만원에 말이안됩니다.등뼈찜 리뷰 먹방

만원에 말이안됩니다.등뼈찜 리뷰 먹방

(peacefully live streaming) (splattered all over) *Thirsty Korean TV* I review all~ the Anjus (food eaten with drinks)
in the world! Charm PD here from Thirsty Korean TV!
Good to see you all! Hello Creamies! So today! I’ve reviewed Aram Gamjatang
(pork back bone stew). They give you a huge amount for $8.5. So I reviewed it. They’ve released a new product. The price is insane! I think the owner went crazy. Before, it was gamjatang. But this is soy sauce braised back bones. They’re a back bone restaurant. So they’ve launched this. I was aware of this product when it was first released.
But it was around $12.7. I didn’t think it was that cheap. But I looked it up again today. It’s on sale! The price is 9,000 KRW(7.6 USD)! I’ll show you what’s inside. About 2 servings of back bone. This is the soy sauce. Most importantly, they give you this much
sliced veggies and glass noodles. Kimchi. And wasabi soy sauce. All we need to do is boil. Normally, you have to pay at least $20 – $40
to enjoy braised back bones. Will this $7.6 braised back bones be tasty? I’ll cook it right away! The packaging isn’t that nice. But that’s acceptable
since the price is low. There’s a lot of broth. Let’s open it. The packaging isn’t nice
since they’re a small restaurant. The soy sauce (broth). It’s a lot! Let’s add the veggies. Add the thickest one first. If you hate carrots, don’t add them. But they add a sweet flavor. You should add carrots. (dad joke) Be thankful for the potatoes. (dad joke) Just put ’em all in. The glass noodles have been soaked. I’ll put it in last. I’ll add the rest when it boils. The bones. There’s lots of meat. Same as the ones served in restaurants. 1 2 3 4 They give you 5 bones. It’s like a Andong Jjimdak (braised chicken) style braised back bones. 1 person could feast on this. Or 2 people could share this. The bones aren’t Korean.
They’re from Canada. Korean back bones are rarely used. Imported ones are normally used. They taste better. And Korean bones don’t have much meat. That’s why imported bones are widely used.
They’re cheaper too. They give you this much chili. Add it all if you like spicy food. If you don’t like spicy food,
or if you’re eating with children, don’t add this. This alone is worth $1.7. Note that the potatoes are very thick. They’re this thick. So let’s push them to the bottom. You have to keep boiling while you eat. I think thinner slices would have been better,
since it’ll cook faster. But presuming from the amount of broth, I think they’ve considered the cooking time
and the amount broth that will boil down. That’s my theory. I’ll boil for a long time. Now, let’s add the veggies. I like spicy food.
So I’ll add all the chili. It’s a lot.
I’ll put it all in. And then, the onions and spring onions. It’s a lot! It’s almost overflowing. For this amount, we have to bow to them. It’s that much. I’ll boil it and add glass noodles. Now let’s add the glass noodles. It’s overflowing. Let’s boil more. This is too much! (x2) In the meantime, Let’s drink some Blue Night soju. Charm! Charm! Charm~! (What are those chopsticks?) Since lot’s of people criticize my chopstick skills.
(correctional chopsticks for children) It’s radish kimchi served in restaurants. The amount is really… I’ve put everything in. I should try it. When should we eat this? Eat it when the potatoes are cooked. I’ll try it while it boils down. There are sesame seeds in the broth. It’s a soy sauce based jjimdak sauce. I’ve put in all the chili.
So it’s very spicy. I think we need to boil more. The flavor isn’t rich yet. I’m only getting a sweetness. I’ll assess it a bit later. The base isn’t exceptional,
but it’s pretty good. The glass noodles. It has absorbed the broth. It’s nice and spicy. It’s not greasy. The glass noodles are crazy. Charm! Charm! Charm~! Let’s try a back bone. It’s very tender,
and it’s coming apart. This is all meat. The meat comes apart. It’s very soft. It’s not tough. It’s like pulled pork. It comes apart like this. With some soy sauce. Check out the bone. It has lots of meat. It’s been braised nicely. The meat comes off so easily. Charm! Charm! Charm~! It lacks the rich flavor of soy sauce
that’s been boiled for a long time. The onions add a sweetness.
And the broth itself is sweet. It is sweet.
But not too sweet. It has a salty and very spicy finish. The broth isn’t as good as
a delicious Andong jjimdak broth. It lacks a bit of flavor. I wouldn’t say it’s not tasty though. The bone meat is very tender. You could easily suck it out
even if you have weak teeth. It’s easy to eat. There’s a unique foul scent
that all imported bones have. You get a light stale scent at first. But with the dipping sauce, it goes away. There’s a light foul scent.
I can’t say there isn’t any. It’s the best anju you can get for $7.6. Compared to the expensive braised bones, it’s less savory and lacks overall. But compared to its price,
this is outstanding. It’s unbelievably cheap. You should put in all the chili. If you don’t,
the flavor will be a bit too bland. The chili plays a key role. You can boil down the broth. It could be tastier when boiled down. A big piece of potato. It’s good! Charm! Charm! Charm~! I’m already full. So refreshing! It’ll become tastier as you boil more. It’s such a nice soju anju for just $7.6. This doesn’t make sense. I’m saying this for people
that are picky about smell. But most of you will be satisfied
with this at this price. I’ve finished the bones. You can use this nice broth in many ways. That was good. Charm! Charm! Charm~! *Final Verdict* Today! I was going to add rice,
but there’s a problem with the YouTube server. I’ve wrapped up early
because my viewers were complaining. I’ll be frank about the taste. Compared to the price,
it’s the best. The veggies are fresh. And this isn’t a retort product. As far as I know, the amount and price is unbeatable compared to other uncooked online products. It’s the best. The soy sauce broth flavor isn’t rich. It’s sweet and tastes like veggie broth. Anyone would like it. But some may find it too light. The veggies and glass noodles were very good. Especially the potatoes. There were plenty of meaty bones. The meat was tasty and easy to eat. But the bones didn’t taste like freshly cooked bones. It tasted old. The meat itself doesn’t have a foul smell. It’s the scent you get when you eat at a
24 hour restaurant early in the morning. Bone restaurants have a unique scent. This has that scent. If you’re very picky about smell,
you shouldn’t order this. But if you want to try
braised bones at this price, I think some of you will find this tasty. The amount alone is satisfying. I am very satisfied. That’s my opinion. Well folks! This was Charm PD from the Thirsty Korean TV! If you enjoyed this video… (Like & Subscribe) Please~! I’ll see you all next time! Bye~! Signing off! *Thirsty Korean TV* (How’s his shirt?) It’s all over my shirt! Bummer! It’s fine! *Thirsty Korean TV*

