🔵 Glen’s Best Beer Braised Chicken in Honey Mustard Sauce || Glen & Friends Cooking

🔵 Glen’s Best Beer Braised Chicken in Honey Mustard Sauce || Glen & Friends Cooking

Perfect! The vegetables are ready.
Excellent! Let’s give that a taste. Let’s see, sauce hmm. It does go well with the chicken! It’s gonna go well with the vegetables. It will! This is honey mustard chicken it’s chicken braised in beer. Here’s what I did: I
started out with salt and pepper on the chicken, and you want to season both
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come out! Then I squirted some oil in the bottom of a heavy cast-iron pan. Heated
that up and put the chicken into brown on both sides. Two to three minutes each side. I had two chopped onions, I threw those
in with the chicken and I cooked them just until they were softened. Do you
think you can add mushrooms as well? Mushrooms definitely! Next time?
Once the onions were softened, I threw in two tablespoons of flour, and then I
turned the chicken over to make sure that I got the flour in with the onions
and the oil and the chicken just to get it all together and cook the flour.
That’s a bit like a roux? It is like a roux, except you don’t have to worry your
about stirring it together. Flip the chicken back over, and pour in two
cups of our summer lawnmower beer. You want to use a beer that has low hop
content, because otherwise it could be too bitter. Put the lid on and cook that
on sort of a medium low simmer. Once the chicken was cooked through, I
took it out of the pan and turned the heat up to reduce the sauce by about
half. While that was happening I mixed together the Dijon mustard and the dry
mustard, and I threw in some of our honey that has garlic fermented in it. Now what
if you don’t have the time to make fermented honey because you want to have it for dinner tonight? Yes so that recipe is elsewhere on our
Channel, but if you don’t have the time you could just use regular honey and
maybe squish up a garlic bulb and put in it at this point as well. Mix that all
together, and then I mixed that into the beer in the pan. And at this point you
don’t want it to boil you just want it at a low simmer. Then I put the
chicken back in just to bring it back up to serving temperature. That’s it!
Well everything else is ready so let’s get a move on here. Okay! Enjoy this Beer Braised Chicken In Honey Mustard Sauce.

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  2. I noticed the channel name change. Nice! The blue and white pic was the heads up that it was your channel I was clicking on 😉 Carry on!

  3. Wicked recipe! Great choice of chicken with mustards and beer. Will be making your dish this week for sure!!! Can I still use the phrase legourmettv? You are really gourmets and great teachers of all the culinary arts! Thank you much for your hard work!

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