🍎 Cooking food from Zelda Breath of the Wild game!

🍎 Cooking food from Zelda Breath of the Wild game!

– Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s Justine and today
in my kitchen is Josh. – What’s up? – This is so exciting
because he actually knows how to cook like real food. – Hey, you know what you’re doing too. We just made a video for my channel and you cooked your pants off. – I was quite surprised. It actually turned out really well. I’ll put a link in the description where you guys can check that out. But today we’re celebrating
something super exciting. – Oh yeah.
– Because we are on Chopped. – Are you kidding me? Chopped, the show on Food Network. – [Justine] Yes. – [Josh] Where we compete
against each other. – So this will be out
on Tuesday, March 28th. So I hope you guys will check it out. Some of you already have figured it out. ‘Cause some of you guys
spotted me in the promo and you were like “What,
Justine, cooking?” – Yeah. – As you guys know, I
have been beyond obsessed with Zelda: Breath of the
Wild and my Nintendo Switch. – 100 hours you said. – Yeah more than. It’s kind of crazy. In the game, Link
actually does some cooking and I thought this would be a great video that we can do. We can cook some things
that Link cooks in the game. – So we’re gonna be making a meat skewer. – Okay, pretty simple. – Yeah, and a spicy steamed meat. – Pretty simple. – Glazed meat. Spicy sautéed peppers. – Sounds good. – And sneaky meat and mushroom skewer. – Don’t really know what that is, but I’m excited to find out. – Well, in the game when you make it, you mix it with different
various ingredients and then it gives you
special powers basically. – Like the sneaky power. – Yeah, it makes you real sneaky. This is me sneaking. My friend Suzie, she is so awesome. She sent me this. It is a Link made out of balloons. – That is one of the
most impressive things I’ve ever seen. – Speechless.
– Balloon art. – It’s crazy. – Who would have thunk it? – But I’m gonna put him back here. So if you haven’t played the game, I’m gonna show you a quick clip here. This is how you cook. And I’m gonna show you too, since you haven’t played it either. – [Josh] Okay. – [Justine] But, it’s pretty easy. You basically select
the items that you want. And if you want to see like the recipes, so here’s one. Our spicy sautéed peppers. And it’s basically just five peppers. – Five spicy peppers. – Spicy peppers. That makes you able to
withstand cold climates. – Oh that makes since. So you eat the sautéed spicy peppers and then you can walk through Winterfell. – Yeah, you’re good. – Right? – Not the same world,
but yes. Same difference. – I’m sorry.
– It’s okay. So I also order everything
pretty much from Amazon. And I didn’t really know
what to get, except… Let just get my ingredients out for you. – Okay, okay. – Here’s some peppers that I found. – This is, it looks like a spicy pepper. – In the picture they were red. – These are not spicy. – Oh yeah. They’re sweet. – Sweet mini peppers. But for that sake of this
cooking demonstration, I think we should be okay. – Yeah, yeah. Whoops. So here’s some mushrooms.
Here’s some mushrooms. – Uh, regular white bread mushrooms. – White bread mushrooms? – Yeah, I mean like white like they are just regular white mushrooms. – Yeah, they look like the picture. – Button mushrooms. – They’re cool. I hate mushrooms so much. – These are the same as
these these but pre-sliced. – Huh. – You learn something new
every day in the kitchen. – I didn’t read the description on Amazon. Also, if you guys aren’t from
sort of like a bigger city, you can get things on Amazon like food. I mean I ordered all of this stuff. Even this burner. So I don’t know what I got. I just ordered a bunch of meats. – Okay, well you definitely have a lot of steak going on here. – Yes. – This doesn’t look like
we’re gonna need it today. – What’s that? – So for that dinner party that you want to invite me over to,
we’ll cook this roast beef. – Okay. What is it, can we see it? – This is a full roast, okay? Like… This is a big hunk of
meat over here, yeah. – What do you even do with that? That like the raw prime meat in the game. – Yeah that’s what it would be. It smells like raw meat. It’s not good. (Justine gagging) Yeah. – So we should probably freeze that. – Definitely freeze this. – So what do we do? So, I mean you saw the pictures. I mean basically we just got to make this. I mean I actually don’t know
how to cook a steak at all. – Well, I think part of the
fun of what we’re about to do is we’re about to teach you, and consequently everyone at home, how to properly cook a steak. – And also, make it Zelda themed. – Let’s get prepping. – I don’t know what to do. – Grab some olive oil
and some steak seasoning. Now, if you don’t have steak seasoning, salt and pepper would be good. – Okay.
