

  3. Excelentes y sobrosos platillos,tu esposa es bella y encantadora .Eres un muy buen chef se nota que te gusta mucho cocinar.Son una linda familia😉👍saludos desde Chile😊⚘

  4. 在台灣一些川菜館裡頭也有剁椒魚頭這道菜,裡面除了放剁椒還有放酸豆,今天看你弄這道菜好想吃,剁椒紅彤彤的感覺很辣,你們吃會辣嗎?

  5. 超小厨,你知道吗?做菜的节目有很多,但是也只是做菜无其他,你早期的视频就是这样,后来的视频越拍越好,除了做菜,我们看到了家庭的温暖,你和小杨直接的恩爱互动,小小厨的可爱,以及你做菜表示出的尊老爱幼,人间烟火中的爱最直接……可以说看到的是你活生生的生活。这些都温暖着海外游子寂寞的心,很疗愈,我想选择看你的视频而不是王刚的视频的原因吧……

  6. 終於鋪上紙放骨頭,小楊建議妳,每人給個小盤,骨頭放在盤子,收拾桌面也乾淨衛生利落,用餐巾紙還是會滲透到桌面。

  7. 超哥我是超級愛看你煮菜看你大口大口猛吃,但我實在受不了你老婆邊吃東西邊嘟起嘴巴。實在是越來越看不下去了!小的先告退😂真心建議:拍你就好 超小廚美食嘛….

  8. Olá curto seus vídeos você e sua família todos são bonitos e você e um ótimo chef 👨‍👩‍👧🌹🌹🌹💋💋👍🌹👍👍👍 Brasil

  9. Soy Silvia Rivera otra vez, Chef guapo muchas gracias por subtitular en español, soy fanatica de la comida oriental y ahora voy conociendo más los ingredientes. Muchas gracias por tu esfuerzo.

  10. 鍋蓋 不大不小剛剛好,小楊 不胖不瘦剛剛好~~ 女孩 能吃就是福~~ 超小廚 是你有福氣~~~ 哈哈

  11. 饅頭配牛草你也是安逸啊。嘿嘿 給點真實會更好!徐大sao 跟米飯哥 都很棒 夠真! 你也不賴 我都愛看 但演太大了啦

  12. 廚師有一堆都是胖胖的,非常合理,不胖的基本上都不會煮的很好吃,胖的就是煮的太好,羅馬不是一天形成的。

  13. 帥小廚、今天很不錯👍


  14. Saludo desse panamá. M gusta tus videos pero no t entiendo nada porque no lo pines abajo escrito todo lo li q hablas. Saludos mi chinito y a tu esposa.

  15. 四川的超市的确是不错啊,收拾的好好的。北京的超市也就是给你去个鳞,去掉肠子,那鳞从来没有收拾干净过,每次回家还要再收拾一遍。

  16. 魚の頭を煮ると、顎の所に魚の形をした骨が有るでしょう? よく乾燥させて金箔を貼り額に入れるのが趣味です🙆 中華料理はたくさんの油の料理が多いですね。 毎日レンジ回りを掃除するのは大変なのに いつも綺麗にされてて感心しています。

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