10 Ridiculous Cooking Products!

10 Ridiculous Cooking Products!

oh look at that it’s working I don’t
even think it needs to be hot it looks like you’re popping a pimple yeah that’s
disgusting what’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to a brand new
video Tanner has joined me the man who will eventually take over my channel has
joined me down in the comments let me know do you really think Tanner’s a
horrible person that he can’t accomplish such a task if that’s what who you are
as a person I guess write it down in the comments
below or if you’re just so afraid of change anyways today we’re looking at cooking
products Tanner’s picked out these items are
potentially ten cooking hacks all right and I say potentially because this isn’t
crazy Russian hacker where everythings what he says it is where everything’s
accurate this is the matthias channel where anything can happen all right so
these ten cooking hacks could end up not being cooking hacks but I think some of
them may be due the first product oh wait all right dude Tanner you looking
flight are you you think that can’t take over this channel do you think
ratatouille can’t take over this channel first item Suren side loading toaster
cuz top loading was just too confusing cook or toast any size bread pastry
bagel any size bread no nah or how about any size that can fit into this total
what happens if your piece of bread is bigger than that easy clean ahead to
cart yeah Wow Suren toaster does it come with all these delicious items you know
honestly I would buy it if it did I mean there you could toast orange juice oh
it’s warm as if it’s been toasting something here’s the toaster nothing
special about it besides that you sideload it there’s an ice mode so you
can freeze things not accurate wait what oh no this is even better forget the
toaster look at this this is where the magic is all right this is what a
surrend toaster can do this is what a normal toaster can do focaccia bread
heck no normal toaster can’t do that precooked pizza slice what’s a precooked
pizza slice if you were pre cook a pizza slice Wow have you put
the toaster it’s precooked already done raspberry twist so specific don’t give
me that strawberry I’ll hit you cinnamon swirl no and then the literally picture
of the pop-tarts cuz putting the word pop-tart up like what does that mean so
what they’re saying here is that literally a normal toaster can’t do any
of this stuff Oh oh my gosh too much toast
this is the best toast document I’ve ever read in my life this is like they
hired someone to put some science behind this you know like someone was like
literally went to the storm but every little slice and was like where your
toaster can’t do that and then document it for us this is how it works right you
put a little thing in here you clamp the bread and then you just throw it in it I
don’t see how that could toast the raspberry scone this thing’s gonna screw
with your raspberry twist for sure it’s gonna squeeze all the raspberry that’s
what I’m saying for some reason it’s only exclusive to raspberry berry scones
maybe maybe it’s frutos maybe it’s fruit and maybe we don’t even we don’t support
that okay so let’s try this it’s climbing it can do everything I’m gonna
just try it I guess these aren’t gonna fall off any
no no your silly goose oh that did not work what else if you’re really supposed
to put it you’re really supposed to do like that yeah that’s what you’re
supposed to do that’s it yeah in the middle I’m trying to do every possible
thing that a regular person would do so I just turned it on and now we wait what
if it doesn’t feel them that’s definitely not done oh and it just
leaked all over – I’ve had that problem before you know let’s try another food
chocolate chip Eggos oh these are so floppy who doesn’t store Eggos in the
freezer oh these are angles you got yours now
people are slightly concerned about what they’ve been putting in their body do
you are concerned I didn’t know was supposed to do something it’s not
supposed to do this waffles are supposed to be cooked I
don’t think this is gonna hold up in there put makeup on man Wow
absolutely brilliant work it kind of held up actually I don’t think this
could have worked in a regular toaster I think they would have just squished it
down to the bottom here we go look at that not bad
well how do I take it out now cuz that thing definitely burned me
for where does this button release the last oh I’m a genius oh maybe I should
be running this channel maybe you should okay so that makes it way more sense
tastes like a yeah oh god he’s gonna oh god this is just if you’re gonna have
sugar do it right you are not gonna eat that what if I do I just know you’re not
I know so well it’s like so you’re probably right no you don’t know me
I’d say that’s I mean it’s a working toaster I think the marketing is really
stupid but I’ll say it’s a choices the Dipper the ultimate cookie spoon five
color spoons in a package oh I get you hashtag lady difference hashtag you
that’s like some inside joke that Tanner and Paul and Connor have I’m not a part
of that yeah you have no way I’m a part of that made you a part of it yeah maybe
so this is clearly first world I mean this is for people that don’t want to
what get their fingers dirty so I think this allows you to do without getting
your hands all milky I agree with this problem Add to Cart
I’m rethinking you as the lead for this channel tanner guess what your bukhari
all right tanner since you seem awfully confused you can
have purple I’m gonna pick green because green is the best you want to see if it
