투명해서 신기한 불판에 냉동삼겹살 먹방리뷰

투명해서 신기한 불판에 냉동삼겹살 먹방리뷰

(Charm PD: King of dances) *Thirsty Korean TV* I review all~ the Anjus (food eaten with drinks)
in the world! Charm PD here from Thirsty Korean TV!
Good to see you all! Hello Creamies! So today! I’ve brought frozen plane pork belly (thin-sliced). I’ve reviewed plane pork belly from
No Brand. It was a good amount,
and it seemed like a good deal. But it was a bit thick, the meat was dry, and it didn’t have a fatty taste. It didn’t have the unique features of plane pork belly. This seemed nice,
so I’ve brought it. I have it here. Gomgom Plane Pork Belly. It’s very thin like bacon.
It’s just the right thickness. I ordered it on Coupang. They give you 3 packs of meat. I paid 18,200 KRW(15.5 USD) for 1.5kg. Vacation season is coming. So I figured it’d be good to review a product like this. This is Spanish pork. It’s about a dollar per 100g. I don’t think it’s cheap. But I liked the look of this cleanly sliced meat. I also bought this pajeori (spicy vinegary spring onion salad). It’s called Let’s Eat Shredded Spring Onions at Home. It’s 3,000 KRW(2.6 USD). I also wanted to try this meljeot (fermented anchovy sauce). Kkot-mel-jeot from Chooja Island. It comes with this cup you boil it in. I paid 11,640 KRW(9.9 USD) I also ordered ssamjang (soy paste sauce). It was made by a master. Korea Food Master #37 Kwon Ki-ok. I ordered it because it’s made by a master. It’s very expensive.
10,880 KRW(9.2 USD) for 500g. I ordered everything on Coupang. All the ingredients are from Korea. The ingredients are very nice. I was curious. In my recent videos, I introduced to you
some side dishes together with the main dish. Some people think that I purchase only the main dish,
and the side dishes are sponsored. That’s totally not true. I pay for all of them. I can show you the receipt anytime. You could order one of these products
with the info I give you. I prepare them to show you many products
through one video. Please remember that. And last, I have many products today. The grill is transparent! It’s a crystal grill. I paid 55,000 KRW(46.7 USD) for it. There’s only one vendor in Korea. It’s very unique. They are sold in stores. I bought it out of curiosity. They say it has nearly no harmful substances. It’s durable and easy to clean. I’ll test it to see how it grills. I’ll show you the meat first. It’s perfect for grilling.
It’ll cook very fast. The fat distribution looks like this. Let’s light it. It’s very unique. I feel like it’ll break. It looks dangerous. But it past all the safety tests,
and you can use it for a very long time. Interesting. I think it’ll take some time to heat up. I’ll put my hand on it. When will it heat up? It’s not hot. It’s getting warm. I think the heat conductivity is
definitely lower than regular pans. It’s warm now. Very interesting. Still bearable. You definitely need to preheat it. It’s hot now. The meljeot (fermented anchovy sauce). It smells like pure fermented anchovies. Ones served in restaurants are seasoned. But this smells like pure fermented anchovies. Let’s put this here. It has whole anchovies! Is this a dipping sauce? (pouring broth) (tasting) It’s very salty. I think we need to add some water. Sliced garlic. And some chili pepper. Let’s grill. It’s very thin.
So it’ll cook fast. It feels weird to grill on this. It’s grilling nicely. This is the meljeot. Looks like this from the top. It looks nice! Interesting. It doesn’t stick! (x2) It’s grilling better than I expected. The meat is thinner than bacon.
It’s very easy to grill. Let’s grill some kimchi here. Once it’s been heated up,
it grills well. This piece is ready. It’s plane pork belly that’s really easy to grill. I’ll try the meat. It’s proper plane pork belly. This taste! It’s the taste of delicious
