3 Chicken Pie Recipes Compared (Microwave vs Pot Pie vs Chef’s Version)

3 Chicken Pie Recipes Compared (Microwave vs Pot Pie vs Chef’s Version)

We are Sorted. A group of mates from
London exploring the newest and best in the world of food whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way. We’ve got chefs, we’ve got ‘normals’ And a whole world of stuff for you to explore but everything we do starts – Hello, I’m Jamie, and this is Ben. – And today we tackle pie three ways. 3.14. (bass-driven hip-hop music) – In front of us we have
three different chicken pies. Each one takes a little bit
longer to make than the last, and each of them are a
little bit more complex. – But, let’s start with
the best one of the three, my microwavable chicken pie. If chicken pie is your thing,
this recipe is definitely going to make your mid-week repertoire. Super quick, super easy, in a
microwave, and the ingredients I’m using are potatoes, milk,
and butter, for a mashy top, some fresh veg and herbs,
white whine, Dijon mustard, double cream, and chicken breast. And I’ve got an upgrade from Barry. So, to start, we’re gonna
prick some potatoes, put them in a microwave for 10 minutes, now in that ten minutes when the potatoes are in the microwave, this is a chance to do everything else. So, I’m gonna wash, peel,
then roughly chop up a carrot, and then roughly chop up a leek, crush and peel a clove of garlic, then all of that goes into a mini-chopper with parsley and time. And that’s what you’re looking for. Super fine, because it’ll cook really quickly in the microwave. I’m then dividing that veggie
mixture between two bowls with a knob of butter and some
white wine, and hopefully, when you’ve got to this
point, the microwave will ping and your potatoes will be done. (microwave beeps) So you can now swap out your
potatoes for your veggie mix. That goes into the
microwave for five minutes, and you can go back to making your mash. Butter and milk. And a pinch of salt. Next, I’m dicing up my
pre-cooked chicken breast, and you can buy it pre-cooked
or you can use leftovers, and that goes into the veg,
which has now been cooked, with the mustard and double cream. That is the nicest
milkshake I’ve ever made. And finally, you layer your
amazing mash on the top, back into the microwave for five minutes, and then give it a
sprinkle of chopped herbs to make it look like you
know what you’re doing. Ah! – That does look great, but
doesn’t this one look better, and wouldn’t you like
to know how to make it? Let’s turn the dial up to eight. This one is gonna be a little bit longer. – Litter bit more complicated. – But still gonna be really easy. – And we’re gonna chuck
in some extra flavors, we’re gonna compare, see
what difference that makes. – Here’s what we’re gonna use. – [Mike] A whole chicken. – [Jamie] Some fresh stuff. – [Mike] Double cream, white
wine, whole grain mustard, and an egg. Butter, flour, and chicken
stock for a velouté. – [Jamie] And ready-rolled puff pastry. Step one: take a whole chicken. – Season it, oil it, chuck it in an oven at 200 degrees Celsius for about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes depending on the size of your bird. I can’t pinch that salt because
I’ve got chickeny fingers. – Oh, let me get that for you. – Thank you. Whilst our chicken’s roasting
we’re gonna do that thing where we split the screen in
two and do two things at once. I’m going to be making
our sauce, that’s butter, melting in a pan, adding
flour to turn it into a roux, and then slowly adding
in our chicken stock to turn it into a velouté. – And while he makes his velouté, I’m going to wash a leek,
a carrot, peel the carrot, slice the tops and the bottoms off both, and for speed, slice them
using the slicing disc of our food processor. Then all of that goes
into a pan with some oil. I’m gonna sweat that through
for about five minutes, chop up some garlic, add that, and then a splash of white
wine and reduce it all down ’til the white wine’s
pretty much disappeared. – If we can now just
break the split screen, because this is a good
time to join back together. – Oh, hello.
– We need to add in our velouté into our veg with some cream, some
mustard, and some tarragon. – [Mike] And then I’m gonna
turn this whole chicken, which has now come out of the
oven, cool down a little bit, and is now on a plate, not a tray, into stripped up chicken and bones. We’re gonna use the stripped up chicken. – Now if you’re worried
that you don’t have Mike’s flawless carving skills, don’t worry. Any chicken that’s left on the bone, you can just pick off with your fingers. – [Mike] Make a wish. – Done. – Ben? Ben? It worked! And then in with your shredded chicken, don’t worry if it doesn’t
look as good as mine, I’ve been doing this for eight years. – [Jamie] If we just
poured this into a bowl, could this class as soup? Once your filling’s chilled, get your pastry out of the
fridge, chuck it on top, cut it to fit your pie dish,
crimp ’round the edges, egg-wash over the top, bit of sea salt, little bit of rosemary,
chuck it in an oven, 200 degrees Celsius, 20
minutes, until golden. We know what we’re doing. – [Mike] We know what we’re
doing, it’s got herbs on it. – Herbs. – [All] Ah. – Which is all well and
good with your puffy top, but come over here, I wanna show you an ultimate chicken pie. – This is where we turn the
dial up another few notches, because we are making our own pastry, and we are completely
encasing our pie within it. – No puff, this is short crust. Ingredients-wise, a whole chicken– – [Jamie] Eggs, flour, and butter– – [Ben] Milk and chopped herbs– – [Jamie] Veg and thyme– – [Ben] And the sauce
couldn’t be simpler; flour– – [Jamie] Chicken stock– – [Ben] Double cream– – [Jamie] And butter. Now you may remember this bit from mine and Mike’s