if it works tanner yeah I do throw me an Oreo my bro and some milk okay maybe we
could do this the whole process what the heck man you didn’t pour me a glass I
don’t care about you’re gonna bro like for work
it’s totally work and then I just dip it as taggle a bit weird in this communist
fluid so hold up now what am I supposed to do ups with to eat the whole Oriole
all at once you have a big mouth what you mean that’s just not a luxurious
experience shoving things in your mouth okay I can’t say that not great really a
hoe to drive okay the entire Oreo is dumped the taste
wasn’t bad just shoving it like it’s so hard to get the or go off of this in my
mouth you don’t want to like pick it up because that defeats the purpose of this
thing you got a point yeah then why would you if you’re going to dip it
halfway why don’t you just dip it with your hands maybe if the milks all the
way down this helps you get to the bottom of the glass my word you’re just
gonna be a song I love SOG I’d only take a bite of this beast mmm
he left so much stuff I was trying not to do that cuz that’s cringe-worthy I
mean this is just like people who smoke with like the extensions it’s just like
you’re gonna smoke you know you’re gonna use sugar just just do it just commit
you know I’m gonna say that is nutritious meaning not great – peace new
cyclone BBQ SAR siege Cup – our spiral hot dog cutters but why they kind of
look like noodles well why do you need to cut your hot dog in spirals just to
let the heat out maybe to cook it through thoroughly I think it’s just
meant to open it up see the plastic swirl in the middle is not sharp really
but then you try to get the hotdog out and it will rip it in half oh now you’ll
have one half of one hot dog with a spiral add to cart’ so little preface
this product was shipped like this every time you don’t I wonder if it actually
doesn’t work yeah that does not look sharp enough at all it’s just plastic
maybe this one this one’s a little bit sharper but this one’s I think maybe
cuts a little deeper than this one as you can see that they’re different let’s
try the bigger one first throw me a wiener oh yeah why are they all wet I
hate Wiener juice like that like I actually hate that I’m so done with this
video like don’t ever repeat that again Tanner I like all that stuff
hotdog juice it’s not juice condensation tell me that are condensation when you
open that and it’s got hotdog juice on okay dude oh it stinks so bad I hate
that smell okay so that just doesn’t do anything I’m just ready this is just so
disturbing don’t look at beer one of the more neither one of them work way to do that
is a nutrition for real before we get into that next product I just wanted you
guys to know I’ve opened a subreddit that means if you guys like I know tons
of you already do send me products on Twitter for me to review Twitter is just
way too difficult for us to go through right so we’ve started up a subreddit
link down in the description below subscribe to it become a part of that
and you can post your own things that you find and that I will review them if
they’re crazy enough and we will shout you out basically so if you found
products click that subreddit make a post in the subreddit and we will check
it out salad cutter Bowl 60-second salad maker I’ve seen this I’ve actually seen
this the idea is that you throw things in there and then just cut it all up and
you got yourself a salad right you don’t even have to like put in like cut up
lettuce or anything like that for functions in one you could wash things
off you can dice things you can eat out of it maybe that’s what it means I don’t
think so I think you I think that’s a stretch add to cart’ 60-second salad
healthy fresh salads made easy 60 seconds I feel like you’d have to really
be like rushing have to be pumping it out you know I mean cuz you have to get
everything out you know if the dice everything up you guys everything up
alright wash it all you ready to do it yeah I’m ready guess what I got for you
Wow well that’s way too much okay give me some other veggies I only got lettuce
stop yeah I know I love me too I know Bagel Bites in there this is a salad
because lettuce salad isn’t lettuce with a little extra things I don’t know this
is just lettuce I mean salad is literally just a lettuce and most likely
tomato with no salad means multiple things give me the knife here’s your
weapon shot that’s such a satisfying sound it’s also
good because you’re not gonna cut yourself yeah work pretty well Wow work
really well all right I mean that’s a nutritious literally I mean delicious
literally Wow this is confusing they hide all the viewers can you say hi
everywhere Wow oh yeah a little car can you say hi
deadly jeone peace vinegar spray bottle silver stainless steel liquid what’s up
baby Luna don’t distract papa he’s working this looks kind of like the you
know where he races your memory men and black men in black oh thanks Amanda
so this could probably do something similar right all you have to do is put
vinegar in it hey this’ll remember it’s your memory really it’ll just allow you
to get away not bad looking it’s kind of cool-looking Add to Cart all right it’s
cool so what you got some of that vinegar yes
vinegar sauce give me some vinaigrette wait how am I supposed to put it in such
a small hole I’m not gonna say it so funnel yeah it’s good go for it it’s
gonna make a mess what this is not gonna work there’s chunks of gunk in here you
have to put like a true vinaigrette in here give me a salad Tanner give me the
