🔥sWooZie [ROAST Yourself Diss Track]

Okay when we were all little we played the game tag, you guys remember that right? So on youtube we play games like this, but now I have to make fun of myself as I rap. Cue the music. Yeah sooo, I’m tagged and I gotta make fun of myself but let’s be real, I’m frickin perfect! My boy Alex Wasabi tagged me to do the “roast yourself challenge” but I don’t know what’s with this kid, I don’t do stupid challenges and have y’all ever stopped and asked yourself what my problem is? I’m always giving love advice but I’m never in a relationship…? Hm..kinda suspicious all I’m gonna say you could leave your girl around me, lowkey, I might be gayyy Hayyyy! by the way I’m not funny dog last time I watched my videos, I nodded off Woke up watched another one and fell asleep again and how was I ever a pro gamer? all I don’t do is win, win, win no matter what I lost to a girl and a bunch of kids, bro I suck! I’m lame, I got no game, got stood up by Holly and Jada I’m obsessed with girls like Kylo Ren’s obsessed with Vader I should work at McDonald’s, leave YouTube as my hobby My story’s fake, got holes like doors in Matrix lobbies I’m sorry if my life is boring, I do nothing all day except lay around half naked and watch anime and eat Chipotle Guys, I’m messed up in the head! and when I finally upload, it’s a Cyanideandhappiness bootleg I’m one note, zero creativity I’m basic af, how were my exes ever into me? Fashion like a 6th grader, all hot topic I’m bout to start a thread about it on Guru Gossip No, no I’m serious that’s not a joke, go check the heading. It’s a wrap, my career is looking stark, red wedding My DM’s ain’t poppin’ YouTubers won’t collab with me my kicks are all fake so, no babality pat to the back, everything I do is whack, with a stupid name like sWooZie? somebody please lock me out the game like Tracer’s booty that’s it, I’m done. Adios, goodnight. It’s the blackest white boy that thinks he’s black but he’s really white. *cough* Shade has been thrown.

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