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  1. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT summary. Thank you very much. I have been trying to summarize a list like this peace meal for a while. I Also like the way you prioritize the causes of CV INFLAMATION, INSULIN RESISTANCE and TYPE 2 DIABETES. I feel like I just had an in-depth dedicated question and answer appointment with you in your office. Thank you again….just EXCELLENT.

  2. I have the highest level of trust because you cover many angles. That's why I watch every video. Do I always agree, no but I do question my position regularly. I no longer want to be told take this pill!
    I still dont want to go back on my statin but in 6 months I might. I need to see how far I can correct it myself. It's getting better but like my endo says "You are going to be a trainwreck"
    Going in to a Rant! You make me look cool headed. 🙂 lol

  3. Going over the details of your conclusions is very helpful. There's so much dietary "information" being put up on YouTube that's seem to have a certain amount of contradiction.
    Your conclusion that carbohydrates are the major cause of CV disease seems to be in fairly strong opposition to what some very famous dietary docs like macdougal, ornish and esselyton are saying. Maybe I'm missing something? But, that's been what I've noticed.

  4. I think the biggest problem is that we are often treating symptoms not underlying causes. We should treat both at the same time. The later issue is the more difficult one.

  5. Shades of gray and not that simple makes sense to me. I'm really tired of the salespeople of certainty or absolutism when there's so much more to query and understand. Thanks for your channel.

  6. "CV inflammation is a FAR bigger cause of heart attack", ie. the cause of building-up (soft) plaque in the arteries. Question: Dr Brewer why did all your inflammation markers show "green", ie showing no serious inflammation. And yet your CIMT showed serious plaque build up in your arteries. I am confused, as you may understand.

  7. I starved myself for 7 months, eating only supplements with 3 meals a month. Lost 70 pds so my back surgery could be done. Dr. Wouldn't operate unless the weight loss was achieved. I agree with a lot of the info you graciously give to us. But being bed ridden supplements & fasting does work. Hellish as it is, it worked.

  8. Asking for a friend… Should I eat a snack between each (3) items you listed ?

    When a business lobby organization, the USDA, controls Dietary Recommendations you get to wonder if perhaps the US Department of Transportation, the FAA, or The Securities & Exchange Administration would have the same defined recommendations.

    Gandalf was known as Gandalf The Grey… It is not bad to be Grey.

  9. Eat healthy and exercise….
    I would also have to say that the stress in our lives play a bigger role than you think.
    There is a connection between the gut and the brain via the vegus nerve.
    Your microbiome is the center of health.

  10. Dr. Brewer is correct about oral health.
    I've seen it in the ICU where a patient had a bacteria infection in the heart from dental issues.

  11. No hate comments from me as your information has been spot on with my diet and health situation. You and I are about the same weight and height and I was heading towards insulin resistance. Carbs were the problem. Thanks to you and John I have more knowledge than my doctor about inflammation markers. Please keep up the great work.

  12. Thank Ancel Keys for all the misery regarding the food pyramid….and fat.
    Healthy fat is good, but back in the late 40' s and early 50's, keys told everyone that fat caused heart attacks. They knew healthy fats were good, but they didn't want to confuse people with which ones. So, they decided to just say don't eat fat….insanity.
    Keys and his 7 nations study is an example of how people in science will do and say anything to be noticed…even when it's wrong.

  13. How you held onto to your common sense humanity is amazing in spite of all your education and status quo herd mentality pressures, manipulations, misdirections, intimidations, and seductions of the corrupt medical establishment with your success in medicine. Thank you, and God Bless you, doctor, for your love of common sense and all the honest efforts of science to improve the human condition. You and your channel/web site are national treasures, IMHO. I think you are wrong about statins though (smile). One wrong out of 15 still gives you an "A". LOL

  14. I've switched to a low carb/keto diet and have been incorporating intermittent fasting over the past 6 weeks. I have lost 12lbs, and have about 60 more to lose. I eat lots of green vegetables and a few berries here and there. Is it ok to include small amounts of beans in one's diet? If not now, maybe down the road? I've always heard they are healthy and they contribute a lot of fiber. What do you think? How much how often?

