😋 Stir Fry THAI BASIL Chicken (HOLY BASIL CHICKEN) [EASY] Pad Krapow Gai ผัดกระเพราไก่

😋 Stir Fry THAI BASIL Chicken (HOLY BASIL CHICKEN) [EASY] Pad Krapow Gai ผัดกระเพราไก่

Watch my 80 year old Thai father in-law cook a stir fry Thai basil chicken dish called pad kraprow gai (pad ka prao gai) it’s a holy basil chicken stir fry probably one of the most popular Thai street food dishes let’s dive right in! He professional my father, oh yeah I learned from him some water in there go out to his garden to grab some fresh herbs krapow basil krapow, krapow (ka prao) krapow basil, yeah. Holy basil as they call it Oh nothing freshier than just going right to your herb garden grabbing fresh ingredients look at that, all over the creation, all the krapow (kaprao) basil oh, a lot of basil so good for you too so much antioxidants, phytonutrients has a very distinct, some people say it’s like a clovey taste let me give it a smell oh it smells so good cooking oil chili chili sauce picked up at the local market fish sauce when they’re cooking they don’t measure. oyster sauce oh that smells so good his cooking is all old school style no formal training just, he learned from his parents oh that smells so good krapow, krapow one of my favorite Thai herbs so good for you too, so nutritious pad krapow, pad krapow gai pad krapow gai, gai means chicken pad krapow gai very popular dish here too little water the basil just smells so good look at that the free range chicken because they’re free range, the meat is a little harder Umm Umm good a lot of thai cooking, a lot of times too is very intuitive depends how you feel at the moment adding a little of that soy sauce fermented soy sauce ahh, smells so good Well I hope you enjoyed my father in-law’s version of making this holy basil chicken stir fry dish Give us a thumbs up if you like this video, and share it Don’t forget to subscribe, turn on you notification bell so you don’t miss any videos We’ll see you guys in the next video eat, eat yes, alright we’re going to go eat pad krapow gai this is our breakfast this morning ka prao gai snake fish soup, I’m not sure exactly what’s that called duck egg omelette look how yellow that yolk is, very yellow compared to chicken egg and pla tu fried mackerel ah that looks so good

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