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  1. I don't get why he doesn't like cutting boards without the gutter on the outside. Couldn't understand the reasoning.

  2. I like a knife with a comfortable handle much higher than the blade because my fingers wont strike the board every time I cut.

  3. a trick taught to me by one of the chefs in the kitchen i work in. using that exact shape cheap metal veggie peeler, you can use the handle part to de-seed cucumbers and other such items. the curved shape is just perfect for it. just be careful of your hand near the blade but i never had an issue with it

  4. Me and my family have had one peeler for over 10 years. We have never sharpened it. It is still sharp as fuck. I fucking love that peeler. The blade is in line with the handle so you can peel potatoes really fast like you’re making it rain 💸💸💸 and the peels fly away from you as you peel because you peel away from you, so all you have to do is point the potato at the trash and peel away. Buy a peeler like that. You can never go back.

  5. why is it that i never see straight solid edge peelers in eny videos ever? are they only popular in finland lol

  6. With cutting boards: buy the largest you can reasonably fit in your sink to clean.

    I'd love to see some more knife comparisons with Japanese knives. Maybe German vs. American vs. Japanese knives? Wustof Ikon vs. Bob Kramer vs. Kikuichi?

  7. I'm 34 and I have a box grater that is older than I am. It's still going strong and you would have to pry it from my cold dead hands for me to give it up. I've used a microplane and lost fingertip/knuckle skin every time.

  8. I always prefer the straight peeler. For some reason the vertical one you always seem to prefer seems much less precise. I like to hold the potato in place with the thumb of the hand i hold the peeler and just peel the whole length of the potato at once. That vertical one is much less precise and much more of a hassle. And you have a much better control so there is no way you could cut yourself with the straight peeler.

  9. We've had a box grater at home for probably over 20 years, I don't know what you guys are talking about when you say the other one lasts longer. We've got one of those and we hardly ever use it, it's easier when you're grating a lot of cheese for a pasta or something to not have to pick up the grater, and then of course you can use the long side for garnishing risottos and whatnot.

    With the veggie peeler, I'm surprised you didn't put the cheapo potato peelers you can pick up five in a pack for $3 off the shelves at Woolies or Aldi or whatever. They might be absolute cancer to use, but if you use them enough you'll get the job done way faster than you could with one that's a y-shape. Though if you're only using it for mash potatoes, I would think about investing in a potato ricer. You cut potatoes in half, boil 'em, then squish 'em. Job done, even takes the skins away for you.

    If you're going for a tea towel, I think that checkered one looks like it's not going to be able to dry your dishes. On the other hand, it doesn't look like you'll get any loose fibers drying onto them when it's a bit older. But 27 pounds is something like $50 AUD, so fuck that shit. They have those silk ones at some restaurants, but I don't know what goes into washing them, and it may not be worth the effort.

    With the chopping boards, it's important to have a nice sturdy wooden one… but you can buy plastic mats that do the job just as well, they're cleaner when preparing meat, and they're easier to wash. We pretty much only use our wooden chopping boards for when something's just come out of the oven and it's hot, and also for serving pizza on. The plastic ones do get a lot of scratches on them, but they'll still last a while, they're easier to store, and you can get some that look quite nice.

  10. I'm using my Westmark Steel Swivel Peeler for more than 10 years now . If you don't put it in the dishwasher … it lasts decades.
    I would buy the 8 inch knife … sharp like hell, nice size and nice price.

  11. So for the chopping boards, i think the main take away is to have a few for different reasons. Im also the kind of person who chops or cuts or dices etc then picks up the board and throws my assorted chopped bits into the pan. But i would buy the super large one to use when making a terkey or chicken and for slicing it up as well. Have a few it pretty much the take away.

  12. Go to an asian market, buy one of the one-piece circular hardwood cutting boards. They're cheap and durable and lovely to work on and last forever.

  13. Spend a bit on a knife and cooking seems less like a chore and more like fun. Unless you cut yourself, but even then, sharper, better knives leave finer scars.

  14. I have the same peeler for 20 years…it still cut, it never broke it is a fucking piece of metal on a plastic support and is fucking invincible.