  15. Thanks Doc for continuing to emphasize the dangers of IR/T2D. Although I clearly knew what this was and thought it was somewhat important, I now know just how dangerous this really is. You're so right in that many of us – patients, doctors and others – are just not taking this seriously enough. Thanks also for all the other topics you've covered. And I really appreciate that you try to remain unbiased in your opinions.

  16. It took me 5 minutes to find the particular video that you are using in the episode … the only clue was the thumbnail. Why? So I can print off your 15 points in the comments there to discuss with my doctor.

  17. Great video, not because of the information as much as the organization. Your videos should all be this direct and organized. I suggest you write out your bullets before shooting your video and stick to the points.

    I'm 75, lost 35-40# over a couple of years due to Buproprion, got a T2D dx at 70, started swimming again after literally 50 years out of the water and now swim 6-10 miles/week. Take Berberine, atorvastatin, fish oil, baby aspirin and lithium. Still sit in front of this computer far too long every day though. Getting ready to do your recommended inflammation tests and a CIMT.

    One suggestion for a video is to investigate the apoe4 polymorphism and correlate it with CVD and IR.

  18. Your channel is most informative.

    It reminds me of a DC area talk show back in the 80s. Dr. Gabe Mirkin operated a sports medicine practice in MD and would provide callers with studies to help address their issues. The caller and their Dr. were tasked with utilizing the info to address their symptoms. I clearly recall him mentioning that inflammation could be blamed for most conditions.

    He has retired but still maintains a web site. http://www.drmirkin.com/nutrition.

    Your efforts are appreciated by all.

  19. So have Statins actually themselves been shown to reduce inflammation? I know they reduce LDL. but the bottom line seems to be inflammation..From what I see online, by reducing LDL Statins are said to reduce inflammation. And that assumes LDL is a culprit . As I'm sure you''re aware, other schools of thought contend agents like Lipoprotein(a) cause the injury, and LDL is merely a transport mechanism to the site, and by being there deemed "guilty by association". Some even say lack of key nutrients allows these breaches to take place at all. The rest of your post is excellent.

  20. Hello Dr. Brewer, I have an interest in ancient healing systems and fortunately there are treatment protocols for type 2 diabetes some that are very ancient. For example there are many versions of diabetes in Ayurveda caused by different imbalances Including the suggestion that there could be an autoimmune component with the pancreas. Also I looked at world populations and unless I am looking at the wrong data, Pacific Islanders have the highest rate of I believe type 2 in the world where type one is almost non existent. These are all factors that need to be understood better?

  21. If we have any interest in human health at all we will make CIMT and liver scans routine starting with teenagers. My mom recently sent me a photo of myself taken just after I graduated from college (21 or 22 years old). I was shocked to see how obvious my insulin resistance was even back then. I would lay odds at 85% that I had NAFLD just based on that photo. We are massively under utilizing ultrasound technology. We are massively under diagnosing insulin resistance. If I had known then what I know now (Dr. Kraft 1970's – not new stuff here) how my life would have been different……

  22. Another great video. I think you're spot on. There is always going to be gray areas. Keep up the good work. Don't dumb it down for the few that want a black or white answer.

  23. Bravo!! Thank You Doctor Brewer for nailing down what your science backed up conclusions are!
    This is exactly what I needed… I have been reaching the same conclusions but there is so much out there in youtube land that it can get confusing…. I know you approach all studies with a questioning attitude so when you reach a conclusion there's substance to it.
    I also appreciate you mentioning your sources and folks you think are doing stellar work like Dr Fung, Dr Longo and Dr Rhonda Patrick which you do in other videos on your channel as well.

  24. Thank you, this video has underlined and refreshed many things you have advised and has caused me to correct my sometimes slipshod observance of diet and exercise.

  25. Thanks Dr. Brewer. Another great video. I was wondering if you could devote a video to Transient Ischemia Attack? I'm especially interested in your observations on TIA in otherwise healthy 50 plus adults with good blood work, no family history of CV disease, and healthy diet, exercise, supplement lifestyle.