plane pork belly that we all know. Good choice. There are many plane pork belly products. But few of them are properly-sliced. This tastes clean and fatty. There’s no foul smell. I’ve defrosted it in the fridge. I love the fact that it cooks fast. It’s done already. Let’s grill more. If you look here, it’s a bit burnt. I like the meat. There’s a lot of pachae (shredded spring onion). More than 2 people could share it. If you can’t make the sauce, this is a very convenient option. Just pour it in. And mix. There’s lots of pachae. I think it’s cheap. Plane pork belly is tasty with lots of pachae. I’m cooking in low heat.
But it’s very hot. It’s different from regular grills.
The heat needs to be adjusted well. You need some skills. Let’s make a wrap. Lettuce and perilla leaf. With a lot of meat. Dip it in sesame oil sauce. And pachae.
It’ll be tasty with lots of pachae. Like this. Loads of pachae. It’s a bit sweet, but it’s tasty. It’s very convenient to eat. Take this when you travel.
It’s nice. Let’s drink. So far so good. I’m a bit worried about the meljeot, though. Charm! Charm! Charm~! You must have pork belly with soju. Let’s try the master’s ssamjang. It’s like gochujang (chili paste). There’s nearly no MSG taste. It has a natural ssamjang taste. It has a clean taste. It’s a healthy ssamjang
made with good ingredients. Eating well like this is so good. Perilla leaf, lettuce, and perilla leaf. With sesame oil sauce. And some pachae. Put it on. Garlic gochujang. And kimchi. Like this. Amazing! It’ll be so delicious. Charm! Charm! Charm~! The meat is thin. So it’s not tough at all. It’s very tender. There’s no foul smell.
It’s very tasty. You’ve been waiting for this.
I’ll try it with meljeot. Dip it in. The ones I tried before had lots of MSG. This is just fermented anchovy. It’s pure fermented anchovy. It needs some seasoning. It’s different from meljeot
served in Jeju pork restaurants. This is classic meljeot. If you know this taste,
you’ll like it a lot. But if you’re used to ones served in restaurants, you could find this not tasty. But I like it. It’s not bad. The heat is on low, but it’s still sizzling. Not many places serve pachae
except for frozen pork belly restaurants. Eating plenty of pachae is so nice! This beats the onion wrap. I was craving pachae. I’ll have this much. Amazing! With nicely grilled kimchi. 1, 2, 3 pieces of meat.
Roll it up. Pork belly kimchi roll. Charm! Charm! Charm~! *Final Verdict* Today! It’s vacation season. Some of you may be considering plane pork belly.
So I’ve tried it. This is nice. It’s very thin.
So it cooks really fast. When you’re camping or eating outdoors, dads normally do the grilling. You should order this, dad. You can cook it and serve it quickly. So you’ll be able to eat some too. The pajeori is a bit sweet,
but it’s tasty. It’s very convenient. It’s nice and fresh. Next, The crystal grill is burnt. I didn’t adjust the heat correctly. I grilled in high heat. You could grill 20 minutes with just the residual heat.
It lasts long. So if controlled well,
it could be very useful. I’ll have to check if it’s easy to clean. This meljeot is a classic meljeot. If you like that taste,
you’ll love this. It has a pure meljeot taste. This ssamjang tastes like something mom made. It’s an organic ssamjang
made from good Korean ingredients. It doesn’t have a strong MSG flavor. It lacks the savoriness of MSG, but has the savoriness of gochujang
and doenjang (soy paste) combined. It has a very clean taste. I had a proper frozen pork belly meal today. When I post these kinds of videos,
people say that I’ve changed. They say solo drinkers don’t eat so extravagantly. But I don’t eat like this often. I eat like this once a month,
or once in 2 months. I’m too lazy.
It’s a hassle. So when you eat like this once in a while,
you can refer to this video. Well folks! This was Charm PD from the Thirsty Korean TV! If you enjoyed this video… (Like & Subscribe) Please~! I’ll see you all next time!
Bye~! Signing off! *Thirsty Korean TV*

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