salad that we just made look this yeah this counter works a
little better hey we actually made this on our last one and clogged it’s now
clogged it’s clogged I just don’t trust anything that comes on to this desk for
food products I just don’t trust it why I don’t know I had because of my
incompetence possibly is it good I probably never eaten me on my place
possibly so I’m gonna pretend like I eat it no no no so I must say that’s good
but you have to only you can’t put like dressings that have gunk in them you
have to only put like vinegar like you know vinaigrette or balsamic or whatever
you do before we get a next product big shout out to Sabre for saying the amount
of toys Matthias throws behind him can make Mount Everest three times true if
you want your own shout out make sure you click subscribe click the bell icon
a comment within the first 30 minutes you know something witty something funny
that’s all I’m gonna pick I’m not gonna pick notification squad next product
worth buy gradient color gel how about the future
I guess it is a feature you want a lot of this stuff okay tell Michael don’t
tell me I mean tell tanner yeah he’s the one that handles it all healthy don’t
let it Japanese lunch box thermal for food bento box stainless steel Wow oh
yeah that someone’s eating that much for lunch like calm down dude
yeah I can eat for another week that’s like gonna feed a family of five okay
what do you think of this Luna what do you think of that you think that’s cool
yeah but we’re gonna buy it anyways Add to Cart
alright here we go worth buy is it worth it I don’t know I guess so bye so yeah
these are pretty big yeah there’s bigger than I gotta watch
out if I’m throwing things behind me there’s a child behind me Oh little
handle broken oh there’s two hinges there you go to
eat one you have to take off the next one so you have to go from top to bottom
yes exactly so you have to really thoroughly plan this right because if
you want to eat this either you eat out of this dish and look like a fool are
you take it off and risk what’s underneath getting cold interests
there’s no caps so if you only wanted to bring one you would obviously only do
this for your work day you know that isn’t cool Amanda likes it all right
Amanda what do you rate this delicious or nutritious oh she said nutritious
yikes Amanda said don’t buy it – yeah creative home gadgets corn stripper cob
cutter con style – you what wait why are they eating
that’s gross looking why so much of the same color like throw some variation in
they’re like pink and beige dude ah pudding Add to Cart nice catch I got you
some of this born you’re gonna love it okay so here we go just go ahead and pop
it right in there see what happens maybe I just push it through or something
sometimes it’s gonna give me nightmares you’re supposed to twist it oh it’s like
it isn’t it isn’t like how am I supposed to put it through I think that the issue
is you have to keep them hold how would I help be high I had more to grasp
oh yeah but what happens when you get to that level you give up and give up but
you still have something my word I can’t grab that I’m just
destroying it all oh this is just this is corn Gorger dude we are absolutely
murdering oh I’ll say it’s delicious cuz it works but you need to have it should
have come with something on the other end to help you push it through yeah
that’s all I’m saying this is upsetting the fondler what’s it called the fondue
de leur hot glue gun but for cheese what is that no one was expecting in the end
it’s like an M night Shyamalan movie oh come on can you imagine what this is
like for people that don’t want Christmas to end
wait wait before I really knock this I mean did you want this okay I can keep
knocking it well go home and chill watch my videos to be like you’re so wrong
just like everyone else everyone’s like we hate you but we still want you
instead of Tanner addict cards play with your food what if I don’t want to want
to eat it here’s the cheese er who comes with this little thing so you can clean
out that if you get gunk stuck wait is this supposed to make it with
string cheese I’m sure all right give me some string cheese thanks for that okay
let’s try it I assume you just put that in there like
this so then you throw that in there like this you see that and then you just
turn it on I guess oh look at that it’s working I don’t even think it needs
to be hot it looks like you’re popping a pimple yeah
that’s disgusting give me popping a pimple looks like puffs so something
broke Oh what oh my word I did it wrong we’re not writing my name is geez right
now tan man Chan this is your souvenir from when you first started to take over
my channel Tan man thank you I must say this one is a nutritious love pancake
pen I love babies who are drinking out of that who’s gonna eat a pancake like
that can you imagine how much work it is to eat a three even if you cut it up you
have to cut it up and like it just seems like a root of pain in the butt and
there’s no pancake it’s all Errol that’s what I’m saying
you know what Amanda made she meant she made pancakes that looked like that but
in the middle was a slice of bacon stop dude that’s like cuz then you put the
maple syrup and I love maple syrup a bacon yeah dude that’s game-changing
right there I’m gonna tell her make them all invite you over for breakfast down
that maybe in the evening no because I want to see that early what are you
doing I thought you should be filling my channel without me Add to Cart
wow this is bigger than I thought it’d be way bigger so you can probably fit a
