Hello, everybody To cook fish And then a little bit nervous Take time this time Cook it patiently ginger Draw a few knife Prepare two today Our family cut rice Fewer have been planted this year He cut himself The rice cutter can’t get in The field is too small Mom, is the fish steamed or braised at night Braise in soy sauce? Braised in brown sauce is ok What kind of fish is this They say tilapia Braised tilapia Salt, light soy sauce, rice wine We’re running out of rice wine Mother – in – law said it was time to brew Apply evenly Let stand for a few minutes Pour the oil Add salt to the pot A little flour I want fish But every time it comes out, it’s a little disappointing I wonder how it went this time It’s too hot pot Charred? This article is good Pack up first How’s the fish today We’ll cook it later Pour a little oil White sugar The sugar is almost done Water, vinegar, This one is pretty Ready to go This is water starch Spring onion The fish today feels very well done

92 thoughts on “公公婆婆去割稻穀,媳婦在家煮飯,今天做的紅燒魚有進步”

  1. Here in Mexico I learned to fry fish. And it's wired but if you let your garlic burn in the oil. The fish won't stick. How or why does it work I don't know. But it works it doesn't stick. But your food looks good

  2. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏To the hard working in-laws and 👍👍👍👍to the obedient daughter-in law

  3. 婆婆公公好辛苦˙沒請人機器收割自己作˙太辛勞了˙˙農民真的辛苦˙˙小九幸福嫁的好人家˙˙˙一家和諧˙˙˙

  4. 砧板上的刀,要小心放好。看见小女儿在厨房活动,一直将手伸到砧板上,让我😨😅,完全沒听你在讲什么?

  5. 每天起床第一件事就是边吃早餐看看你更新的视频!我也偶尔看看苗阿朵和小城橘子的视频,她们都做的很好!但只有你的视频我天天追,感觉你的视频涉及的生活最全面,而且我好喜欢你们家里的每一个人!

  6. 魚煎不錯當煎第二面時薑蒜放旁邊爆香再加糖加蠔油放蔥白蔥綠一起紅燒香氣更濃賣相更棒就不用勾欠也不會白白的

  7. Qué simpática eres, me encantan tus gestos al cocinar, me recuerdas a mi hija cuando salpica el aceite😅😆 y tus hijos maravillosos, yo también tengo tres y no supe lo que era tranquilidad en años😃aunque se extrañan cuando crecen😔 saludos a su familia😘😘

  8. The fish looks delicious. No talking at dinner means great food. Mother-in-Law works really hard in growing food for the family. Thank you for sharing your videos.

  9. 小九,如果不要放醋可以放些西红柿,这样煮出来的红烧鱼,色泽会很美,因为西红柿也有酸咔

  10. A really China way of live, never change for generations. Have more sons, so that they can help with the farm when grown up. Here said, The farm is where it all begins…. The Good earth… The land….. The soil.

  11. 小九真心很在意大家的建言👍👍👍看她戰戰兢兢的在煮這兩條魚就知道。哈哈哈👍👍👍

  12. 长辈真的好勤劳。

  13. 邁進一大步了加油!熟能生巧!妳可以的。家裏的成員各以不一樣的方式在付出,這是溫馨的家。祝福你們一家人!

  14. Ты молодец, хорошо готовишь, заботливая мать. Но будь уверенней, не говори что ты чегото не умеешь. Все у тебя получается. Больше читай кулинарных рецептов, сейчас это не проблема. Смотри видео по кулинарии. Мне очень нравится китайская кухня. И с тех пор как я стала смотреть разные видео научилась готовить некоторые блюда, даже нож купила большой. Так-что у тебя все получается, удачи тебе.

  15. Just lyk that i used to ❤Talapia until our government said its NO GOOD BCUZ IT IS MAN- MADE AND NOT NATURAL FISH! I THOUGHT, I SHOULD LYK! LUV UR BABY GIRL, BCUZ SHES SOO CUTE! ❤👶

  16. Talapia is made in a factory is what our FDA said! Thats crazy- huh? So now i stopoed eating it n only eat fish from waters! 🐠

  17. 醃料不要加醬油.由煎魚時加蔥段和薑絲放在魚旁邊爆香.醬油要嗆鍋邊增加醬香味.加水悶煮熟.調芡汁勾芡完成

  18. 魚不用醃製不需生粉,熱油直接下鍋兩面煎6分熟再下薑蒜爆香下調好的醬油糖水悶燒即可

  19. Vc é muito simpática sempre rindo muito alegre da pra ver que euma família muito unida bjs pra todos amo ver vc cozinha bjs

  20. 先不要塗醬料,先抹麵粉魚煎熟後,再加醬油豆瓣醬,一些番茄醬,少許糖一起加水紅燒起鍋前加辣椒蔥段

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  22. I know the son was filming at the time but can’t believe he let his mum and dad carry that heavy equipment. 🤔🤔🤔🤔☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

  23. Your tilapia fish looks DELICIOUS, and the sauce too. The children are very happy with the delicious food, and I am sure that your gentle, kind smile is a blessing to them all.

  24. 其實我不想批評你,不過你們夫妻倆人安全意識太低了吧~那個斬板太危險了吧,不是平放在枱面上~是放一半~而小朋友特別是妹妹經常都在廚房走動用手去摸~如果她大力一扯~斬板掉下來~那刀就直接斬下來了~有想像後果嗎。?做個負責的母親應該事事都小心,我家小孩我都是自己照顧,我從來不會讓她進廚房~廚房門會加護欄讓她不可以進來~但她又可以看到媽媽。不喜歡聽可以不聽,但保護孩子是父母應該做的,不要到出事才後悔。因為我看到很多視頻都有媽媽提醒你這個問題,但你都不理

  25. 原來內地叫羅非魚,我們台灣這裡叫“吳郭魚”……

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