1915 Black Pepper Cake Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

1915 Black Pepper Cake Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends welcome back to Sunday
morning and another one of our old cookbook shows today we’re going to do
another recipe out of the five roses cookbook put out by the Lake of the
Woods milling company and we’re gonna try something today called pepper cake
it uses black pepper as one of the flavorings something you don’t often see
in cakes so I’m going to start out with creaming the butter so put the butter
into the stand mixer and start softening that up okay while the butter is
softening I’ll deal with the dry ingredients so I have flour baking soda
cinnamon black pepper and nutmeg and we’ll just give that a bit of a stir
okay the butter has softened up nicely so next in is some white sugar and we’ll
cream that in and at the same time it also calls for baking syrup baking syrup
isn’t something that you see in a lot of mainline grocery stores in Canada
anymore it’s essentially refiner syrup so if you can get baking surfer refiners
syrup go ahead and use that I think Lyle’s golden syrup in the UK is a
refiners syrup if you’re in North America and you can’t get it corn syrup
corn syrup works and so we just pour that in and next in our two eggs one at a time
you put one egg in and you make sure it blends in fully before you put it in a
second now a lot of people ask me this question why why why do I do that why
can’t I just put all the eggs in at once and I don’t know that it’s critical I
think you probably could put all the eggs in it wants to put what I found is
that if you put one egg in let it mix in fully and then put the second one in
they are going to mix into the batter better then if you put them in all at
once sometimes it just doesn’t mix in correctly it’s up to you if you find the
other way works go right ahead in the end it doesn’t take long for the
first one to mix in anyway so there’s not a huge time savings by putting them
all in at once okay next in is a half cup of sour cream it’s about right
maybe a bit more okay now I just turn the mixer down to low and I spoon in the
flour mixture a little bit at a time don’t overload the mixing bowl okay last
addition are some raisins I’m going to pop those in and just stir them in it’s
a really nice kick batter really nice and light and fluffy okay so the only
instruction for this cake is to bake for 40 minutes doesn’t say the temperature
or the size of the pan so I’ve got a 9 by 9 with a sling in it just so that the
cake will come out easily and we’ll transfer this in the oven is preheated
to 350 okay smooth the top just a little bit into
the oven hey Glenn hey friends okay I’m not gonna
tell you what this one is what sounds smell cinnamony if there is spice
there’s spice there is it one of them because I never get it right I always
say things like smells like this and you’re like oh there’s none of that in
it yes there’s there is cinnamon in it okay I see raisins
yes sir Brown so now that has a lot of brown sugar and molasses perhaps it was
a pretty standard kind of spicy cake mmm-hmm mmm so it has baking syrup in it
um which is just a refiner syrup a darker refiner serpentine it’s an invert
sugar okay um it’s got a bit of a bite to it though
like after you’ve eaten it mm-hmm so my initial has black pepper in it hmm
so my initial taste was oh I can’t taste the pepper but after I’ve chewed it
it’s like yeah and it’s not necessarily peppery but they you know they have
pepper kind of adds that ah yeah like it’s it’s a little bit of heat it’s not
hot it’s not peppery yeah it’s not like someone put hot sauce in it no it’s just
a little bit of heat after you’ve eaten it interesting
Wow there’s some spice in this game what inspired someone to put pepper in it I
have no idea do you know of any other do you know of any other mm-hm
recipes that have pepper in it like this I’m curious as a I mean
spices and cakes make sense yes and we eat a lot of cake and and and pepper is
a spice so it makes sense to have pepper in a spice cake but um I’ve never had it
and I’ve never seen another cake with it in it and I’m sure though that it is
part of someone’s culture that it has made it into this this book I mean it
tastes it he’s great I’m in this is this is a
pretty good kick I like that um you probably put like a light cream cheese
icing on it yeah that would level but really really yeah okay so don’t fear
putting pepper in a sweet cake it actually works really nicely thanks for
stopping by see you again soon you

99 thoughts on “1915 Black Pepper Cake Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking”

  1. My girlfriend and I watch your videos together and we love you! Can't wait to be cooking the 72 hour pizza dough soon.

  2. Nice cake. I think black pepper in a cake is a first for me, but I think I've had pepper mixed into bread dough. It's almost the same, right?
    Also, I think it might make for a nice video at the end of the year if you do a video where both of you sit down and read preselected comments on some of your videos and respond to them in the video. Maybe make it a once every few months feature.

  3. I subscribed to American Girl magazine when I was a kid, and I remember one article about the Pillsbury Bake-Off. The recipe the girl the magazine profiled had created was for cookies that contained… black pepper. I just googled, and this might be the recipe: the year is about right: https://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/sugar-spice-black-pepper-cookies/d5e7ece5-7e48-492f-9d34-c63fd8f5b90f

  4. In Denmark we have a traditional christmas "cookie" called "Pebernødder". Directly translated it would be "Pepper nuts". Small sugar-cube sized cookies, kind of similar to this cake, with the sirup and black pepper. These are then sometimes used as "currency" for party games. I think that's cool!