  15. i actually did cut a piece of my finger off at work with a pretty mid-priced Victorinox knife. i didnt even actually realize how bad i cut myself until i was trying to bandage it up. BUT with such a nice sharp knife, my finger is almost all the way healed after like 2 and a half weeks. a duller blade wouldve made a worse cut.

  16. I own a colourful knife set much like the one in the video only cheaper! Got it when I was moving out for uni and whilst they're all still sharp and work just fine the colour does start to flake off during washing after a few years. Makes them look tatty and you worry about it getting into food, wouldn't be a problem with plain ones.

  17. I have those coloured knives. They've lasted about 4 years so far. I bought them in a crunch after getting a new job and having to move 4 hours away – hubby was still living in our old house for 6 months afterwards. Wasn't worth splashing out on nice knives when we already had a set. They are fine for people in a crunch or young people in a new apartment/flat IMO.

  18. I ended up getting that exact same multicolored knife set as a going away to college present… and I can attest to the fact that they are complete crap

  19. I have had my Mercer and used it every day in a professional kitchen for ten years and it's my favorite knife.

  20. Can't stand wooden chopping boards. We have about 8 silicon boards. Chop different things with no cross contamination with chicken etc and easy fit into the dishwasher.

  21. Does anyone else prefer peelers that are straight like a knife? That's what I've used my whole life and they are really fast. I've never been able to use the styles in this video nearly as well.

  22. I’m sad that a plastic flexible cutting board wasn’t part of the testing. Such a handy part of my kitchen.

  23. I use wusthof knives in my kitchen and they are extremely high quality, very durable, definitely a high price but one very worth paying because it will last you a lifetime

  24. My mother has a peeler – simple, but it works better than anything today – that she’s had from before I was born. Always invest in quality peelers and can openers and they’ll last forever.

  25. I still love that Jamie says he loves the colours, even though he and I both know that he probably can't see a fair few of them….

  26. It's a bit of a cliche to use balance as the determinate of quality no? The most expensive chef's knives are completely blade heavy, as the through tang of Japanese knives are so light…

  27. I love the show! I love my knives! A big 8" chef's knife, a 12" filleting knife, a 6" boning knife, a paring knife, a serated knife, a cleaver. All mid price range. But I'm a normal (not really) training to be a Chef!

  28. Why the hell do people use/like those Y peelers? The stick peelers that have the blade in-line with the handle are way better and more comfortable

  29. Yes, I have used the slicing side on the box grater. I like my box grater, idc. I have a special personalized bamboo chopping board. However, I do like my Ikea plastic chopping mat really well.

  30. James was in quite the mood in this video

    And really? He thinks cheap peelers are equal to expensive ones?

    All peelers are definitely not created equal

  31. I have a set of hard plastic cutting boards because I like the taste of plastic in my food. The liking plastic in my food is a lie. I got the plastic boards as a Christmas gift and I am too cheap to spend money on better although I would like the middle-priced wooden board. I am too old to need another board at my age and I have a hard enough time moving the plastic one let alone a heaver wooden one.

  32. Personally I'd get the Wustoff. Currently own a Shun and it's bloody beautiful both figuratively and literally. Would've loved to get a Miyabi birch series though. As for the chopping board I'd probably go with the middle board.

  33. for the peeler, I prefer the ones where the blade is lengthwise and not across. those which are an extension of the handle. They work much better but are only right handed use. If you get one with a screw on blade, you can sharpen the blade on a whetstone. €1 for the peeler and €50 for the whetstone 🙂 https://www.amazon.de/dp/B017YTH8CC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_.DMADbBFJ6TGJ

  34. I dont understand the design of these chef knives… I would never chose a knife where the heel of the blade flairs out like that, I want my edge to carry all the way to the heel. I mean sharpening that knife would be a pain in the ass

  35. We do own 3 high end knives and they are far better than anything else we’ve tried. They keep their edge longer and take an edge easier…and we the first one we bought we’ve used continuously for 15 years. Just can’t compare.

