🍜 Ramen Cooking Class | Vegan in Osaka

🍜 Ramen Cooking Class | Vegan in Osaka

Put all your weight on it and crush the dough – Step…? – yeah you’re right – really?!?! – yes – Just step on it?? – Yes! Yes very good Hey guys~ Welcome to my 4th Osaka vlog For today’s breakfast I had strawberry daifuku that I bought in my previous vlog and a few items from convenience store: Onigiri Inari~ and of course natty roll~ it was my last day in Osaka Before heading to Kyoto, I sent off my luggages first through Yamato transport It’s a life-saving service so I don’t have to drag my luggages around First thing first, coffee ☕️ I stopped by the best coffee shop in town called – Lilo Coffee Roasters, to get a latte It was really good but the matcha latte I had previously was way better Then I headed to Nakatsu area to have lunch at Raw 8 It’s an organic vegan raw food cafe with plenty of gluten-free options I had the chlorella matcha latte and it
was wooooow~~~ I ordered two main dishes because Japan’s portion sizes are just too small Not enough for my monsterous stomach 🐷 The samosa and the tacos were pretty much the same thing – with similar ingredients… just different presentation Both were equally good For dessert, I got the raw berry parfait with soy soft cream It was so heavenly~~~ I really loved it and the portion was huge but it was expensive as fuck ¥1080 Afterward, I went to Ibaraki for a vegan ramen cooking class that I booked on Airbnb experience Meet my host, Sho Which color would you prefer? ugh… Red Sodium carbonate with flour, it becomes? Ramen Sodium carbonate is a [email protected]#$%%^^&(*()_+ sodium [email protected]&*$(Q*$(){ Use on of your hands and mix it, mix the dough Yes very good Ok after I put all the water in Please keep mixing which means you don’t use your palm, you just use your fingers Don’t do this kind of movement or this kind of movement (🤣 my dirty mind wanted to laugh) We just ‘mix’ it Because in this stage we don’t want to make dough We just want to make…a little faster so yeah no problem you’re gonna wash your hand later A little bit faster, intense So if you have time 1 hour rest If you don’t have time 5 minutes ohh what’s the difference? For the more time you have the more evenly the molecule of water gonna distribute into flour Ok please let’s wash our hands (shallow fry to make garlic oil) What I did is put this kelp and dried shiitake mushroom into water and soak them overnight Room temperature, no heat, no energy Save the water When you make soup, you need frozen mushroom Why? because when your freeze it it breaks all the cells inside mushroom So when you boil it, the delicious part which is umami gonna release instantly So if you use fresh one is gonna take you two hours and then if you use the frozen one, only 20 minutes Okay! Now comes the fun part Don’t be shy Put all your weight on it and the crush the dough – Step??? – Yeah you’re right – Really?!?! – Yes – Just step on it? – Yes, yes! Yes very good very good Make sure you completely crush the dough Flatten it Yes, something like that And then you use another hand, which is clean and then… you roll it, something like this… And then you put the dough in the center of the bag and then you step on it again We’re gonna keep doing this for 5 minutes Let’s take the dough out and put the dough on the table Ok put it here? My camera died here… but I basically cut the dough into strings of noodles Sho preached about using organic products with the least ingredients as possible The cooking time is 5 minutes Oh so fast Today all the timer is 5 min Very easy to remember Now it’s time to assemble the ramen The function of the salt has nothing to do with seasoning It’s just for increase the contrast of the taste so which means you don’t need a lot Something like this I wish you guys could smell this Just the scent alone already got me aroused 😌 Lastly, for the toppings you can pretty much add whatever you like~ Drizzle this amazing chili pepper oil… and ta-da~~~ Look at datttt I can’t believe I made this from scratch It’s crazy how I made such perfect texture noodles with my feet… WHOAAAAA this is amazing! Sho also prepared this delicate mochi for me It was such a fun and unforgettable science cooking class I highly recommend you guys to check it out! I got hungry again by the time I arrived in Kyoto (only been 20min xD) Nearby my hostel, there was Mumokuteki Cafe This place is almost vegan but some items do contain fish stock They clearly labeled it on their menu But all the desserts here are safe~~~ I have their avocado burger with tofu patty It was quite tiny Although it looked juicy, there wasn’t much contrast in flavor… so I give it 3-star However, the hojicha soy milkshake was out of this world! it’s almost worth dying for Then I checked in at my hostel called – Fairfield Room I instantly fell in love with the spaciousness and the minimalist design It made me feel right at home instantly The toilet and a shower area were squeaky clean ✨ They even provide hairdryer free of charge Please stay tuned for more of my Kyoto vlogs~ Thank you so much for watching 🙏 If you enjoyed this vlog please give it a thumbs up 👍, leave a comment 🗣, and hit that subscribe button ☝️ Also turn on the notification alert 🛎 so you’ll know when I upload a new video~ See ya~

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  1. 🍜🍜🍜 Vegan Ramen Cooking Class: https://www.airbnb.ca/experiences/85798
    Check out Sho's other classes at https://www.washo-cooking.com

  2. Hey there Andrea, just popping in to let you know how much I love your videos! 💕 Not only are they amazingly edited but also very inspiring and super helpful. 👍👌 I'm vegan and recently went on a trip to Japan with a friend who's not vegan which made eating out a little more complicated, but your videos were a tremendous help. ☺️ I'm also planning to travel Japan solo at some point, looking really forward to my next visit and eating more delicious vegan food in this beautiful country. 🍙🌸⛩️Super excited for your Kyoto vlogs!!! 🤩🤩

  3. Why you-uhh post old-uhh video, uhh?? 😛 Omg, the Win/Mac 98/95 Error prompt & SFX was funny! And good to know what kind of scents make you aroused. XD

  4. Build a thicker skin if you wanna be on YouTube. If you can’t handle the truth like you have an ugly face, get off it.

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