업소용 외전 [소갈비찜] 만들기 [ENG SUB]

업소용 외전 [소갈비찜] 만들기 [ENG SUB]

Hey guys, this is Sof Today’s restaurant ingredient is beef ribs Look at the ribs I drained all the blood and left it for three hours This is American Beef Ribs 53,279 for 4kg Before butchering it Let’s make a marinade first to age it beforehand This is one of the very first products by Hurom Can you believe the size of this pear? It’s humongous I got a large hand but it really is big. Compare it with the knife It’s hu-mongous If you are ready like this quartering it and remove the core part The core part is sour so you have to remove it And make it into eight pieces Same with the onion And make a juice from them The onion first Oh! holy mother of god The grounds! The grounds were coming out The pear will make a lot of juice Look at the amount of juice from the pear. Pear is full of juice, everyone So we made the onion and pear juice. Isn’t it awesome? 300ml of soy sauce Black sugar About 130g? We used a load of pear so we don’t need too much sweetness But if we don’t add sugar, it feels something’s missing 100ml of starch syrup? less than 100ml so 80ml? and cooking wine 200ml Combine both starch syrup and cooking wine and make it 20ml Mix them together to dissolve the starch syrup Mix them thoroughly like this and pepper Like this and then mince some garlics I put the minced garlics in here You can also add some gingers but it’s a galbi marinade so it’s not good if you can chew gingers. So I won’t use it All the basic things are in here To age it fast I put some liquor, too Marinade is done well Wow~ the pear is amazing I’ll age the marinade here and it’s time to butcher the ribs This membrane should be removed for a good reason, but this isn’t cooperative you bastard If it doesn’t work on this side, from the other side like this This membrane is really tough It’s not good for the texture of the meat remove it with the fat Alright, the color is good and the membrane is gone and from now It is better to cut between the bones because when the meats are being cooked they will be cooked evenly Ancient ribs, alright! Let’s cut this down From the center, You have to remove this too, right? Oh~ this one feels good One shot wow wow Wow, this is awesome Wow, what’s this? I can make sundae with this When it’s being cooked, to make the meats to be curled up to that side I’ll left the joint part This part a little bit like this when you make some spaces like this it will curl up naturally If you make knife marks entirely, it won’t be as you expected You can do it like this. It doesn’t reall matter It’s not that important Alright, we are ready To make them contract in the beginning, I’ll put them vertically Like this, vertically Nah, you can just put it anyhow And put the sauce Heat it up It’s good to cook it in a pressure cooker but it won’t fit this much It’s too big for this gas burner I’ll use the other stove You might need to put some more water while it is boiling. I’ll get some water Water is ready 4kg of ribs can serve 10 people It just started to boil so I’ll check it Mix them once to prevent the meats stick to the bottom of the pot I want to cook the meats vertically in the beginning I think I need to cook the bone part first because I think it will contract naturally when it becomes loose So I’ll cook it like this and continue to boil after putting more water You gotta cook it thoroughly like this I’m douing this right now to show you guys You have to marinate it a day before Originally, I had to made it yesterday and it would be much better if I cooked with it today So this one will be less savory than the original way Don’t think about it too much. If you have to do it today then just do it and you can eat it tomorrow When they are cooked and getting cooled down they will be marinated deeply Check them frequently not to burn them Stir it Do you see it? Do you see the bones appearing? Because of the cuts I made, meat parts are going down Again Let’s boil it throughly after pouring some more water with the lid on While it’s getting boiled A broth will be made by the bones The broth will be made and it will cook the meats again Leave the cooked meats until tomorrow the flavors will come in and out repeatedly and like… You know what I’m saying, right? You should put noodles when you are heating to have them I don’t like noodles It’s boiling so lets lower the heat and let’s wrap this up I’ll heat some rice I’ll do a mukbang after making everything clean and neat Wow, the smell is insane The visual of prehistoric steamed galbi Can you believe this? I can finish two rice bowls easily It’s really greasy So I think I should pour the broth out and put the marinade again To make it less greasy To dip it as a sauce from the bottom The visual is unreal Kimchi? Do you need some? Are they make a right combination? Galbi and kimchi? as if it is not an instant rice So! Let’s eat it This is the real prehistoric-looking galbi, isn’t it? It’s so unreal I boiled this for like an hour and a half, right? It’s perfect! It’s not too soft but just right to eat?! It’s not salty Galbis should be like this for the texture I didn’t put any artificial seasonings I used pear and onions so it can’t be bad Look at how this chunk of meat is separated from the bone This part is actually very tough But it was cooked just right So it has a perfect texture Yeah it’s good to eat I made a pot of ribs it’s really awesome everyone! The bones have a meaty flavor I love it If you didn’t remove the membrane, if won’t be smooth like this I’ll be really tough The broth is a little bit greasy now I’ll cool down the broth and remove the grease tomorrow Wow, the broth is out of this world It’s was the opposite The broth is actually better Wow this is so unreal If I can deliver the taste, would there be 4D technology? or 5D? whatever. The combination of meat and carbs is really… wow My family will love it This is too good. I’m gonna be crazy Just one more! Wow, this is a crack I’ll try the moist one My fellow youtubers will ask me to make this for them I’ll show you how tender it is Do you see the meat here? It’s sweet and savory with rib’s special bony and meaty flavor! The flavor from the meat attached to the bones! It’s huge Look at the meat here Can you see the teeth marks? It’s just tender enough to feel the meat If you cook it for too long, it’s gonna be too soft Just! the right texture like this when you bite it and smooth enough to swallow after chewing it for 5 to 10 times Lots of meats here, right? Do you see it? Sorry guys I was not intend to tease you I couldn’t help myself Sorry What a meal!