  36. get the cheap ikea peelers that are not y shaped, y shaped peelers are bad ergonomics and break on the joints holding the blade, peelers should be gripped similar to paring knives that is why y shaped peelers will hurt your hands if you need to peel a lot of vegetables

  37. Peelers shit me no end.. probably every one else but thay make misery mandolins. I too rather boil in the jackets and strip when cool.. Mash or chips

  38. Honestly, I have that exact same pack of colored knives. My dad brought them home from Costco and I looked at him like he'd brought home a rabid donkey. But the knives have, for the last year, worked absolutely flawlessly. Yes, the handles are lightweight, but the grips are comfortable and they are sharp enough that I have feared for the safety of my fingers. The coloring comes off over time, especially if you regularly sharpen your blade (which you should) but all in all it is a great starter kit cause you get so many knives (chefs, butchers, paring, bread, that little serated one I use on tomatoes but don't know the name of)

    Cutting boards, yeah having one big heavy wood board is nice, but you have to be careful about cross contamination, if the wood gets perforated and stays wet you'll have mold. It's nice for chopping loads of veggies, I have one sort of like the medium sized, but for every day use I have a plastic one with a grooved edge I use for poultry or meet and a couple of cheapo plastic ones that are easy to wipe down and don't require any fuss.

    Kitchen: Sorted.

  39. Jamie, about the Wusthof: you could cut your whole finger off it's that smooth

    Me, looking at my permanently disfigured middle finger: you sure can! and I did!

  40. i have a hakan olsson peeler from ikea, is the best peeler i have ever had, i had it for 5 years, it still peels great and very ergonomic

  41. Barry peels potatoes weird.
    Maybe that's why his peelers break.

    And if you think you can use a knife..no!
    My mother in law peeled potatoes for something I was making…I asked her not to..she did anyway..and used a knife…we have a peeler(I told her). So much gets taken off with knifes. I was annoyed when I saw how much there was. I knew the amount she had peeled. It didn't look right…I had to add a potato. She has an attitude about cooking because "she has cooked forever and knows how.." and has always used a knife…

  42. One other thing to consider with knives is the quality of the steel. Before I learned just how different they could be, I made the big mistake of getting a knife that was smooth as butter at the start, but couldn't properly hold an edge after a couple months. Did some research, never made that mistake again

  43. How do they have the budget to have such an awesome set and make videos and pay everyone with less than 3M subs?! I know they’ve been on YT for like… what 8 years or so? They should definitely be bigger!! It’s such a great channel and crew! I’ve been binge watching for days now lol.

  44. The Microplane will absolutely not last longer, my box grater was handed down to me by my mom, and it was handed down to her by her mom. It is at least 60 years old, and still works perfectly fine… That said I both own and prefer microplanes, they're so much more practical.

  45. Since this video came out I purchased a 400 dollar chefs knife and compared it to my 130 dollar messermeister. The 400 dollar custom forged one is a dream but the messermeister feels heavier and sturdier. Your milage may vary.

    For anyone who cares the custom knife was made by Nafzger forge.

  46. Why are drum graters not more popular? Easy to clean, less waste and no knackered fingers! Win win! My mum had one since I was a kid and it was one of the first things I bought in My own kitchen.

  47. How can they properly test these while seated? You might have different results with the knives if standing and cutting – which is what you’d do in a cook-off.

  48. We got gifted some kitchen aid peelers and they are honestly the best. They’re different shaped from the video and they feel so much safer for someone like me and it still feels sharp even after 3 years

  49. I've got the cheap board and experience knives. Was thin slicing the end of a potato once and accidentally sliced half the thickness of my fingerprint off…. Sharp knife!

  50. I've got the cheap board and experience knives. Was thin slicing the end of a potato once and accidentally sliced half the thickness of my fingerprint off…. Sharp knife!

  51. those mercer knives are good when new, but once used for a bit (in a restaurant ) it only felt good for about two days. ive had a wusthof for a couple years and its still a really great knife. but i didnt pay 90 bucks for it. i paid about 30 for 8 inch.

  52. My favorite grater is https://img.tradera.net/images/870/322924870_20fdfa94-7a81-403d-96e6-5e5941fc3f61.jpg (doesn't do small like lemon peel – there i use the square model you showed)

    My favorite peeler is https://www.medvetna.se/images/zoom/potatisskalare-jonas-of-sweden.jpg

  53. Do you also have those sidecutting pealers in the uk or only these razor looking kind? I find the side cutting version a lot more comfortable to handle

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