1 Cocktail 3 Tequilas Which Is Best? || Glen & Friends Cooking

1 Cocktail 3 Tequilas Which Is Best? || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends welcome back to after
dark where we are exploring cocktails and today I want to do a tequila
cocktail and one of the difficulties I have with tequila is I like looking
through really old cookbooks if you haven’t noticed and when I look through
old books about cocktails tequila never shows up unless Cal never shows up
these two distinct liquids from Mexico don’t start showing up until the 1970s
in cocktail culture or written down cocktail culture in any event so I’m
looking at alternative sources I end up on a website shows me a cocktail recipe
called tequila lemon cello and since I have our own homemade limoncello I
thought hey that’d be great now the recipe calls for Blanco tequila or
silver tequila and I thought you know what I’ve got three different kinds of
tequila from three different brands let’s give them all a try and see which
one I like better because to me experimentation is really what it’s all
about so we’re going to start off with the
tequila and the first one I’m gonna do is with this cos amigos and this is a
Reposado just trying this one out I haven’t decided yet if I really like it
it has a bit of a smoky flavor which is interesting it brings an interesting
sort of extra kick to everything next in is our homemade limoncello and you can
find that recipe elsewhere on our channel I will link to it if I can
remember and then lemon juice freshly squozen of course still has a bit of
pulp in it no seeds though hopefully and last in is some simple syrup and this is
just one to one simple syrup I thought about doing gum syrup but I’m not going
to make it that complicated now into the shaker tin some ice and we
shake okay now double strain into Nick and Nora I
think in this case is what I’m gonna use I’m gonna put the Casa amigos bottle
behind it so I don’t forget which one is which next one up is daughters and this
again is a Reposado I really like this tequila it’s not that expensive and I
like the flavor of it had this a few times I’ve done a couple of tastings
with the rep from this distillery where we’ve tasted through all of their
tequila’s and I think I like this one the best out of their range anyway so
exactly the same limoncello lemon juice simple syrup ice shake prep
the glass and strain okay so we’re on to the last one in the last one I’m gonna
use Milagro tequila and Milagro is the first tequila that I was introduced to
in a more serious way when this was first introduced into Canada way back a
long time ago I did the first interview with the guys who were making it and
they led me through a tasting and it’s kind of been the tequila that I’ve
always had in the house for tequila and I’ve never really explored beyond it
although I know that I should have just because I didn’t drink a lot of tequila
cocktails but we’re gonna give this a go and see out of the 3 hear what happens okay jump out the liquid and strain I think I’m gonna start it by tasting the
Milagro first I think it should have the lightest taste of the 3 I’m expecting
something quite smooth yeah the lemoncello really comes through
lemoncello is the top flavor that I get and then the tequila and the tequila
kind of comes in as like a secondary flavor quite nice I like that one that
is a great patio summertime drink I think or by the beach in Mexico drink
definitely so because of dota is next or the caja Dory’s still lemoncello forward
limoncello or the lemon flavor and the limoncello flavor is the number one
thing but the tequila flavor is stronger with this one have you handed it to me
and said what’s in this I would immediately say limoncello and then I
wouldn’t really be able to probably pinpoint the other spirit without you
saying what it was and in this case I knew what it was so I I knew what I was
tasting for in this instance he handed this to me blind I would know that the
second spirit or the secondary spirit was a tequila I wouldn’t be able to tell
you which one I wouldn’t be able to tell you whether it was Reposado and yaho
silver platinum whatever I would not have known okay so onto the third one
Casa amigos no the Casa amigos I’m expecting something different because it
is a tequila with a smokier flavor yeah so right off the top I get the smoky on
my nose tequila first tequila first slight smoky
flavor and then the lemon cello in the lemon cello the lemon cello the
sweetness from the lemon cello I got the sweetness in both of these from
limoncello and the added simple syrup of course this one the sweetness isn’t
there the sweetness is definitely in the background quite a ways in the
background I am totally blown away this this is an amazing drink absolutely
amazing drink these ones are good and you know in isolation I wouldn’t turn
them down I would still drink them someone handed this to me or if I went
to a bar and said hey give me a tequila and limoncello and they just made
whatever with whatever I would enjoy it definitely good drinks amazing cocktail
and this again shows that you know you can take one cocktail and just depending
on your ingredients tweak it and really starting to narrow it down into
something that you really enjoy so you know kind of throw out all of the
cocktail dogma and someone telling you that a certain cocktail with a certain
name has to be made with certain brands of alcohol it’s not true
and so I guess I’m just gonna have to keep exploring but for now I think this
is my favorite out of these three and I will probably enjoy a few of these I’m
gonna be in Mexico in a couple of weeks and I’ll be exploring even more thanks
for stopping by see you again soon you

37 thoughts on “1 Cocktail 3 Tequilas Which Is Best? || Glen & Friends Cooking”

  1. Thanks for watching everyone! What's your favourite Tequila? Favourite Tequila Cocktail? As always the recipe is in the ^^Description Box^^ along with the links to the Limoncello recipe and the Milagro interview.

  2. Drink the first one for brunch, the second in the afternoon, and the third in the evening. Problem solved. Love the show!

  3. 3 tequilas I've never heard of. If you are gonna do a comparison taste test you've got to throw a budget level option in there.

  4. You know what might be good? Get in contact with an alcohol distiller and see if they'll sponsor some episodes of After Dark. A little bit of moolah and some small bottles of their product for making the video with their product.

    Also, going back to Mexico? Will there be anyone with access to the hanging ham to monitor it if something goes pear shaped while you are out of the country?

  5. I hope you might think about doing an entire video just on tequila. It may not be about brands specifically but the types and definitions, processes and other mysteries surrounding this wonderful drink. I have mine with OJ almost exclusively so some other options are great to see.

  6. Casamigos is the only tequila I have ever tried that I liked.

    But I am a whiskey drinker and it has some of those qualities I like.

  7. Love your stuff. I’d like you to add more ice after you build your cocktails and shake a bit harder and longer. Cheers from Austin, TX.

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