$1.57 Tartine #2 Sunny Egg, Braised Peppers & Cherry Tomatoes

$1.57 Tartine #2 Sunny Egg, Braised Peppers & Cherry Tomatoes

Before you watch my classic foolish recipes I’d like to dedicate this whole video to each and every people in the world suffering from terrorism. All my thoughts and all my love goes to my friends in the U.S. and in the LGBT community Peace, guys, big, big, big love from us OK. Back to the foolish stuff. Salut! It’s Alex, and today in this episode of the Tartine Odyssey we are gonna make an incredible and delicious fried egg caramelized bell pepers and cherry tomatoes tartine or open-faced sandwich. This episode is a part of a series about tartines as known as french-inspired open-faced sandwiches Those modern recipes are tasty, easy, healthy and they will let you experience the taste of France wherever you are on the planet on a tight budget Many people in the world reduce France like the biggest small country to its capital – Paris. And I can really not blame them for that (I was born in Paris) In fact, there is much more to it, like we have many different climates, ripe fruit, and beautiful and colorful veggies Start with a nice bell pepper or capsicum, that one looks like a
chili pepper and rightfully because it is a chili but on the Scoville scale it
scores at an unbelievable 0 which means it has no heat slice it in half but leave the seed. Make
thin slices. Fry them on medium heat for about two minutes in order to start the caramelization process and to get a few charred marks then add a splash of water cover with the lid, lower the heat to
medium-low and let it cook for about eight minutes I would suggest you to just fry a bunch,
place them in the jar, add some oil, cover lid, fridge and you can keep that for at
least one week at the end Bell pepper should be soft but not mushy set them aside so until now I had this trash can on wheels but it was only a trash can now say hello to my new friend ta-da it’s like a trashcan 2.0 so obviously there is the trash can
underneath on top, there is something else kitchen cookingware, a pair of tongs
one knife another knife, what’s this, sharpie pen
all the things I need when I make videos of course like the trash can
i really enjoyed the fact that it’s mobile it’s really handy to have you know a
mini kitchen island with everything you need when you cook ok guys that’s it for this mobile kitchen update now let’s go back to
the video so eggs definitely are centerpiece of this beautiful tartine or
open-faced sandwich and also they are a classic staple food of French cuisine
eggs are always affordable but if you want to get them honest then you need to go at least to free
range eggs or organic which is better apply a thin coating of oil then crack
the egg in the pan you should hear a gentle sizzling sound
eggs will need about five minutes in the pan if you dislike the yolk runny just
flip the egg over at the end or 30-second of cook it with a lid my spatula is blunt well I know blunt spatula doesn’t seem
like a big problem to you but in fact instead of lifting food you will just
crush it which is a big problem crushing food it could be a small
problem so at the end of this DIY process I get a really sharp spatula that lifts
food really easily of course you don’t have to use an
electric file to sharpen your spatula i mean you can use cheap regular sandpaper
it’s absolutely fine but let’s face it this look good and now to the bread itself i’m using
sourdough bread which has that rustic and comforting taste to it slicing in diagonal allows for bigger
and wider slices of toast toast those on 2 minutes each side on medium-high heat . Toasting bread makes sense for two reason the first one being that
in this case you prevent the slice slice from getting soggy which is always good
and the second one being that in this case you create an abrasive surface which we
load up with all the flesh of the things you rub on it like it’s a garlic, flesh
of the garlic, or it’s chili like in this case the chili flesh let’s build up the tartine or open-faced
sandwich instead of rubbing the taost with a garlic clove just rub it with a
chili pepper cut in half place the egg in the center so the
reason why I do not spread the bread first is because the yolk is our spread so why would i add more fat when it’s
not needed add the bell peppers around it and a few
cherry tomatoes cut in half finish it with a few slices of roe or
instant pickle onions or a sprinkle of green onions or like i did use both *bleep* the
rules freshly cracked black pepper and flaky
salt on top and you are good to go fried egg, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes
tartine or open-faced sandwich so texture-wise you get a good crunch from
the toast, you get some pungency and freshness depending if you went for roe
or pickled onions and you get some hotness from the chili rub the
indulgence comes from the egg yolk and you also get intense caramelized flavors
from the peppers what really really freshen that
open-face sandwich are the random burst of juices from
cherry tomatoes right guys it’s time to do the accountant this time I will only be talking
about money not because i’m greedy might be but because I don’t feel like
you’re very interested in the calories it takes a bit of effort to do it so if
you’re interested let me know in the comments so the whole price for all these
beautiful ingredients comes to 1 point 41 euro or in u.s. dollar 1 point 57 dollar
which is really low, or in british pounds 1 point 12 Alex, this is amazing , I’d like to take a bite
of this tartine please if you let me gosh! Salut! i hope you like this recipe
and if you did give it a like thumbs up and share that over your social media
you know the deal spread it like butter using the hashtag #spreaditlikebutter
I mean it’s always so enjoyable to spread the butter on a tartine oh yeah spread the butter spread the butter
spread the but- maybe I should stop that i use a little pointy red bell pepper
which was really nice but I guess we all have access to different ingredients
that would be really interesting for the community I think that you guys were to share what
your peppers look like no offense whatsoever like the colors the shape the taste tell it
in the comments right below and also mention where you are. Also, people
click subscribe because I make new videos on sunday and its most of the
time about getting the posh out of french food like that video where I
made this beautiful goat cheese and caramelized onions and grilled peaches
tartine but I also make some pretty weird stuff on this channel like for example that chinese and quite authentic mapo tofu and finally I just want to
point out that food should always in all cases remain fun. Bye bye, salut!