– Cool. – They do have rock salt in the game. – Oh, perfect. – Uhhh… What’s this? – This is a… – Is that something you might want? – It’s up to you. I mean, this is some
sort of steak seasoning. – Very important. – See as you can see,
Justine, she cooks a lot. But she mainly bakes. As evidence that you’ve never
opened neither this nor this. Alright, let’s get, there’s a
plastic cutting board I saw. And the reason we’re using
plastic is because it’s meat. And when you put meat on wood,
it contaminates the wood. – Sinks in. Gross. – You know what you’re talking about. – I do know that. That’s one
thing I learned from my mom. – So what’s the first one
that you want to make? – Oh boy. – Let’s go in order. Meat skewer first. – Okay. Meat skewer. So we can also do the meat skewer and the mushroom skewer at the same time. – Perfect. – Okay, let me go get my sticks. – Okay. – I got some skewers.
– Good. – Aren’t these a good choice?
– That’s a great choice. – Okay. – Wooden skewers is one of
the most versatile tools that you can have in the kitchen. So even though you probably will only be using them for this recipe. Guarantee you’ll use them
again something else. – You know what I actually use these for? – What’s that? – Testing cakes to see if they’re done. – There you go. So we’re gonna cut little medallions. Because that is what the
picture looks like, right? So I don’t know, we’re gonna make, what is it, four of them? I’m cutting what I think
is those meat medallions. – [Justine] Look at this. – [Josh] Look how beautiful
that looks by the way. – That does actually look
really good. I’m impressed. (light playful music) So in the game they really only have like rock salt as seasoning. – Okay. Let’s be true to the game then. – Yeah, let’s do it. – I know it’s not in the game, but we don’t want it to stick to the pan, so we’re gonna add some olive oil. – Do we put it on the pan? – No, we put it on the steak. – Really?
– Yeah. – [Justine] There ya go. – Perfect. Sprinkle it. Salt Bae. How have you never seen it–
– I don’t know. – But you’re doing it exactly? – Cause you guys have been
doing it this whole time. – Guys, Justine doesn’t
know who Salt Bae is. – Salt Bae?
– Salt Bae. Bae like, hey bae. Like, before anything else. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Salt Bae. – Really?
– Yeah. – So he just goes like… – Like, you’re basically
Salt Bae right now. – This is incredible. (video game effect blipping) (light playful music) Whoa. – This sizzle is real. (sizzling) (dishes clinking)
(humming) – Now we wait.
– Now we wait. (Link gasping)
(pastoral music) (dishes clinking)
(humming) – I don’t want to get him
too close, but oh boy. – You want some of this don’t you? – Oh, look his little
nose is moving so fast. (gentle upbeat music) Sneaky meat and mushroom skewer. – Yeah. Okay, so (mumbles) sideways. – Don’t stab yourself. – I’m just trying make
sure I don’t burn myself. – Oh yeah, true. – Boom.
– That’s some hot meat. – And then sideways again? – Yeah. – It kind of looks Zeldy.
– It looks so good. – Right?
– I’m impressed. – Okay, I’m so hungry right now. Even after eating all the
meals we’ve already made. – I know. Wow, there is a lot of
stuff going on over here. That is beautiful. – Next skewer. – We’ve got our skewers done. (triumphant chime) (triumphant chime) (jazzy guitar music) (triumphant chiming) (jazzy music) – Skewers are done.
Now on to the next one. What do you think we should make next? – Let’s make the a– – The glazed meat? – The glazed one.
– Okay. – Gazed with truffles and honey. – Now is that something that people would ever actually make? – I mean I’ve never
thought of that before. I know truffles and steak is a thing. Honey, I don’t know. (steak sizzling) – Wow that is… A freaking huge piece of meat. – Yeah it really is. (steak sizzling) It’s science. – Should I put a fan on? – Do you want to?
– Maybe? – Probably. Safety first kids. Always use a fan when
cooking steak on a stove top. (fan blowing) – Look at it. There you go. Oh God. I’m gonna open a door. (dishes clinking)
(humming) We got our meat, it’s done. And now we’ve got our
little teeny, tiny pot. Which is kind of, sort of Zelda inspired. I really thought it was
gonna be a little bit bigger. – I mean I think you
did a pretty good job. It looks like the one from Zelda. – It’s cute. – It’s just not as big as
we thought it was gonna be. – It’s alright. It’s fine. So right now we’re gonna be making our mushroom and honey glaze. – Yeah, it’s the truffle one. Now– – What do you think about this? What is this that I bought? – This is ground up truffle. This is something that you would be able to put on a steak or some sort of food. Like maybe a sandwich, I don’t know. Put it in there, right.
