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I am Ann Reardon Today we have the best chocolate truffles
part 3, I asked you which ones you wanted and these are the top ten chocolates that
you wanted in your box of chocolates. Coming in a number 10 we had liquor chocolates
of all different types of liquor so we will just make one and you can follow that same
recipe. To make the filling you’ll need cream, butter, the liquor of your choice, and of
course chocolate. Add the cream and butter to a bowl and microwave that. All of the recipe
quantities that you’ll need for these truffles are on the howtocookthat.net website and I’ll
link to the chocolate truffle recipe page in the description just below this video for
you. Once the butter is melted add the chocolate and stir through until you have a nice smooth
ganache. Add your alcohol and stir it through as well and then put that to one side. Fill a chocolate mold with tempered chocolate.
This mold is actually just a tray that came with some little baby food containers that
I have. So just look through your kitchen and see what you’ve already got. Tip it up
and tap it on the back to tip out the excess chocolate. Doing this gives us a nice thin
layer of chocolate over the mold. Turn it the right way up and scrape off the excess.
Let that set them fill each mold with a little of the ganache, I am using a shallow mold
for this one because it is quite strong so I don’t want heaps of filling in these. Top
it with chocolate. Now for all of these truffles you want to make sure you temper your chocolate
so that it sets firmly at room temperature. There is a video explaining all of that on
that on this channel for you to watch. If you do not want to temper you can use compound
chocolate instead but then it doesn’t taste as good. Add a piece of chocolate transfer
sheet on top. This is just plastic with coloured cocoa butter printed onto it. The heat of
the chocolate will melt the cocoa butter and then that pattern will stay on the chocoalte.
Let that set and once it is set then peel off the plastic and you can see the pattern
stays on the chocolate and makes it lok beautiful. Tap the mold to tip them out and you have
beautiful looking chocolates with a layer of the liquor ganache in the middle. Comin in at number 9 was wasabi.
Personally these are not for me but some people love wasabi. I am colouring my mold and I’ll
show you how to do that later on with one of our other truffles. Fill the mold with
chocolate just like we did for the first one, tip out the excess and neaten it up. With
that extra chocolate that came out of the mold just fold the paper in half, scrape it
to one side and tip it back into the bowl. Once the shells are set fill each one with
some wasabi, now you could add just a tiny bit here or go the full hog like I am.
Top them up with chocolate, then flatten off the tops and add a chocolate transfer sheet
on top if you want to like we did before. Gently rub your finger on each one to make
sure it is touching the chocolate. If you like wasabi that’s great if not why
not fill the rest with something nice and make it like a bean boozled chocolate things
so you don’t know what you’re going to go it could ne wasabi or it could be something
yummy. Once it is set peel of the transfer sheet
and tap the mold on the bench to get them out. Pipe a small drop of chocolate and then
Place the hemisphere on an angle on top so the flat patterned side is facing up. Now
will you get a nice one or a wasabi? I wonder which one you’ll get [peaceful music] this
one just tastes like chocolate. Coming in at number 8 was cheesecake chocolate
truffles. And these taste so good To make them place
the cream cheese sugar flour and salt into the mixer and mix on high speed. Turn your
oven on to 160C or 320F Your mixture should be thick and smooth.
Add the egg, vanilla extract and cream and mix it all in well until it looks like this,
it’s a bit like melting ice cream. dripping off there.
Pour the cheesecake mixture into a small bowl and tap it on the bench to get rid of air
bubbles. Place it into a larger bowl and pour some
water down so that it comes half way up the sides of the bowl that has the cheesecake
in. Place it in the oven and bake for around 30
minutes or until it is firm in the middle when you give it a shake.
For the base mix together the butter, flour, cocoa powder, sugar and egg until it forms
a ball. Roll it out between two sheets of baking paper and bake it for 10 minutes. Then
take it out of the oven and while it is still hot crumble it up using two forks. You can
just buy some biscuits and crush them up if you prefer. But this way you can flavour it
how you want Place some butter into a bowl and melt it, you can do this is saucepan if
you don’t have a microwave. Add in your cookie crumbs and stir it well
until you’ve got that butter evenly coated all around it.
