3 Ingredient No Cook Lemon Ice Cream

3 Ingredient No Cook Lemon Ice Cream

welcome friends it is summertime in
Toronto which means it’s hot and humid so I thought I’d do another ice cream
recipe and this one’s really simple it’s a no cook lemon ice cream three
ingredients super simple really easy to make so we start out with 2 cups of
heavy whipping cream now I was gonna put that into this big mixing bowl scrape it
all in make sure I get everything because I know some people don’t like
that I don’t scrape all of the bowls I do usually off-camera next is the lemon
and so first off I’m gonna zest the lemons and I’m gonna use a microplane so
that we get really fine gratings of lemon now if you don’t like the texture
of that in your ice cream I kind of really like it because it adds a lot of
flavor you can leave this step out you’ll lose a bit of flavor out of the
ice cream but it’s not a huge deal okay now we need to juice the lemons so I’m
just going to cut in half and this is the lemon juicer of choice that I use we
have the ones where you squeeze it I never find that I get as much juice out
of the lemons that way or the limes for that matter I find this just to be even
though it’s just a simple simple thing and it’s not very sexy
I just find it to be the best way to get lemon juice okay last one now I’ve never measured
how much lemon juice I’m putting in I just always grabbed two lemons and it
seems to be lemony enough I suppose if I really wanted to I could figure it out
and maybe I will and already the description for the recipe but for the
most part I don’t worry about it two lemons I get enough lemon juice I get
enough lemon zest and everything works fine so in with the lemon juice and we
just start to whisk fat a little bit now this will start to curdle the cream
right away which is going to add a certain something to the ice cream in
terms of texture and the way it feels in your mouth later when you eat it so get
that whisked in don’t have to be too great with the whisking cuz you’re gonna
add next condensed milk now the condensed milk is going to do a whole
bunch of things but mostly it’s going to bring the amount of sugar that we need
to the recipe and it’s going to add again a nice rich dense creamy
consistency to the finished ice cream so pour that in whisking while it goes in okay just scrape the last little bit out
of can and then we’ll finish whisking it together now we’re lucky enough to have one of
these compressor type ice-cream makers definitely not something that you need
this ice cream recipe works just as well with any of the ones where you’ve got
the bowl you put it in the freezer either ones that hand-cranked or that
you plug in him that has an electric crank doesn’t matter now you’re gonna
notice as soon as you start to pour this in look how thick that’s gotten that’s
the lemon juice curdling the cream and so you’re gonna get just this amazing
creamy ice cream out of this so finish scraping this in and we’ll turn it on
and just let it do its thing okay so the ice cream maker is done and
let’s turn that off that sound could drive me nuts now at
this point what you have is something that is very much soft-serve and if you
like soft-serve you can put this right out on the table right away serve it
right away this is kind of recipe that is super easy to make during a dinner
party and wow your guests with an incredible dessert at the end I like it
just a little bit stiffer so I’m gonna move it to another container and stick
this in the freezer just to firm it up a bit whoo I screamed a lemon Jules
ah always refreshing so this is that that really simple three ingredient hmm
hmm a classic what’s so creamy isn’t it unbelievably creamy so and so simple and
the lemon just mm-hmm it’s quite tart tart but it’s also refreshing mm-hmm
this is a this is a recipe that we go to and come back to him come back to and
come back to me come back to and make all the time and the ingredients are
simple enough that you you just it you can almost the ingredients are simple
enough that you can take it somewhere and make it on-site you have and share
it with your friends yeah you know you don’t have to make it ahead there isn’t
like you know don’t like we gonna custard hmm please give this one a try
thanks for stopping by see you again soon you

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  1. Thanks for watching friends! Leave a comment about what other ice cream flavours you'd like us to try – as always this recipe is in the description box^^^. Please share if you liked it.

  2. I wonder how many people make his recipes. They look amazing but im too young to be going to the grocery store and use like many things like pots n' stuff. I luv ur vidz.

  3. Trying this recipe out. Never made a "cheat" ice cream before. I stirred everything and it thickened up and froze it. I don't know if I should have whipped it into soft peaks or something. Here's hoping it turns out. 🙂

  4. 80F and 70% humidity is hot and humid??? That's winter weather on the Texas coastal plain. You need to come see what 100F+ with 50%+ humidity is like so you can appreciate what you have.

  5. I just use a fork to juice a lemon, you can use a small strainer to get rid of pulp and seeds. You can also steep the cream with the zest and just strain it as well

  6. So simple. Thank you! And if you don't have ice cream maker, do you just stick it in the freezer or do you keep it mixing at room temp and then to freezer? How about easy coffee and chocolate ice cream? I bet you can come up with something great!!!!👌

  7. I prefer making ice cream at home with sugar rather than condensed milk. Though for a quick and easy recipe you can't go wrong using condensed milk.

  8. I look forward to every one of your videos, Glen. Sometimes I will see something else online which will get me down a little, but then I come here and watch you, and the stress just melts away. No conflict, no drama, just very calming, soothing, and to the point.