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  1. I don't know if including the calorie information is difficult, but if its not too much more work I'd like it!

  2. Un autre salut de Montréal : ) Quelle belle vidéo ! Je me suis fait cette tartine cette nuit. Délicieux !

  3. hey Alex! I'm going to Paris next month and I was wondering if you could make a simple restaurant guide for first time visitors? maybe include vegetarian/vegan restaurants too? or restaurants that offer such alternatives?

  4. 9 minutes pour une "bête" tartine, et quand bien même, je me RE-GALE. Tes vidéos sont un vrai petit plaisir !!!! That peppers storage idea is genius… i'm definitely doing this. Never thought or heard of keeping the seeds, but it looks interesting ! 🙂 Does anyone know what material his pan is ?

    PS : I'm in Bulgaria !!! The fruits and veggies here are absolutely AMAZING, and they have these bunches of cute small very light green peppers (they have the darker more spicy ones as well) 🙂

  5. Hi Alex I saw your comment on Vlune, it was nice to see you there… I love your new photo! of the Tartine and I am looking Forward to Sunday. 😀 Good job, or should I say; a big Thumb scrib.

  6. dont do calories pls it is cringe and it makes me feel guilty dont make me go to the swimming pool every day Alex DON'T

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  8. Alex…your enthusiasm for food and when you sport your glasses…reminds me much of Doc from Back to the Future…only you specialises in food science…haha…great channel…thanks for indulging us food lovers with great content😉

  9. who cares about the calories if it looks that delicious and surely tastes delicious?! 😍
    I think it's obvious that it's healthy and that's the most important thing 🙂
    love your videos! keep it up!
    salutations de l'Allemagne 🙂

  10. This is a fine way to prepare the egg! In my own preparation, I left out the cherry tomatoes. Hello from Croatia 😉

  11. love your style ! love French cooking! this is worth spreading, like butter;) food on budget still need to be presentable , healthy and delicious! I know now why French cooking is world famous, this deep in the blood…"I have standard for food" attitude is not found everywhere. cheers (with red bull) from Edmonton, Canada 😛

  12. I should stop watching food videos at night in bed. Will try to make this though with my own veg in spring. Sydney, Australia here.

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  14. I appreciate the $$$€€££calculations, but I'm afraid the $$ amount is not accurate, simply because produce cost a lot more here in the US, I know coz I lived in Europe, UK, & US

  15. Salut! Wow, i like watching your videos… its gives me a lot of insight on French Cuisine and Recipes… keep it coming…:)

  16. This spring I'm growing yellow banana peppers (also called Hungarian peppers) and regular red bell capsicums. They are seedlings at the moment and will go outside in the next week or so. Sydney, Australia

  17. This spring I'm growing yellow banana peppers (also called Hungarian peppers) and regular red bell capsicums. They are seedlings at the moment and will go outside in the next week or so. Sydney, Australia

  18. Caught you cooking with Josh and Mike. Well wirth my time. Good Job! I will be back. Thank you for taking the time to do these.

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  20. Magnifique! I want to start off by saying I'm a huge fan. Also, I love tartines for breakfast! This is perfect and gives me SO many ideas to expand on. Love your videos! Salut!

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  23. Next time try some lime pickled onions.
    2cups rice wine vin
    1/4 cup lime juice
    2T fresh cilantro
    1/2 t dried oregano
    3T sugar
    1/2 t Salt.


  24. Tried a personalised (whatever I had in the fridge) version of this. Used garlic instead of chili pepper and zucchini spiced with sumac instead of bell peppers (I don't have anything against peppers, just did not have any). Anyway, the resulting tartine was really tasty! Thanks Alex.

  25. I think YouTube has been spying on me because iv been making these be for I go to work for like a week… and some how I got this video recommended 👀👀👀👀👀… still love this channel 😊

  26. Yay! Someone else that uses wooden spatulas! In theory, I realize they wouldn't sell them if a lot of people didn't use them, I just have never met anyone who does. I started using them when I got out on my own. I have no idea why, but now it's definitely my preferred tool. My mother was insulted, lol, because that's not what she used.

  27. It was obviously a chop stick that you had planned to use for stirring/flipping/killing because you lost or broke its partner. 😛

  28. This is great and inspiring. We have a local bakery who make pain au levain. The most delicious bread. Always looking for another reason to buy more!

  29. Houston, Texas, USA. Our bell peppers are pretty standard, usually have 4 sides and taste great. Though, just a little bit away is Hatch Green Chile country and those are TOTES MAZEBALLS!!! Roasted green Hatch Chiles are sooooo gooooood. Coming from Colorado, there’s nothing better than Green Chile sauce on a chimichanga for dinner.

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  31. This looks great! However, if I was serving this for lunch it would be a little light. What do you suggest I pair this with in terms of a side & a drink?

  32. jesus, seeing the state of the studio here and with your recent video's you've made a shitton of progress in making it habitable.
    do you rent or lease it or have you bought the place?

  33. "cover with a lid" lmao your homemade pizzapusher 😂
    Also would suggest sealing your spatula with a bit of mineral oil occasionally so it wont get waterbloated&frayed at the edge and stays sharp longer.

  34. Needs butter, really good butter. Hot toast with butter and an over medium egg! Everything else looked perfect but needs butter. 😊

  35. Tried your recipe Alex…. loved it… Thanx a bunch my French brother !!!
    Oh, BTW, I buttered up extra, the bread, also threw in some bacon. …….
    As the Italians would say MAMA MIA…..
    I would strongly recommend some Red Wine with it.
    Love and Respects from Lahore, Pakistan !!!!!!!

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