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  1. 소프님 갈비 양념장에 재워둔 다움에 먹는게 맛있다고 하셨는데,
    핏물뺀 고기에 양념장 넣고 숙성시키는 건가요? 아니면 한번 데친다음에 양념장에 하루 숙성 시키는 건가요??

  2. 망했습니다. ㅠㅠ 우선 전 2kg 인데 간장만 반넣고 나머지 따라해버렸어요..ㅠㅠ 엄청 무지 짱 달아요~ 그리고 저희동네서 산 갈비대 기름갈비에요~ ㅠㅠ 갈비가 소프님은 이뻐보이시는데 제껀 기름 제거 하다가 너덜너덜~ ㅠㅠ

  3. 크기 때문인건 알지만 압력솥으로 익히면 흰색막이 정말 절묘한 식감을 냅니다 진짜 맛있음

  4. 집에서 미국산갈비로 갈비찜할때 3시간반은 끓여야 안질기던데 원래 갈비찜이 그렇게 오래걸리나요. 소프님은 한시간반에 연해졌네요. 고기마다 틀린걸까요. 압력밥솥에하면 금방 연해진다던데 압력밥솥은 사용안해서요

  5. 어쩌다 구독자가 됐는데요 ㅋㅋ 님 요리하는 모습에 점점 빨려들어요… 아이디어도 얻어서 애들 맛난것도 해주고요~~감사해요 솦님^^

  6. 와우~ 요리를 잘하시는분이네요.
    휴롬 제껀 흰색 첫모델인데 찌꺼기 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    집어던지길래 남의껏 보고 찍는줄 알았더니 요리사 신가봐요.
    요리스킬이 있으시네요.
    목소리도 성우급인데 방정맞지만 않음 ..
    저만큼의 갈비 가격대가 어느정도 일까요?

  7. 저도 갑자기 땡겨서 살까 하는데…정확하게 부위명이 뭔가요? BBQ척도 있고…BBQ등갈비?? 갈빗대가 저렇게 길쭉한거 찾고 있는데 안보이네요.ㅠ

  8. 소프님 일반적으로 많이들 하시는1.5kg~2kg정도로 양념장 레시피 알려주실수 있나요?꼭 해먹어보고싶은데 어느정도 넣어야하는지 감이안잡혀요ㅜㅜ

  9. 맛있게 드시는 소프님..침 고여서 침만 꼴딱 꼴딱 넘기고 있어요..
    역시 남의 살은 진리입니다..ㅋ

  10. 소프님 ! 수많은 댓을 보겠지만 ㅋㅋ 너무 유쾌하고 힘든 일인데도 후로정신으로 멋지게 소화하시는 모습에 한수 배우고 갑니다 :))) 너무너무 재밌어요 타방송 하실때 빵 만드시고 이럴때도 조았지만 지금은 해비유튜버 되셔서 참 보기조아욘! 넘 늦었지만 100만 구독을 위해 저도 구독하고 갈게요! 솦님 화팅!!

  11. 소프님! 질문이 있는데요! 제가 이번에 송아지 갈비찜을 하는데 4kg짜리 사고 소 양지 1kg까지 사서 핏물을 6시간 정도 뺏고 소프님이 하신 소스+ 표고가루 3T와 생강가루 1T+큼직하게 썰은 대파 흰대 2줄기+다시다 1T 까지 넣어서 고기를 이틀간 월요일에 곰솥에다가 2시간 반 정도 끓여서 만들 생각인데요 여기서 뭐가 좀 들어가면 좋을까요?

  12. 뼈있는 부분이랑 살이랑 살짝 칼질해주고 냄비에 넣을때 어느쪽으로 세워야 한다는거죵??

  13. 이 아저씨 키가 대체 몇미터에요 뒤에 가스렌지 앞에 섰을때 머리가 카운터 앞에 있네

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