(sizzling) – Yeah. – And then we’ll add some honey, right? – Yeah. Wow wow wow. – We’re just eyeballing this. – There is no measuring either, in Zelda. – It says just heat it up. So I don’t know, I’m just gonna do this. – It’s very hot. – Very intense. Very strong, right? – Yeah something, something like that. – It’s definitely something. – Like look at this. – Right? And now we can glaze. – Yeah, glaze it up. – I’m taking your lead. ‘Cause I’ve never played
this game before, so. – But in the game you don’t do anything. You take a bunch of
food and throw in a pot and it’s just made. – Cool, so if that’s the
case then that’s what we did. – [Justine] Yeah. – [Josh] I’m just glazing this. It smells really interesting. – We need to take a taste of it, before– – Before or after? – Now while it’s still warm. – Okay. I gotcha. – [Josh] That’s a bit much, right, ready? Cheers. – Cheers. – Whoa!
– I actually really like it. – That’s really good. Truffle and honey steak sauce. – Holy moly! – Did we just invent something? From the game.
– I mean Link did. (triumphant chiming) (light playful music) So yeah, our last one
is spicy steamed meat. – Spicy steamed meat. What does he do? He just throws it in? – Throws it in.
– Why is it spicy? – Well… – What’s the, the metrics here? – Let me get my Nintendo Switch. Warm Saffina and raw meat. – Not quite sure what Saffina is. – You know, it’s something
that you just find out in Hyrule Castle, you know
near the outlook pasture. – Okay, we’re just gonna
season it with some olive oil. – And like some sort of plant. Well, I’ve got some basil here. That’s a plant. – You don’t have any thyme? (giggling) – I always got time. Actually, where did my Apple watch go? Speaking of, when did I take that off? – I think maybe to, it’s
right there next to the sink. – [Justine] Oh, oh, oh! – What you got, what do you got? – I’ve got ground thyme. – Perfect. – Thyme leaves. – Thyme leaves is the one. We’re substituting the Saffina with thyme. (light playful music) (laughing)
So good. Just a little bit. There you go. Now I’m gonna… (sizzling)
Listen to that sizzle. – That is a huge piece of meat. Look at him. It fits. – Like a glove. Now salt the top of this.
– All right. (meat sizzling) Mm! – Yeah, go like that even. – That looks incredible. Over even just flip it
this way, like that. – Perfect, yeah and then
right in the middle. – It looks so perfect. I can’t believe it. – Is that Zelda-like?
– It looks incredible. This is some steamed
meat if I’ve ever seen. (dishes clinking) (triumphant chime) (light playful music) (Link gasping) (chiming) – There they are. – I can’t believe they’re ready already. – I can’t believe it either. This is magical. – Are they spicy? – I think the bag said
that they were sweet. Should we try them? – Yeah we should try them. (peppers crunching) – Definitely sweet. – Oh that’s definitely sweet. Yeah, this is not spicy at all. And it’s not even sautéed. – No. Whoops. – Oh well. – Cheating. – Well, now that we’ve
made all of our items, let’s show case our delicious
treats that we just made. – We should do that. – Spicy steamed meat. Looks pretty good. – I mean it looks pretty much identical. – And we’ve got our meat skewer. – Meat skewer. Also, looks identical. – Pretty good. Sneaky meat and mushroom skewer. Spot on. – [Josh] Yeah, what? – And that looks really good. And then we’ve got our glazed meat, which I am unbelievably surprised at how good that actually tasted. – It was delicious. – So if you guys want to try
a new treat or a new glaze– – Honey and truffle. – And then last but not least, we’ve got our spicy sautéed peppers. And that’s a lie. We’re sorry, they’re sweet peppers. – They’re sweet peppers,
slash not sautéed, but you get the idea. – Well thank you again for helping me and make sure you guys do check out the video we did on Josh’s channel. I’ll put a link in the description, annotations, wherever those happen to be. And most importantly, we’ll
be on Chopped on Tuesday. – Oh my God. I’m so excited. – I can’t wait. – The anticipation is killing me. – It’s gonna be so
incredible and I’m so excited and it was so much fun. – Yeah, it was awesome. – I mean, no spoilers. I am just excited and honored
to have been on the show. So it was so much fun. – Heck yeah. Thanks for
having me on your show. – Yeah, come back and cook any time. – Can we eat now? – Yes we can. – Okay. And also I want you to
teach me how to play Zelda. – Do you have 120-some
hours to dedicate to like, you know, not doing
anything but playing a game? – I mean, if we can keep making
videos in between, I’m down. – Yeah, perfect. Done. Okay guys. Bye! I always say I’m not
gonna do it this time. I’m not. I don’t need it. We’re not gonna do it. But then here we are. At it again. Does not approve. ♪ I’m just gonna close my eyes
and pretend I’m not here ♪ ♪ All these empty faces talk
about problems I don’t care ♪

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