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  1. 구매하실생각이 있으신분들께서는 8:43 최종평가 반드시 확인후 판단하시기 바랄게요♡

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    가격진짜 괜찮네요 구성도 좋고
    리뷰 감사합니다.

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    참형님처럼 약간 탕처럼끓여도 맛있고 푹 쫄여서먹어도 맛있음 간장베이스에 달작지근한거 좋아하시면 추천
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    이게 고기가 귀하다보니 발골기술이 자연스럽게 발전한거라 웃픈 이야기이긴 하지만, 무튼 그래서 뼈에 붙은 고기가 별로 없는것이다~ 이말입니당

  21. 안녕하세요 아람감자탕
    김득현 이라고합니다
    우선녹진이여러분및 참피디님께 다시한번감사인사드립니다 현재는
    .하루 1시간
    정도 자면서 뼈삶고 육수만들고 포장해서 보내드리고있습니다
    저희는 대량생산이아니라 하루에 뼈를삶을수있는 수량이한정입니다
    더이상 무리하게 하면 맛이떨어질수있어서 하루에 150개한정으로하고있습니다
    또한 인건비를절약하기위하여
    어머니랑 저랑 둘이 운영하고있어서
    저렴하게드릴수있습니다~^^ 한끼푸짐하게맛있게
    대접해드리자는 마음으로 장사를하고있습니다 늦게보내드려서 정말죄송합니다.. 등뼈찜포장 도 바꿔서보내드립니다 포장이 미비했던부분 정말죄송합니다…
    정말죄송합니다 .저희는당일 삶은뼈로만영업하고 남으면 폐기처분합니다 하지만 택배로 보내다보니 .신선도가약간은떨어질수있다는점양해부탁드립니다 처음에 택배 영업을 망설었던부분인데 지금은 아이스팩 아낌없이 넣고있습니다..그러기때문에묶음배송을 못해드리는점입니다…
    가격은 저희가장사를그만할때까지
    가격인상은없습니다 더좋은제품으로
    보답하겠습니다많이부족하지만.열심히 하겠습니다 감사합니다

  22. 먹어보고싶은뎅 ㅜ주문해도 한달이상기다려야한다고 써있더라그여ㅠㅠ흑흑

  23. 검색해보니 공장에서 만드는게 아니라 주문이 엄청 밀리는 것 같네요.
    나중에 잠잠해질때 쯤 사먹어봐야겠습니다ㅋ

  24. 하루 150개 생산인데 주문을 1만개 받는다는게 이해가 안되네요 장사 참 이상하게하시네

  25. 채소에서도 물이 나와요.
    육수가 양이 많은데다 채소까지 듬뿍 넣으니 국물이 빨리 안졸아드네요.
    국물이 약간 자작자작한 정도여야 찜인데 영상에선 탕이군요.ㅎㅎㅎ
    정직한 음식 소개해 주셔서 감사합니다.