    PS. Are statins ever a "preventative" option for older adults?

  26. I have more trouble with grains even a little bit of starches. Thanks for pointing this out. Age fcks us all up because when I was younger grains didn’t take the same toll. Thanks Doc for all your good work.

  27. Hello again Dr. Brewer,
    Excellant video and again backed up with the research to hopefully start folks on a healthy lifestyle.
    One point you made about fasting made me smile. It seems we've added so much wheat gluten into our food to make us hungry all the time.
    I'm guilty of exceeding the feed limit and feel like Pavlovs dog as I look at the clock and say I'm hungry.
    My best friend is a DVM and he's seen a trend developing where horses are becoming diabetic. Dogs and cats are struggling with dietary issues leading to diabetes and urinary infections. He feels it's the wheat gluten which we can't make enough of , so we import it from China whose quality controls are questionable.
    After my wake up call in 2002, I'm militant about my and my children, reading the labels of our food. They came shopping with me and I had them read what they wanted to buy.
    NO HIGH FRUCTOSE, no vegetable broth ,( in canned tuna), no eating anything they couldn't pronounce. I tried to tell them about BPAs in canned goods and we bought fresh organic veggies ,and very sparingly, red meat.
    I wanted to live long enough to see them grow up and as a result, they're in their twentys now and I'm 71 and going strong. They hold me accountable now.
    Thank you for the lives you touch with the talents you've been given and the passion that drives you.
    Charles H. Bryan

  28. I think I need to watch this video every week. Great summation. I had a huge carb binge this week (let's call it denial) and want to get back on track now. I want to watch this every week. (carb) Addictions are like that you need to fight the denial. Thank you.

  29. Exceptional video that cuts right to the main points about health. I came to understand some time ago how little I knew about biology/genetics/health, and I started to learn and change the way I think. It can be difficult to be able to adequately evaluate new information without some minimal framework. I try to learn something new on health every day. Until three years ago I would have never thought about fasting. I am waiting for the results of a Kraft insulin survey test, and I will use that to gauge my level of IR. Ultimately individuals are responsible for their health rather than solely relying on their doctors, and that is probably the most powerful message from your channel. Thank you.

  30. Great list and your videos are very informative and sensible. I'm seeing my Cardiologist next week and will see what he thinks of your list. I've lost 40 # since our last visit on Keto and IF. Where can I find that list?

  31. The reason I subscribe to your channel and watch your videos is because you state the science and not just your opinions as a doctor. While I can learn from watching channels like Eric Berg and Chris Masterjohn, I often have to verify or "fact check" what they are saying–watching them feels like they are just on Youtube for the money. That is why I like watching channels like yours, What I've Learned, and FoundMyFitness (Rhonda Patrick); I want to learn, and I think that your videos give a great look at the science and what it means. You keep talking about how people want less detail, but as soon as your channel starts the (Chris Masterjohn's motto) "details schmetails just tell me what works," approach is when I will stop watching.

  32. Im greatfull for your time effort an imforation you put out ..ino uv added years to my life now because iv learnt to change my lifestle because of you…thanks dr..topman

  33. I think you always hit the nail on the head. As humans, we like to think we understand everything that touches our life. But that idea is for our own comfort. When I went to college to study chemistry, after year 1 I thought I knew everything. By the time I graduated, I thought I knew nothing. The reason is as we progress in knowledge, it becomes more apparent what we don't know.
    BTW: There was a doctor a Duke University, Dr. Walter Kempner, who could cure diabetics with a very strict, severe diet. Interesting study.

  34. Nice summary of important to know news. Keto for 18 months, initially for weight loss but now just to maintain. Lots of green leafy's now too.

