2005 & 2009 National Champion Red Chili Recipe – How to make a Red Chili

2005 & 2009 National Champion Red Chili Recipe – How to make a Red Chili

– Hi, Jason Ganahl, GQue BBQ. It’s snowing outside, but that’s O.K. because I’ve got something that’s going to warm you up. Margaret Nadeau’s Red Sahara Chili recipe. She won the national championship in 2005, and then she went ahead
and won it again in 2009. Both times beating entries from over 500 qualifying contests. If you’re into red chili, this is not something that
you’re not going to want to miss. (cheering) (dance music) – I’ve been watching this
chili cook all afternoon, and now I can finally taste it. Excellent red chili. It’s got great depth,
lots of flavors going on, which is really surprising
because we didn’t put a whole lot of ingredients inside of it, but that’s what happens when you allow something to cook for several hours. Everything comes together really nicely and balances itself out. I do think it’s a little bit too salty for my personal preference; however, it’s still better than 90 percent of the red chilies I’ve ever had, and I use to be a chili judge when I lived in Saint
Louis a long time ago. Excellent, excellent chili. This chili, along with all the other national championship chilies… The recipes are posted
on the C-A-S-I website. I’m going to put that link down below. If you like what I’m doing here, please give me a thumbs up. Also, if you like my channel, we’re going to be banging out
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of our awesome stuff. We’re going to be outside on
the smoker or on the grill if the weather is good. If the weather is bad,
we’re going to be inside here banging out good stuff. Take a look at some of my
other videos over here, and I’ll see you next time. Jason Ganahl on GQue BBQ. (dance music) – Nadea’s Red Sarah Chili recipe. She won the national… (dance music)

100 thoughts on “2005 & 2009 National Champion Red Chili Recipe – How to make a Red Chili”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I will check some more of your videos. Subscribed not to miss in the future. Greetings from Sweden

  2. Gonna' make this for dinner, but given the boullion cube, and the canned beef stock I think I'll skip out on adding any actual salt until the end should it need it. Only thing this needs is a good dollop of sour cream on top !

  3. Using low sodium beef broth and low sodium bouillon cubes or using Better Than Bouillion to substitute for the cube would be better. Leave out the additional salt at first and add later, if needed, to taste.

  4. My butthole is into red chili, So I'll keep watching while on the shitter. No worries though, I have a bidet with 23 psi aimed at the chocolate pacman.

  5. Trying to figure out how it can be "a little bit too salty" with just 1/2 tsp of salt for an entire batch. My guess is the main culprit is the bullion cube which are usually ALL sodium….but the tomato sauce and broth can also add sodium…just choose no-sodium versions. I always use no salt ingredients when possible so you can control the salt content to taste towards the end of cooking.

  6. Looks great but I need beans to be chilli or a hot dog. Although I really like Wendy's chilli… maybe what I thought was chilli isn't. I'll check out the other recipes. TFS.

  7. So the 'secret' is what everyone and their grandmother just throws in the mix far as seasonings goes for chili and BBQ…. the usual salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, garlic powder, onion power, yada yada yada.

  8. The on-screen instructions say to "stir well and simmer for an hour." Does that mean to stir well, THEN simmer for an hour, or to stir well for an hour while it is simmering?

  9. If you make your chili with hamburger and put cheese on it, sounds like something you get from Micky D's??? I need say no more, you lose. sirloin with cornbread and green onions is the only way to fly. SMOKE'N

  10. I wanna make this recipe for a Chili competition and I wanna add beans, the only thing is when do I add beans?
    Someone help me please

  11. This recipe is a lot like my chili, only I add 1 lb 93% lean ground sirloin and one pound of the 83% lean. And I also add one diced onion and I am careful about the salt. I use homemade stock in the place of boullion or seasoning salt. I season with sea salt.
    Oh, and I do add two cans of light red kidney beans or 2 cans pinto beans, or one can of each. Because I LOVE beans!, even though I know they don’t belong in traditional, classic chili.

