– Today, keep your
knuckle hair this season! In the oven! (electrical sparks) – Hi I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy Matt Granite, beside me, Kevin the King of Barbecue, and first of all thank you for being back. – Absolutely. – I test a lot of products,
no companies ever pay me to talk about them, and
I’ve heard so many requests from our viewers and
subscribers asking for the ultimate pair of
barbecue gloves, oven gloves, things that you can actually work to save your knuckle hair. Now, this deal which is
located right under this video screen which is not a paid product, is an insane grab, and if
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and share on your screen. I’ll hook you up with new freebies, and turn on your
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and these 12.99 cent top rated 2016 iMagitek
barbecue and boiling gloves are FDA approved, BPA free, heat resistant up to 425 degrees
Fahrenheit, good for indoor and outdoor use, and
while they’re not worth their MSRP, they are
way better than all of the knock offs and all
the other ones that look just like this. Kevin you got a chance to
test all sorts of gloves, these ones hands down,
the best we’ve tested, these sustain the highest level of heat, something that you cannot
enjoy with conventional oven mitts, they’re good
for oven, they’re good for barbecue. – First of all, the best
part about these gloves is that they are completely
washable, which is obviously huge for sanitary purposes
and stuff like that, but even better than that
is their functionality. They fit easy, these have been cooking for about 14 hours now,
so they’re insanely hot. – These look amazing! – Absolutely, get them
right off the grill. – Honestly I hope holding my first born feels as good as this. – And then they just
take them right down– – Oh my goodness! – They don’t call it hand
pulled for a reason, okay? Right here, look at this, okay. Shred it right down,
these are probably rocking about 300 degrees right now
and I’m not even feeling it. – Nothing, so through
the gloves right now, he is handling the hottest meat in town, how do they feel in terms of the mobility? – Fantastic, no problem. – So you could again, do
something a little more complex than just pulling
something out of the oven, putting something onto the grill, you can really work with your hands, and the interesting thing is, I have smaller hands than he does, draw your own conclusions, and I had no issue
maneuvering these gloves. You again, larger hands, no problem. Would you grab them? – Absolutely. – If you wanna grab them,
I’m pretty sure that at this price, these will disappear. There are a lot of other
gloves at the same price and a lot of knock offs. Stuff from overseas,
stuff that I would not put anywhere near an expensive piece of meat, let alone trust your hands with. Again, your hands are your life
for a lot of people, right? So could I have two? – Absolutely. – I can’t even handle
what you just touched, I tried, I’m gonna go like this. Amazing, even more amazing than the deal is what you did to this piece of meat. – Right on. – Will you come back another time to share some grilling secrets– – For sure, absolutely. – Again, this deal which will
sell out, limited time grab, located right under this video screen. Thank you so much for being here, thank you for making me lunch, dinner, and a much happier person. – Cheers. – [Matt] For free stuff,
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tab, and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go, you are awesome, thank you so much for watching.


  1. I just love the way he pulled that HOT meat out and just tore it apart with no problem at all. Now that's a "HOT" deal.

  2. I just tried the link and this HOT deal is crashing Amazon!!! And why wouldn't it?!? Great for Father's Day, Summertime, BBQ'ing, bizarre puppet shows, everything. Another great testimonial from an industry professional. Great deal, great price, get cookin' people! Thanks Matt.

  3. This deal is great 60$ for oven mitts is too much money 13$ is much better than 60$ and they are dish washer safe this deal is great thanks Matt

  4. Matt, I tried to order two pairs – one for myself and another for my brother, but I could not use the link posted. Hopefully it did not run out at this price!

  5. I love how you said you checked out these gloves "hands down" . you've done my job for the day ๐Ÿ˜‰ that meat looked amazing and I haven't eaten lunch yet so now I even hungrier. never really thought if using gloves like that before but I'll have to buy a pair and try them out. great video Matt!

  6. Matt, these are awesome. Just ordered a pair…now I need to get that new grill/smoker that I have had my eye on. Maybe you have some deals on those?

  7. How do these compare to "HOT HANDS" Gloves? Any idea? … I know they are definitely cheaper, but not sure about the performance & Heat Aspects? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I have so many supposedly good gloves but even with proper care, taking something out of the oven is hot! My son is 13 and starting to learn how to cook, so this will be great to have so I know he will not get burned! I got a pair!

  9. WARNING! WARNING! Matt Granite, The Deal Guy can can be hazardous to the Internet! How many links have you crashed?!

  10. so what are you supposed to have your first baby
    also Facebook reminded me that 2 years ago you were up for an Emmy today and you chose not to go to the ceremony was it worth it

    GREAT DEAL at an EXCEPTIONAL PRICE for this time of year!
    Many thanks to Kevin for demoing not only the gloves but also his AWESOME cooking prowess! (Man I'm tellin' ya, my mouth was seriously watering when he started pulling that tender and juicy meat apart…WOW!) About the best I can do when it comes to barbecuing is throw a butchered slab of bologna on an old water heater…pitiful!
    Well, I;m glad to see that there are at least some culinary perks that come with your job.

  12. Man oh man, it has been a long day!!!! So long that I am just now able to get to your video!!! I hope you had an AWESOME day!!!!!!

  13. These gloves look like a great product at an incredibly low price. Thanks Matt for an awesome, informative & entertaining presentation. Would love to see a follow up with more grilling info!

  14. I am keeping one of these in the kitchen and one in my car for those days that I can not hold on to the steering wheel in the summer! Thanks for finding this great deal.

  15. Very nice deal. Thanks Matt. FYI I am home from my having my surgery and being in rehab. I am home wearing my brace for the next three months. What fun. How is your mom doing?

  16. Mmmmm the looks soon good!!!! Does the meat come with the gloves? Lol. I have been looking for a good pair of oven gloves Thanks Matt!!!!

  17. Saw you on Seattle King 5's app. now under tech. Category etc. So awesome! Can get my deal fix by demand on t.v. now. Happy frugal fan lol.

  18. Another great deal at a great price. Way to go Matt. Glad to read your mother has recovered. I missed not being ableย to get your deals as I was in hospital and rehab.

  19. Sorry, not a very good product. The heat from a cast iron pan handle sitting in a 400 degree oven went trough these gloves and continued to burn my hand when I set the pan down. Would not recommend.

  20. That barbecue looks amazing it fell right off the bone and the steam came off. And talk about a great decent pair of gloves.

  21. I know this isn't a review forum so ok if you delete. just wanted you to know I ordered these and they are absolutely wonderful! you can grab the food right off the grill

  22. Amazing! No more burn scars from loading wood into the wood stove in the winter or taking cookies out of the oven.ย  Love this deal!

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