  35. I always enjoy your videos and am enlightened by them. Most of my career has been involved in the intersection of science and regulation. What people do not understand about science is that at any given time and subject is is refutable based on new understanding [research]. Science is not Religion nor does it have 'god like' qualities. It is reproducible experimental observation based on available knowledge. It is at any given time and in all areas, incomplete. Cellular and molecular biology is subject to confounding variables and incomplete knowledge. Finding the bulk of study and good cross reference is the closest you can get. So many times, I have found leading studies in PubMed and they just STOP with a few studies. I have a friend, who was going for his Ph.D. in Soil Fertility [agronomy] and three years into his research, a string of new research proved his thesis incorrect. He never completed his Ph.D. and this was a blow that he never overcame.

  36. Super stuff. Humans like certainty. In investment terms, people want certainly. They want to know about the return on their money. If you want certainty, put money in the bank..and get 0.25%…..which gets killed by inflation.

    Conclusion : you don’t get paid for certainly

    The rest is all risk. Our job is understand risk….whether that is health or wealth.

    God deals the cards….

    You play.

  37. Can someone direct me to the original URL for the 15 Absolutes, that we see above at 1:25: thanks. Need the list to take to a practitioner who does integreative approach, here in Moab, UT, https://www.prestigewellnessinstitute.com/ is an MD, therefore able to write RX for the hospital lab to do the tests I need for arterial health, plus the Insulin Resistance test—- have neuropathy both feet 15 seasons, now last yr. have 1.5'' numb spots at front, center of foot….. Not fun for weekend organist at two churches….. Adventist, Saturday and Community Ch. Sunday. ;-( Several med folk have known re. neuropathy, but not addressed…… NOW I know the potential issue…. Diabetic Neuropathy.

  38. Medical science is complex. This Doctor isn’t selling anything, but he’s basing his findings on solid research and providing it to the public. This is an extremely valuable series of videos because of its depth and real research.
    Without our health we have very little, so why not educate ourselves and try to do something about it.
    This information is priceless.
    Thank you Doctor.

  39. Thank you so much. Fabulous summary. I really appreciate your comments on the use of medications and life style…a balanced approach and we cannot escape our role in making the research based lifestyle changes. Your videos are the go to for me when I want solid research based information. Thank you!

  40. great video – maybe a way to bring this more to the publics attention is to have your congressman suggest hearings on this issue- that the docs are dwelling on the wrong health issues with 30 year old info

  41. Hello sir,

    I commented on a live feed of yours saying my total cholesterol numbers were (total cholesterol 304) I went on a statin as well as stopping smoking as well as changing diet my statin is rosuvastatin 40 mg, in 3 – 4 months my cholesterol dropped too (187 total, 121 ldl, 46 hdl, 101 triglycerides.) You mentioned something about k2 and or blood glucose has a major play in heart attack!? Where can I research to lower my chances even more?? My mother’s side of family has history of high cholesterol and early heart disease heart attack that being my mother’s father my grand father, and my mother’s brother!

  42. My favorite video Medical advice……because Dr. Brewer is honest, skeptical and practical. He is selling NOTHING. I AM reversing plaque….following my 1140 calcium score and bypass surgery. That is all about Diet and maybe Niacin to some extent. IF you listen carefully, he will draw conclusions but ONLY when the scientific research convinces him. Mainly…..he is selling NOTHING……NOTHING. I trust him. Thanks Doc.

  43. Appreciate your objectivity and balanced approach. I, for one, do not expect black and white answers. Unless it is that exercise, social supports and adequate sleep are necessary for good health. Oh, and also cut out refined sugar and trans fat. And (somehow) lose those extra pounds. For me intermittent fasting works. N=1.

  44. Yes, Dr Brewer, clearly there are people who think you are annoyingly inconclusive at times, but there are others—the vast majority of your listeners/ readers,—who feel as I do that your caution in drawing conclusions is actually a prescription for better health for your patients and YouTube watchers! You don’t get carried away with the latest shiny new theory, med, or supplemental quick fix—and that thoughtful approach is just one of the qualities which make you such a treasure for those of us seeking a pathway to better health. Your guidelines are evidence-based, and this allows us to trust you. ( And by the way, your Rant is not at all out of place—I’ve been wondering when you were going to stand up and explain to any nay-sayers that your profession as a physician is science-based as well as the practice of an ancient art.)

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