  5. I'm wondering why these old cook books never say a temperature? Would it be that ovens from back then only had an on/off setting? Was it difficult to control and/or accurately measure temperature? Were people using shared community ovens at this point? Seems very odd that they don't specify any heat control at all.

  6. Why do things that are bad for us often taste so good? Our old operating system is truly outdated for the modern environment.

  7. Johanne Killeen's recipe "gingerbread baby cakes" contains fresh grated ginger and freshly ground black pepper. I never tried the recipe but always wondered what the black pepper contributed.

  8. Glenn I feel like Sunday should be called Raisin Sunday’s 🤣 I feel like the only Canadian who hates raisins….but I want to make this cake

  9. Hey Julie and Glen It’s really interesting, I’ve never made a spice cake with black pepper😊 you are amazing👌I’m going to try it definitely🤗thanks Chef Glen 🌷🌿💕

  10. My initial thought was that, being the cookbook was from 1915, the pepper might have been used to give the cake some bite in the absence of having any ginger to make gingerbread. Then upon reading the comments below, someone mentioned Pfeffernuse, a classic style of German holiday spice cookie made with black pepper and ginger both, which only furthered to strengthen my belief that your pepper cake recipe was born out of scarcity of ginger at the time.

  11. Chai (all the good ones imo) usually has black pepper, and it works really well with the other spices so it makes sense.

  12. Did you use stoned raisins? How do you even get a raisin to smoke weed? Seriously though, I assume this means to grind them up with a mortar and pestle. Would this be for flavor or texture?

  13. off-topic but I was wondering if you are (Glen) going to come back to the "best of" videos, where you watched the most popular video on something and recreated it and gave us your opinion on it and maybe a revision to make it better?
    I found that really fun. Thanks 🙂

    Edit, As I was watching this video, I thought maybe you could do this history cooking show and the 'best of' show on alternate weeks, since it seems most of these history cooks are always cakes, and mostly the came cake minus a few flavourings at this point, lol

  14. I got a set of Easy Bake Oven cake mixes for
    Christmas when I was a kid, and the thing I remember most clearly is that the gingerbread had a dominant pepper flavour. It tasted weird to my eight-year-old palate.

  15. Alton Brown,1000 miles south of you, also posted a cake this morning that has pepper in it. His is a refrigerator cake. Small world this morning.

  16. I make a pumpkin flavoring puree that I put pepper in. I got the idea from a blog post I seen where a woman that was making her own pumpkin spice lattes at home to save money and to know exactly what was in them. She mentions putting a bit of black pepper and warns the reader not to freak out because it works and adds a warmth to it and work well with the other spices. So, I put a can of pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, brown sugar, a lot of vanilla extract, the black pepper, and heat it in a saucepan until it's been hot long enough to let the spices work into the puree. I then blend it in my high powered blender to make sure it's as smooth and creamy as possible. After that, you can add it to hot coffee, or as I do over-ice coffee drinks. Add as much or as little as you want. It tastes like you're drinking a pumpkin pie.

  17. Wow. That sounded really weird to me. I thought it would be really hot. Thanks for trying this for us. I just might try this one!

  18. One of my favorite choc chip cookie recipes uses ginger and wasabi in the batter for spice. Not black pepper, but along the same lines.

  19. We have pepper cake in Germany but it is just gingerbread. The reason it is called pepper cake is because pepper came from India as did all the other spices and so pepper was a colloquial term for spices in general. Perhaps somebody thought, why not putting real pepper in it… ?

  20. I always put a little cayenne in my gingerbread products to get that extra bite. I use black pepper on my strawberries when preparing them for strawberry shortcakes. Black pepper is a dried berry after all, and it brings out the flavor of strawberries. I have made poppyseed bread before with olive oil and black pepper and a nice lemon glaze.

  21. When I make chai tea at home I always add black pepper to the spice mix. It adds a cooling bite to the warm bite of spices like cinnamon.

  22. I have seen recipes with pepper before. I was inspired to add a touch of cayenne to a peanut butter cookie recipe and added some cajun spiced peanuts on the top for decoration. I thought it was great. But husband didn't want any experiments with his peanut butter cookies though.

  23. In croatia we have something called paprenjak (pepper cookie) which are something like gingerbread cookies but with black pepper https://www.croatiaweek.com/croatian-recipes-traditional-paprenjak-biscuit/

  24. Haha I like that you skipped the removing of the mixer so people don't notice the batter left on, even then people still noticed and commented. Stay classy planet earth

  25. I wonder why so many old recipe's have to have raisins. Raisins do not taste good in my opinion and I tend to never want to make them because I dunno what to put instead of raisins.