  26. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 등뼈찜 이 영상 올라오고 조회수 5000건도 안됐을 시점에 주문했는데 광복절 현재 아직도 배송 못받았음.
    분명히 판매글 리뷰엔 31일 주문한 사람이 먹고 리뷰한것까지 있는데 30일 주문자들은 아직까지 못받아서 Q&A 터지기 직전임.
    거기다 배송상태도 배송지연에서 배송중으로 바꿔놔서 Q&A작성도 불가능해짐.
    배송 현황이라도 볼 수 있으면 모르겠는데 판매자 직접배송으로 설정해놔서 배송현황도 못봄.
    배송중 설정된지 5일넘게 지났는데 아직도 올 기미가 안보임

    진짜 이럴거면 판매를 왜하냐? 어이가없네 시팔 진짜

  27. 전 시켜먹었는데 이거랑 좀 다른점이 있더군요. 청양고추가 아예 없고 감자대신 고구마가 들어있었습니다. 이건 좀 많이 별로더군요.

  28. 20일됐는데 무소식 15일째 문의 톡 남기니 바로 배송식작으로 바뀜 그러나 자체배송이라는 함정ㅋ 20일만에 GG치고 환불요청… 하자마자 완료ㅋ

  29. 정말 ㅡㅡ 프로불편러들 한방에 모아두고
    서로 불편하게 하고싶네
    형님 항상 모두에게 맞춰주시고 고생많으십니다.
    항상 잘보고있습니다 ㅎ
    화이팅 하세요!!😘

  30. 여기 그냥 감당 안되는 주문 다 받고나서 답변조차없고 주문취소 누르면 기다렸다는듯이 수락함

  31. 요기 나가는수보다 오바해서주문받아서 욕먹고있음 업체 검증받아야할듯 배송을못받는중!!!!

  32. 이거 구매하시고 아직 못받으신분들 계세요? 전화해도문자해도 연락안받으시고, 문의글남겨도 답볍을 안주시고 배송중으로만 표시되고 몇칠이지나도 오질않고 배송추적도 안되게 해놓고.. 저같은경우있습니까?

  33. 참피디님이 올리자마자 30일 12시지나서 입니다 새벽에 주문 넣었는데 아직도 안오는네여..ㅋㅋㅋ

  34. 8월1일 주문했고 8월19일 배송했다는데 아직 오지도않고 문의글에 답변도 없습니다
    이정도면 무슨 문제가 있는거 아닙니까? 주문이 많아서 바쁘다는건 핑계일뿐이라고 생각합니다
    근 한달이나 기다리고 있는데도 답변도 없이 이딴식으로 하는건 아닌것 같네요

  35. 1일날 주문해서 28일에 받았습니다.참피디님영상에 나오는 뼈찜과 제가받은 뼈찜은 참 다르네요.제가받은건 참 형편없어요. 그리고 참피디님 말씀하셨던 누린내가 아니라는거..누린내 맞아요.뼈도 처음에 삶아서 흐르는 물에 깨끗하게 씻지않으면 그런냄새 납니다.
    참 먹을수 없는 냄새네요 .참피디님 영상보고 여러가지를 주문해봤지만 ..이렇게 실패한적없었는데 정말 이번등뼈는 저에겐 최악이네요..
    아람감자탕 사장님!! 욕심만 채우려고단기간에 감당도못하는 주문받아서 여러사람한테 실망 안기지말아주세요. 저는 조금 먹어보고 그냥 버렸습니다. 냄새가 정말…하..
    그리고 사장님 .유투브에 댓글다는시간에.주문한 고객톡에 응답해주세요!!

  36. 30일날 주문해서 오늘 받아서 먹어봤음.
    간장양념 맛없음. 달달하긴만하고 별 맛이 없음 말 그대로 별 맛이 없음.
    수입산용 살 가득한 뼈를 기대했었는데 거의 국산뼈급 살 조금밖에 안붙고 조그마한 덩어리들로만 옴
    끓일때 돼지 누린내 확 남. 먹을때 그보단 덜한데 그래도 돼지누린내 남. 누린내에 민감하면 못먹을것 같음.
    야채는 얘기가 많았는데 내가 받은건 생각보다 신선했음.
    근데 만원인거 감안해도 한달 기다리면서 먹을 물건은 절대 아님.

    중요하니까 다시 한번 말 함. 누린내 많이남

  37. 가성비좋은데요 전골처럼 당면이랑 야채건져서 한잔하다보면 쫄아서 찜이된다는 ㅎ보고있자니 소주가 땡기네요

  38. 한달이 걸리더라도 한번 시켜볼까 하고 들어간 스토어에서 악마같은 쓰레기들을 보았네요ㅎㅎ
    배달 지연문제는 스토어 주인의 잘못은 아닐텐데 선을 넘는 사람들이 생각보다 많았어요.
    참피디 유툽 한두번 보는 것도 아니고, 공장이 아닌이상 배송지연될게 뻔한데

    멍청한건 죄가 아니지만 멍청하다 못해 성격까지 나쁘면 그건 문제가 있는겁니다.

  39. 30일날 주문했는데
    아직도 안옴.. 물론 7월30일 근데 이후주문하신분들은 벌써먹으신분도 있다니..
    감당못할만큼 주문받고 배송 밀린다고 사과하면서 냉면은 또 따로 주문받는다고 링크남겨놓고 욕심이 과한 사장이네요.

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