100 thoughts on “$144 Steak Lunch in Tokyo – Teppanyaki in Japan”

  1. The guy went to the most expensive place 😂😂😂 I was in Japan last summer and had this for $60 Basically. The chef here is good but all of them are . The quality of food is all the same unless we are talking about same day catches

  2. 144$ is not really that much if you think of it. You can pay 40€ for a lunch in some good european restaurant and you don't get even half of such a service and quality of food. This is three times as much but you get the chef serving you the whole time and very rare and unique piece of meat. I wouldn't pay that much however.

  3. Restaurants be like: Restaurant noises

    side note: I'm kinda high but does anyone else think Restaurant is spelled weird

  4. Weird. Idk the standard in japan but the beef looks just full of fat and also the cook shouldnt have covered the meat but cook the surface as soon as he could. Id say 4/10

  5. People in here comparing buffet or chain restaurant meals to this. Lmao. That's like comparing your hand to the real thing.

  6. Why do the Japanese like their steak so fatty? Seriously, there’s got to be a legitimate reason for it. Anyone know?

  7. Sadly for all of us watching for the wagyu steak they didn't reveal the "Hero Shot' of the wagyu! ( "ie what it looked like inside after being quickly grilled")

  8. ¿Y se disfruta tanto como cuesta? Yo siempre he preferido un corte rib eye o sirloin, pero de ganado occidental. ¿Es tan buena la carne wagyu?

  9. Why do Japanese eat so little? A single fucking mushroom? A single fucking oyster?? Half palm of fish? This video triggers me a much. For 144$, I can eat a top notch steak in the US and I’ll get full!

  10. That fucking shit is raw and is more than 50% fat!!! My hungry is gone, thanks you guys! these are good videos when i´m on a diet.

  11. I made a corned beef and onion tostie after watchin this i swear i was like the chef over the top of it with salt and pepper lol

  12. The unnecessary fanciness is boring. I hope the taste is worth the money cuz that presentation with that amount is bullshit.

  13. I tried eating rice with chopsticks. It's impossible. I'd be a dumb western, eating it with the same spoon I ate that one oyster with while hoping the chef and waitress don't judge me.

  14. What a rip off. $147 for a fancy presentation & some over hyped Japanese Wagyu Beef. Great way to waste money and be hungry 30 mins later.

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