Tip it onto some baking paper and squash it down using a fork, then add more baking paper
on top and use a rolling pin to squash it more and make it thin and even layer, you
can use two sticks on the side to help you. Place it in the fridge to chill
Once it is cold it will stick together, use a circle cutter to cut out bases for our truffles.
Place the cooled cheesecake mixture into a bowl and whip using electric mixers.
Place it into a piping bag fitted with a star shaped nozzle.
Pipe a little star by squeezing the bag then stop and pull up.
Once they are finished these cheesecake truffles will need to be stored in the fridge and will
last about 1 week. Put them in the freezer to firm up and then
place them onto a cooling rack with baking paper underneath. Pipe chocolate over the
top of each of them to encase the filling. Once they are rest them on something small
and round and pipe lines of white chocolate from the top around and down to the base. PUMPKIN
At number 7 we have pumpkin truffles. To make them take some pumpkin chop it up into chunks,
place it into a roasting dish with a little water, cover it with foil and roast it in
the oven for about 40 minutes or until it is soft,
then let it cool. Remove the rind and measure out 160g or 5.6oz
Mash the pumpkin then add the cream and the butter, stir them together and then heat in
the microwave until the butter is melted. Add the chocolate and stir through until it
is melted. Now you can add spices of your choice. Some countries have pumpkin spice
and you can add the to taste. If you don’t have you can make it. Mix together cinnamon,
nutmeg, ginger and cloves. I am going to add about 1/2 a teaspoon of that and mix it through.
It gives a pumpkin pie flavour. Pour that into a blender and blend until it is smooth.
If you don’t have a blender I’ll show you an alternative when we make the next truffle.
Pour that into a piping bag twist the top, fold it under and place it on a plate in the
fridge to cool. Fill a silicone mold with chocolate and tip
out the excess. When you do that fold the paper over and scrape all the chocolate to
one side and tip it back into your bowl. Neaten up the tops and let them set.
Fill each one with pumpkin ganache and then seal with white chocolate on top. Smooth off
the top using a spatula and once they are set push them out of the molds.
You can keep these pumpkin ones int eh fridge for a few days. BANANA truffles were the number 6 most requested.
To make the filling take two bananas, some chocolate, butter and orange juice. In a saucepan
mash the bananas with a fork then add the juice and stir through. Heat over the stove
top and then add the butter and stir until it is melted.
Take it off the heat add the chocolate and stir until it is melted.
Immediately pour it into a fine sieve and using a spatula or the back of a spoon push
it through the sieve. If you have a blender you use that instead
of putting it through the sieve, we just want to make it really smooth.
The sieve way will take a bit longer but it works well.
Line a container with baking paper and pour int he banana mixture. Level off the top and
place that in the freezer. Once frozen slice into cubes. You can of course
pipe this into the centre of molded truffles for a neater outcome but just incase you don’t
have any molds I’m showing you some options. Take one of the cubes and place it on the
end of the fork. Place it into the tempered chocolate and spoon more over it. Lift up
the fork and tap it onto the side of the bowl to get of any excess then place that onto
some baking paper. Once they set you can trim off any excess
chocolate from around the base. Then pipe a couple of stripes of extra chocolate
onto the top. NOUGAT
I have made a video showing how to make nougat already to find it click on howtocookthat
just under any of my videos, that will take you to the channel. Then you can either click
on videos and you’ll see a list of all of the videos, or you can choose a playlist and
see everything under that category. Slice your nougat into triangles and dip into
the tempered chocolate, tap the fork on the side and then place it onto a textured plastic
sheet. Once it is set peel it off and you have a
pattern on the chocolate. Use a knife to neaten around the base and
if you like you can brush a little luster dust onto the chocolate to high light the
pattern. OREO
Lets have some fun with these and make them different to all the other oreo truffles that
you see out there. Open up your oreo and take out the centre
and roll it into a rough ball. Then we are going to place those in the freezer so it
doesn’t matter if they are not perfect because we’ll be able to neaten them up once they
are cold. Place the biscuit parts into a bag and crush them. If you roll the rolling pin
over it you’ll get rid of any big bits. Place some cream and chocolate into a bowl
