喝点家酿啤酒消暑又解馋Refreshing and Satisfying Homebrewed Beers for the Busy Farming Season|Liziqi Channel

喝点家酿啤酒消暑又解馋Refreshing and Satisfying Homebrewed Beers for the Busy Farming Season|Liziqi Channel

Sundry wheat Submerge part of wheat grains in water overnight Sundry wheat grains Tomato dough crumb soup Green bean pork dumpling Next day Store in warm temperature to sprout Boil remaining wheat grains till cooked Cool naturally Add “sweet liquor” yeast Ferment for 3 days Sprouted wheat grains Grill sprouted wheat grains Grind sprouted wheat grains Mashing Process for 1 hour (Convert to sugar) while keeping the temperature constant at 67 Celcius Wash distiller grains Settle drained liquid (wort) Extract clear wort Hop flower (Beer flower) Add Hop flower for the first time Disinfect utensils Activate beer yeast Add Hop flower for the second time Remove fire to allow quick cooling May 9th, 5 kg of wheat, Mashing temperature – 68 C, Distilled washing temperature – Hop flower – 40 + 40, Initial sugar level – 1.041 Ferment for the first time for half month Wheat beer Half a month later Disinfect beer bottle Sugar powder to aid second fermentation Ferment second time for a week First fermentation sugar level (1.??) 1 week later Plowing better than a skateboard champ Beer crayfish Wheat beer Go away mosquitoes I’m GuoGai’s (Pot lid) daughter’s daughter. Friendly reminder from GuoGai: Don’t over drink even if the beer is great!

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  1. 家酿版!以前都是大麦小麦一起酿,第一次尝试全部用小麦芽!啤酒花也用的是咱们国家新疆自产的!这次酿的酒精度比较淡,下次试一下把麦芽颜色烘深一点。出来的酒色应该也会更好看。

  2. ahhh what a lovely video, really beautiful .. like a little movie! Thank you for sharing your life with us .. all over the world you have fans. Bless ..

  3. Хорошая …..
    Ради такой, свою спину под все мешки подставил бы.

  4. From soil to dishes. The way she portrait journey. it is outstanding. thank you so much for sharing. you just reminded me that touch of my home land that i had forgotten long time ago. im gonna visit my hometown

  5. I didn't have motorcycles, fridge or electricity, youtube or any morden day essentials apart from few pots, pans etc when growing up in the village with my grandmother. We worked bloody hard from dusk till dawn and sometimes carry food from right in the jungle garden. And then preapre everything by hand. The best memories i have and i am lucky because this generation will never know. Now i get my food from aldis, coles or woolies and mostly tinned food. I want to ask God to send my grandmother back from heaven and rewind back time after watching your channel. You are so blessed and hardworking. It is hard work i know girl, kudos to you. I love your beautiful grandmother too. Bless you. 💝🙏

  6. Осы кыз мусылман болса жаксы катын болады деп ойлаймын,жасандылыкгы жок енбекхор екен 🤔

  7. Este fue el primer video q vi y me suscribi gracias a la recomendación de" la vida del rancho "porq ellos lo vieron primero muy bonitos tus videos liziqi 🙏🙏🙏

  8. I never see any sichuan gal’s lifestyle like you..but you are coolest..you deserve respect and I’m so touched when I see you take care of your granny..it made me thought of my granny…thanks for sharing ur peaceful life,I never see some recipes even though I’m a sichuanese , those dishes must be delicious,you are super awesome.

  9. Dearest all loyal fans of Miss Liqizi…whenever you watch any of her videos…and there is a short advertisement…please finish watching the advertisement from beginning till the end…support this awesome young lady from our heart…God bless all of you and her…not forgetting her aged grand-mother who raised up this orphan…Miss Liqizi is an inspiration to this present and future generations…she works very hard for every penny…now my heart bleeds and cry inputing these admiration comments.

  10. Спасибо, что показали мир с прекрасной стороны, что Красивая природа и умный человек – это история нашей планеты. Успехов автору фильмов.

  11. Learn when you were kid and one day you be able to use it or practice so you will not struggle in life when you get older . love nature , Village , animal. Lovely videos. Love you too ✌ . Can't wait to see your other videos. Keep strong n gbu .

  12. 子柒, 很高兴发现了你的视频,我是迟来的粉丝, 这周末才偶遇。 觉得你是在展现一种生活方式, 告诉人们一些原生态的模式而且是关于中国农村的。 看了你的视频心旷神怡, 无比佩服。 百度和Google了关于你的舆论, 知道有些杂议, 一切都是自然, 无须多顾虑。 有舌尖上的中国, 就也能有子柒视频散文如斯。 我把你的视频当成视频散文。 就如同徐志摩写再别康桥的散文 (也可以说是诗)下面是英文翻译
    Below is the English version of my comments:

    I am so glad that I discovered your channel this weekend. I am a new fan. I appreciate that you are displaying a way of life, which is a display of a high quality rural life in China. Every time I watched your clips, I felt refreshed, and I admire it very much. I also read that there are some different opinions about you and your videos, which is very small number. What I can say is that is it is expected, and do not get bothered. In my opinion, your are crafting video essays about a beutiful rural life. We love it. Do not give up.

  13. 子柒真的是世上少有的女子,這麼煩複的工作能做給大家看不簡單,很多做這種直播的都挑簡單好做的。子柒願意做這真令人欣賞讚嘆,謝謝你的辛勞,妳的努力付出給世人一個好樣,天也會給你報償跟庇佑的,希望做這塊的都能有妳的精神,願意真心付出

  14. Liziqi ,Chile en trigo de usa hacer mote de trigo
    Y de come con melocotón dedidrstafo y cocido en almíbar y Canela bien helado
    De lla mote con guesillo
    Tectecomiem do probarlo

  15. Oye cosa existe el mito en Occidente que usted los orientales no engorda con nada y,que tienen una distinta forma de comer arros ,podrías hacerlo por varios
    Te habla una subcriptora del canal

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