  26. I put a hint of pepper in my hot oatmeal no matter what other spices or fruit I might add. Just a hint though. Kind of like Balsamic Vinegar and cracked black pepper over strawberries. The trick is not putting to much in.

  27. I think I'll try this. I've been weirding out my friends for years by putting pepper on my pancakes at the late-night breakfast spot. I think it sets off something in maple syrup that is just fantastic.

  28. I've never seen spice cakes like this with pepper but among German descendants in the American mid west black pepper is often included in recipes for chocolate cake.

  29. The spices reminds me of Maida Hatter’s Moosehead Gingerbread recipe. Which is very delicious. I’ve taken to eating it with a warm pear sauce, which would probably go well with this cake too.

  30. Yes, I can confirm what others mentioned about the ginger bread / lebkuchen and pfeffernuse. So here in Germany ginger bread (Lebkuchen) is also called „Pfefferkuchen“ and there is a special variety, bit smaller if I remember correctly, that is called „Pfeffernüsse“ (pepper nuts). I actually do not know what‘s the origin of the black pepper. Though the spectrum of spices in ginger bread is so close to that of indian tea / chai, where there is also black pepper in it, that it does not surprise me.

  31. Great recipe! Black pepper is a spice so perhaps the creator of this recipe just used what they had in their kitchen that day to spice up a cake a bit more and Pepper Cake was born. Thanks Glen.

  32. Wonder if you could go the route of GINGER instead of our as well as BLACK PEPPER.
    Great recipe! I might try Roger's Syrup for the baking syrup! Cheers

  33. Peppernuts are a common German Christmas cookie. This cake is just a larger version of them with raisins added. Sounds good to me!

  34. I've seen variations of this cake at various asian markets around Ontario as Jamaican cake/bread. Its usually very inexpensive, but tastes great if you like that sort of thing. With this recipe I think it would benefit from reducing the corn syrup and uping the pepper, maybe adding a dash or 5 of rum

  35. I like to use Black Pepper in lots of Spiced baked goods. My favorite is adding a good 1/4 teaspoon into Pumpkin Pie.

  36. My fave molasses spice cookie recipe has black pepper in it and it is terrific. I believe that the Italian cake/confection panforte traditionally has pepper as well.

  37. Podcast on the history of pepper in american (north american?) cuisine. Including deserts https://gastropod.com/the-spice-curve-from-pepper-to-sriracha-with-sarah-lohman/

  38. If I recall, I've heard that adding the eggs individually is simply a time saving measure, simply because when mixing different consistencies, it's faster that way. I would however love to see this tested, and more so, see if there's really any difference when it comes to a finished cake. Similarly, the difference made by using more or less of various components in a basic sponge, similar to the cookie video that you made recently. I'm always surprised when people believe you need to stick to recipes very closely rather than play about with them, and I suspect that there are many people who are "scared" of baking for that reason.

  39. Chai Tea has pepper in it. But you can use the tea in a cake, so that would kind of count, I think 🙂 The more pepper you add to the tea, the spicier it is.

  40. YES! I have heard of black pepper in spice cakes before! Excellent with chai spice tea, by the way. Put some in your next apple cake, you're welcome 🙂
    Or, try adding ground "grains of Paradise" instead of black pepper.

  41. A Mennonite cookbook from Manitoba that my mother's grandparents had had a pepper cake, but it was primarily lemon flavoured cake with black pepper, not a more spice cake type of deal.

  42. Speaking of syrup … I finally found Golden Syrup in a local store. Plz explain difference between among the syrups. Baking Syrup, Refiner’s Syrup, Golden Syrup, the varying molasses syrups, etc., which can be substituted, and so on.

    Also, I loved you eyeballing the sour cream. I took a class on biscuits yesterday. When the baker demonstrated the drop variety, she used the recipe I do, which uses chilled buttermilk and melted butter. You’re supposed to wait until the butter cools and use super cold buttermilk, which I do. It turns into a sort of cottage cheesey consistency. Well, she just poured hot butter into buttermilk that was not freezing cold. No cottage cheese. And her biscuits were fine! My point is that people like me who bake need to chill out!

  43. Since you asked about other cakes with pepper – I have a Ginger Cake recipe that uses it…

    Preheat oven to 160C Fan. Butter and flour 8" springform. Cream in large bowl 62g soft butter, 55g lt muscovado, 55g dark muscovado, 1 large egg, 80g molasses, 100g buttermilk. In a medium bowl blend 200g plain flour, pinch salt, 1/2 tsp bicarb, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp ginger, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/3 tsp cloves, 1/2 tsp black pepper. Add dry ingredients to the large bowl and blend. Add 1/4 cup HOT water to loosen. Transfer to prepared springform. Bake at 160C Fan for 45-50 mins. Allow to cool. Serves well with custard.

  44. I can understand someone trying pepper and then liking it. I like pepper, I put a ton of it in cottage cheese. If someone sees me doing it they think I'm nuts, they won't even try it, their loss, it's delicious.

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