and microwave in short bursts until they it is melted and smooth, pour in the oreo crumbs
and mix together well using the back of your spoon to kind of squash it together. Take the middles out of the freezer and re-roll
them to make smooth spheres. Take 1/2 a tablespoon of mixture, add a ball
of frosting to the middle and close over the top to hide it completely. Then place them
back into the freezer. Once they are chilled drop them into tempered
chocolate, take them out with a fork and tap it on the side of the bowl then place them
carefully onto the baking paper. Once they are set and you bit into them you
reveal the oreo ganache and frosting centre. MARSHMALLOW / SMORES
Make one quantity of the sugar cookie recipe, roll it out between two sheets of baking paper
and then cut lots of little circles. Remove the excess dough and then bake them in the
oven for 6 minutes or until just turning golden. If you want to colour your chocolates you
can colour white chocolate using powdered oil based food colour. Then you can either
cover the mold with the colour or put streaks of different colours. If using streaks, let
them set then top up with more chocolate and tip it out like we’ve done before. Let that
set then add half a marshmallow and top each one with one of the cookies. Cover it with
chocolate to seal it and smooth of the top. Once they are set tip them out of the mold. HONEYCOMB I have a whole video showing how
to make honeycomb. Pour your honeycomb into a bowl lined with non-stick baking paper and
leave it to cool completely, that will take a few hours. Turn it out of the bowl and smash
it. You can just dip the big chunks in chocolate but if you want neat even chocolates take
the smaller bits and crush them a bit more, you don’t want a powder just little pieces.
For chocolate you don’t have to use boring shaped molds you can use what you like. Fill
the mold up with chocolate and then tip out the excess.
Neaten up the top and then add your honeycomb chips.
Top it up with more chocolate and neaten the backs. Because we are encasing it in chocolate
the honeycomb will stay crisp because none of the moist air can get to it.
Once it is set push on the back of the mold to get them out and you have an army of little
honey comb chocolate lego men. COOKIES & CREAM
Lets make this one extra special because it was number 1 For the cookie part take some biscuit crumbs
and place them on a baking tray. Bake them for a few minutes until they are crispy.
Add some vanilla extract to your cream and heat it up. Add the chocolate to the hot cream
and stir until it is smooth. Pour in your crumbs. Now I found my crumbs softened and
didn’t stay super crispy. If you want them to stay crispy you are going to need to coat
them in butter before you add them so the moisture from the cream can’t get in. You
can do that by adding melted butter tot he crumbs before you add them to the ganache
and stirring it in. For a bit more of a fancy presentation you
can use coloured cocoa butter, scrape a tiny bit out using a knife and melt it in the microwave.
Then use a brush to add a thin layer to the molds. This mold that I am using is just half
of a cheap sphere ice-cube tray you can get silcione molds that are much better but also
much more expensive. If you can’t get coloured cooca butter you could use plain cocoa butter
and add oil based powdered food colouring to it.
Using a dry brush brush it with gold luster dust and then tap the mold on the bench to
get rid of any excess. Pour in your tempered chocolate then tip out
the excess, neaten it up and allow that to set.
Fill each hemisphere with cookies and cream ganache.
Then top with chocolate and then neaten up the back. Once they are set tap the old on
the bench to get the out of the mold. Spread some tempered dark chocolate onto a
sheet of baking paper. tap it to get rid of any air-bubbles and to smooth it out. Then
let that set. Spread some tempered white chocolate over the top and drop the hemispheres onto
it while it is still melted so they sink down into it. Once it is starting to firm up place
a circle cutter over the top and push down hard to get through the dark chocolate. Push
it out of the cutter and you have a pretty truffle with a ring of dark and white chocolate. You can present your truffles in rows on tiles
if you are selling them or box them up as gifts. Home made truffles are such a special
present. But don’t forget to warn them about the wasabi! Subscribe to how to cook that for more chocolates,
cakes and desserts. Here to go to the channel to watch the video on tempering and the first
two chocolate truffle videos and here for the recipes on the website. and all those
links are below. Have a great week and I’ll see you Friday.

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