  12. I serve this over mashed cauliflower (steamed cauliflower, cream cheese, butter, salt, pepper, garlic powder) for a great low-carb meal! This is now a winter staple at my house! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Ground beef
    Salt pepper
    Green peppers
    Onion powder
    Garlic powder
    Carne asada seasoning mix
    Large can of fire roasted tomatoes
    Brown sugar
    Chili powder
    A lot of water get it boiling then take down to a simmer for about two hours and stir regularly
    Add beans optional
    I’m just a guy but this is best chili I ever had

  14. Malay call this rendang daging, if malay chef join the contest they would win that competition, rendang daging flavor full chili, every bit of it

  15. Why not make your own red chile instead of using chili powder? It tastes way better. Especially using chile from here in new mexico

  16. I have made this twice and it has come out extremely well. However, I find it too oily/fatty. Is there any point where one can remove some of the beef fats? Also, it is very time-consuming. Even though I used a pressure cooker which reduced the cooking time by almost an hour, it still took nearly two hours from beginning to end. Surely that is too much.

  17. I personally like a bit of lightly sautéed onions in mine along with beans. But I think that the meat browning is one of the most important and most missed things in a lot of folks chili recipes. I do spicy breakfast sausage and 80/20 ground chuck and cook it like a smash burger and, viola lots of flavor and textured from that. I’m going to try this recipe because it looks delicious! Thanks for the vid.

  18. You might want to brush up on homophones; specifically "coarse" vs "course." You kids and your utter dependence on spellcheck …

  19. today is the 2nd time i make this recipe. i do add bitter chocolate with kidney beans the last hour and it is the best chili i have ever had, thanks for the video.

  20. I don't get why the chili powder is added at different times? Also the cumin. Unless it's a different type of chili powder.

  21. This is one of the best chilli tutorials that I've seen on youtube thx for showing. I'm trying this recipe out today!

  22. Seems kinda simple for being a 2x champ. However, i will be trying this. I go by the philosophy of trying to simplify recipes as long as i dont lose flavor. Thanx!

  23. The music is extremely annoying to the point that I can't even watch the video again. Also, you said its better than 90% of the chili's out there. So what you are really saying is that is not good because if it was it would be better than 100% especially since if won National Champion more than once.

  24. You should do a challenge where instead of making the chili you eat all the powdered ingredients. That would be so cool!

  25. Just tasted the final product. Spicy and delicious! It's gonna be amazing with the corn bread I've got baking in the oven ❤️

  26. Surprised that you said that it was a little too salty for you. Only 1/2 t salt added. Maybe the chicken bouillon or the beef broth?

  27. not even scientists know how to properly measure a "scoville"
    this is as mickey mouse as bin laden and the moon landing.

  28. It looked good but once you add tomato sauce its not chili anymore it’s spaghetti meat sauce. Sorry in my opinion and Chili making experience …..No tomatoes in Chili.

  29. Pretty basic ingredients. I’ll give this a try. I usually load my chili up with peppers. Mainly habaneros. This will be interesting to try without using any peppers. Although I’ll add some liquid smoke in there. Maybe some beans also

  30. I am sure that chili is good BUT, I like chopped onions, chopped green bell peppers, chopped mushrooms, red and white beans. Also, I like to add chopped garlic, Weber New Orleans Cajun seasoning. Nothing goes better with chili than a black iron skillet of cornbread. One more thing, if anyone does not eat red meat, ground chicken will make some really good chili. Chef Jerry

  31. i think with the beef stock and chicken bouillon already has salt i wont put in anymore salt unless needed. i will add beans in mine to.

  32. my high school had a staff-only chili cook off ever year before winter break. my senior year i entered this chili under a teacher’s name and placed second. thanks for the great recipe!

  33. Looks great! Do you always not drain the grease? I'm entering my first cook off and am looking for an edge

  34. Do you like Chili? Here is the story of how I found a supply of the world's best: http://chilebros.blogspot.com/2013/01/picking-chili-in-chimayo-new-mexico.html

  35. Always want to make chilli and last night I made this recipe except thought I had burger but was ground pork+ chopped steak and cube steak all freezer burned. Thought I had tomato sauce but was diced tomatoes and added 4oz paste. Thought I had beef stick but used veg. Bullion and top ramen chicken seasoning packet. It was so good I ate half and was miserably full. This morning I'm scared to eat this chilli cause I know I'll eat it all and be miserably full. This chilliis out of control good but next time I'll make it exactly like the recipe.

  36. I do take pride in my chili. One thing I would try once in your chili, try “Smoked Paprika “ instead of the regular one. It’s amazing! I get it at Walmart. Leave a comment if you try this and let me know what you think.

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