19 thoughts on “1. Getting Acquainted – Pressure Cooking School”

  1. thx for the videos! BUT… the music is WAY too LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and annoying. It detracts from the valuable content.

  2. This video has sound apart from the music? I can see laura talking but all I can hear is the music.
    Thank's for the videos, I like your site and will continue to follow your videos.

  3. Watching on a tablet, volume all the way up and can barely hear you. Not having this problem with other videos. Music is much louder but not too bad.

  4. Love the video, very informative!
    I currently own a stove top pressure cooker and love it however it requires constant attention, so I’m considering purchasing an electric pressure cooker for the versatility it offers and all their safety features.
    I’ve been looking at different brands, instant pot seems to be the most popular one but I’m really curious to know which one you recommend, you also have different ones displayed in your video, why not review them individually?
    Thank you, can’t wait to learn more from you

  5. Thanks again for the captions for the Deaf. Ordered your book and a Duo Instant pot. Looking forward to trying it out. This makes me feel better to learn about safety and how it works 🙂 🙂 never used pressure cooker before.

  6. Hello: I just tried to get onto your web site (which I often do), and I got a message, "bye bye hacker". I've never had this before. Why am I getting it now? I'm not using a VPN, if that matters. Thanks.

  7. Excellent instruction and graphics, very thorough. I think I'll be able to now use my purchased 3 years ago but still unused electric pressure cooker. ;~}

  8. Oh my God, these videos are fabulous. I just got a Breville Fast Slow Pro and came here for tips. Even though I am pretty good with my Instant Pot, I felt I needed some additional education. And Bingo, I found this. Liked AND subscribed!

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