【Shyo video】小夥深山秘製紅燒羊肉,看著就流口水,一個人吃4斤,真過癮

【Shyo video】小夥深山秘製紅燒羊肉,看著就流口水,一個人吃4斤,真過癮

today Suitable for eating lamb Shaoxing rice wine shallot ginger Rapeseed oil chili sauce shallot,ginger,Dried chili,garlic salt soy sauce chili

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  1. I am your biggest fan from India… தமிழ்நாடு

  2. You are the best in cooking channels , adding a bit of funny storyline and cooking tasty food in beautiful locations. More videos pls

  3. shyo先生,您富有创造力,同时又喜剧,您的美味佳肴和您的风格向世人展示了无与伦比的伟大中华文化,我说服了我的朋友们跟随您。您来自沙特阿拉伯的忠实拥护者😋😋😋😍🥰🌹

  4. 两个问题



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