tremendous chicken pie, we’re going to oil, salt,
and pepper a whole chicken, and then roast it in an oven for about an hour to
an hour and 15 minutes, depending on the size of your bird. – Pastry is super easy; plain flour, and then you blitz up cold butter into it, and by using a blade of a food processor, it stops it all melting, then go in with an egg yolk, herbs, and a little bit of milk to bind it. – Mostly important for you with your hot little sweaty hands. – I have very little hands– – Very hot and sweaty.
– And very hot. Bring the last little bit together by hand so you don’t overwork
it, and then cling film and let it rest in the fridge for an hour. – In the mean time, I can
get on with the filling. Now as before, if it ain’t
broke, don’t try and fix it, you’re probably gonna recognize this: carrot, leek, peel, top,
tail, into the food processor, slicing attachment, whiz ’em up. – Sweat it off in butter with thyme. This might also look
familiar, a whole chicken. You just want to divide it
into bones and skin; flesh. Ah, wishbone’s already broken on this one. You must’ve got whatever you
wished for last time, true. – Now as good as my velouté
was in the last pie, we want this filling to
be slightly less saucy, so we’re just gonna add
it flour and chicken stock around our veg and then top
it out with some double cream. – Stir through all the
chicken, season to taste, and let it cool. Next up, the pastry case, so a
loose-bottom fluted tart tin. Your rested pastry, you wanna
cut two-thirds off of it, and that two-thirds rolled
out onto a floured surface, as thin as you can, and
drop into your tart tin. (both snickering) – No one’s judging it, and
that’s the important thing. – Do you know what I love? Pot pies with just a puff pastry lid. – Oh, but this is so much better. – Line it with baking
paper and baking beans and chill it again for another 15 minutes. Your chilled tart case
now needs 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius, at
which point, lift out the beans, egg wash all over the
bottom of the tart case, and put it back in for another five. The pastry case has
blind-baked and cooled, the filling goes in cold. Trim the edges, roll out
your final third of pastry, and then layer over the top, don’t forget to egg-wash, so it seals. Egg wash on top, salt, herbs. And that is the wonders of a homemade pie. 20 minutes, 200 degrees Celsius, then you’ll want to let it cool before you take it out of
the tin and cut into it. – [Jamie And Ben] Ah! – There’s only one way
we’re going to settle this, and that’s by starting with this one. Let’s serve you up a
portion, give us your plate. Right, now before you
put this in your mouth, just consider how little
time it took, okay? – Cheers.
– Cheers. (upbeat energetic music) – Ooh, Mike. – It’s amazing the difference
a little bit of mustard makes. – Mm, the mustard and the wine. It gives you that kind of richness that cooks out with the veg. – 20 minutes, that is unbelievable. – Exactly. – And you get two of them for that. – Hold that thought, let’s eat this, see what the difference is. – Oh, look at how saucy that it. Cheers. My velouté is astonishing. – Our velouté, ’cause
I did the veg as well, remember we split screened it. – The sweetness of the leek and carrot, then you kind of get tarragon and mustard kind of cut through it, and that is saucy. I’d never bother to make a puff pastry. – No.
– I’d always cheat, because you put all the
effort into the filling, and that is great. – You and Jay’s pie is gonna literally have to knock my socks and
my pants off, to be honest. – When I think of chicken pie, I do think of a completely encased pie. Cheers. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – I mean that is the… Is that not just? – They call it short crust for a reason. It’s short, it’s crumbly, it’s buttery, and that little bit of
sea salt and rosemary on top just before it goes in the oven, yum. – I also think with the puff pastry pie and the short crust pastry pie, having the roast chicken in there, and each bite you get a
different bit of chicken; sometimes it’s breast,
sometimes it’s thigh, sometimes it’s leg, you
get all the chicken flavor. – I felt like I got the
most flavor out of that. However it was just mustard creaminess. Okay. I feel like this one, you got more complex flavors dialed down, and therefore they didn’t, you know, overpower each other. And I love the pastry, nice and crispy. And when the final one,
there’s so much going on here, I can’t put my finger or my toe on either, but the pastry’s buttery,
and salty, and amazing. – I think to make that in
under 20 minutes is remarkable. – Mid-week, a couple of you on your own, they are super simple. I don’t even like to go to this effort unless I was cooking
for a crowd or a family. But then when you’ve got
those people around the table this is what you wanna go to. – Yeah.
– And I have to say it Jay, I think your mustard tarragon
velouté has won it for me. I actually think that for me is the best pie. – I’m going deep. I’m gonna go deep. Classic. Well I’m glad between the three of us we’ve come to a distinct conclusion as to which dish we think is best. – [Mike] All of ’em! – But what one do you think is best? Comment down below, let us know which would you cook and why? – It’s Wednesday and it’s 4 p.m., and we know that you should be here every Wednesday, every 4
p.m., and every Sunday. – And if you can’t be bothered to check the day of the week or the time, then just subscribe to the channel, click the bell to get
notified every time we upload. Have a great week,
we’ll see you on Sunday. Bye.
– Ciao.

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