lot in there I’m gonna say that this is a really wide hole so you’re really not
gonna really be doing that much of crazy drawings here you’re just gonna have a
little bit more control most pancakes that you draw with have much more
precision so you can like actually make details in the pancakes so it cooks and
then you keep adding more details and then that cooks so basically the longer
it’s been on the pan the darker it is and that’s how you do like different
styles on a pancake you know as seen in this video right there where we tried a
3d pancake maker well let’s see how this works okay so I got a little stove here
hit me with that bat dog I’m gonna do this over the trash can and it’s coming
out a little bit yeah super thin but I feel like it has to kind of be thin oops
that was Tam oh I don’t know this is gonna work I don’t think this thing’s
heating it up enough and now we wait a few moments later all right well here’s
the deal this thing that we got that’s pretty hot it’s just not hot enough to
heat this thing up but does it really matter we’ve already seen how this thing
works so click like if you feel like this was unresolved The Legend of Zelda gold NES cartridge
canteen see it’s a canteen it’s not a flash real difference yeah
canteen holds fluids that don’t have alcohol in them but what do I put
alcohol in a canteen arrested replica of the original gold legend of zelda
cartridge with a Nintendo sleeve now tell me I know you know something about
this this is a like a limited edition cartridge because it’s gold right I
believe so yeah what was it limited edition or wasn’t it
I just remember it was just like maybe a gold one everybody always freaks out
when things get turned gold let’s be real I mean if you are gold I’d like you
a heck of a lot more say with you you know what you already are gold yeah haha
this is not a game can you imagine someone’s like sweet Legend of Zelda
1475 all by this alright man had to cart Wow did wowser listen to sell the
canteen straw and funnel included this is my day dude look at that man that
looks cool I’m not gonna lie but where’s my straw okay so here is the case for it
I guess maybe that comes with it Oh funnel there you go see what like you
have to have the straw with it or does the straw know so you have to either
keep the straw I mean it’s not a flat yeah you have to literally put the
alright so here we go check this out I got you some of that good good that OG
blue raspberry Smirnoff is this from that other episode that just they tasted
horrible yeah exactly oh there you go works
pretty well getting in there pretty pretty easily
yeah I just thought of an idea would you like to invest in the cam Tanner Cantina
can tanner no I want to invest in the tan mansion there’s all is there a
cantina in that time sure yeah whatever you want
it gives me the whole world oh I was looking into your eyes I was gazing to
your eyes and I was excited about our future this is not a hydration this is a
flask for sure oh I did not work you have to use a straw you have to and I’ll
tell you why because there’s no like there’s no other point for the air to go
to get into the flask so that’ll come out right so you have to do it with a
straw because it’s not like perfectly sealed you know hold on you couldn’t see the logo that’s
actually somebody who would use It’s Made well alright I rate this one and a
taste a delicious Pokemon pokeball pizza cutter oh are those like a little
Pokemon on that wait a second does it embed the Pokemon in the pizza oh how
would that work you’re cutting the pizza if you want
pokemons on your pizza you have to catch them all and then slice it back you know
you just cut it like that but it looks like a pokeball that’s pretty cool and
you can even take it out and wash it shout out to the pokemons
/ think of it Add to Cart okay didn’t catch them no biggie gotta catch em oh
it slices pizza just one pizza and be cool if it sliced pizza and it caught
pokemons next time you’re tempted by a fresh-baked dough topped with tangy
tomato sauce and bubbling cheese reach for this pokeball pizza cutter be sure
to keep up with your training you might have to battle for a slice I hope what
are you gonna cut someone’s throat seriously you can’t cast a Pokemon out
of that okay it seems to be made well I wish there’s like a button in this thing
shot off you know oh yeah like spring okay so just plastic give me like an
overcooked pizza Tanner so that I can make this happen oh man you really
delivered this time good job thank you exactly what I asked for
oh wow I’ve seen straighter lines what do you mean you’ve seen straighter lines
tell me that’s a straight line well this isn’t really what you cut a pizza on
because it’s like old you know flat yeah but boy what it’s like a perfect it’s
working it worked really really well all right it works a plus delicious this
right here is the first cooking episode we did just as funny if not maybe
crazier and more delusional this video right here was again a little bit about
food but that was a hangry kit that’s so you don’t get hangry it’s like an
emergency kit so check that one out if you’re new here make sure you click that
big old subscribe button down here and we’ll see you again all right high five you

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  2. You can use a fork for your oreos. I have been using a fork all my life and there hasn't been a problem. Why buy those products when you can find something that you have at home.

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