  9. Hah! I remember making a comment ages ago asking if you had used a handheld citrus press! Or something similar anyways. Wonder if I instigated that commentary?

  10. Thanks for putting the measurements for the lemon juice in the description. As with all fruits, sizes and quality can vary greatly depending on the source of the fruits and growing factors of those sources. Where I live, we typically can only find small lemons and limes, that also don't seem to do well with juicing; from past experiences, I'd need a good five or six lemons for your two lemons.

  11. From the looks of it, I guess you used sugared condensed milk?!
    In germany every condensed milk has some sugar but only around 5%. In my food store of choice, there is only one kind of sugared one from Nestlé with 55% sugar. In the past I used that for Oreo ice cream.

  12. It seems to me that adding a strawberry or raspberry purée to this could also be good. Something to try perhaps.

  13. Made this yesterday in a cuisinart, its pretty good! Definitely only need a few scoops at a time though. I propose you try to make banana ice cream with real bananas.

  14. Unfortunately, I can’t make this because as far as I know, lactose-free condensed milk doesn’t exist, at least not in my country. Maybe it does in Sweden; they tend to be good at those things. Also, I don’t have an ice cream machine.

  15. You didn’t need the measuring cup, the bowl has measurements. Less dishes! If you mixed the lemon juice with the condensed milk first, it wouldn’t have curdled.

  16. I made this this afternoon, my first time making one of your recipes: IT'S SO GOOD! Creamy beyond belief and wonderfully lemony. I'll definitely make it again.

  17. I just made this and transfered it to the freezer from the Cuisinart to harden up. Of course I got a taste as it transferred. It's good! Seems like it'd make a great (and easy) base for other fruit ice creams. I may try a lemon-strawberry ice cream next.

  18. Love love love your channel. I’m a stay at home dad to two and do all the cooking, and my older son and I love watching your videos.

    I made this recipe today — my first time making ice cream, and I made it by hand, mixing every 30 minutes or so. Came out rich, creamy, fluffy, with no ice crystals!

    My one head scratcher is, man, is there any way to get away with less sugar? That one can of condensed milk has 250 g of sugar!

    Thanks for everything.

  19. “This is that really simple 3 ingredient…”


    A look that says “oh ok guess I’ll dig in too”

    Ahaha I love you guys

  20. We are wondering 1) if adding the lemon zest and lemon juice to the condensed milk and then adding the cream will reduce the curdling and 2) if chilling the lemon juice will reduce the curdling? We know you like to experiment. Great idea. Makes me think of lemon cheesecake.

  21. I hate hate hate your bowls. that gritty scraping sound drives me crazy.

    That being said, I love your show. just please, different bowls.

  22. To get more zest from the lemon or lime, I usually peel it and then grid it to zest by using a food processor.

  23. Hello Glen. Can I just pour the ice cream straight into chilled container and throw it into freezer? Thanks for reply.

  24. My Mum used to make this, called it Lemon Surprise (not sure why) and passed on the recipe to me – sooo much tastier than you can ever imagine, and such a refreshing way to finish a meal.

  25. Use a hand blender to lightly whip the cream – that way you both blitz the lemon peel and add air, making the finished product lighter. Add the lemon juice to the condensed milk, not to the cream. This prevents the cream from curdling as the condensed milk dilutes the acid. I add a shot of vodka too, which helps keep the ice cream soft and crystal free.

  26. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. This was a hit song in 1925! I am going to make this for sure, I absolutely love all things lemon.

  27. Biscuits. Add biscuits. The crunchy element really adds something to ice cream, for so little additional effort. Id leave out the combinations, because Im sure everyone has different stuff they prefer. But personally I did oreos. Perhaps stiffened/dried slices of cake cut into chunks could work well? idk

  28. I"m going to buy an ice cream machine just to make this! Love, love, love lemon anything. I would've been licking the ice cream paddle out of the machine! :):):)

  29. Great recipe Glen, my wife and I have the same ice-cream machine, I can see why it is your goto ice-cream, loving these videos 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

  30. Would it be possible to make it without a ice cream maker? Moreover, what is the sugar content of condensed milk in Canada? Here in Europe they sell mostly unsweetened condensed milk.

  31. Couldn’t wait to try this! Just finished a batch for my grandkids, it was great! And I didn’t even try to turn it into scrambled eggs first! Love your channel keep up the great content!

  32. When my grandma was alive, and I was a little boy, after getting dropped off by my dad, we would make ice cream. It was a bit more complicated than your recipe, though! She kinda went the whole mile on it, if you know what I mean.

  33. How do you do it without the machine? I don’t have any type of machine to do this at home. Are there instructions on how to complete the process without a machine? Thanks!

  34. Have you tried to make beer ice cream? Surprisingly good! I just gently reduced a few bottles of porter to a syrup and used it to flavor a basic ice cream recipy.

  35. I found your channel from the KFC recipe but I’ve been binge watching your whole channel! Keep up the amazing work!

  36. Which method are you using with your other lemon juicer? I never had much luck with them until I saw a video where the half lemon was placed in upside down.

  37. So if you don't have an ice cream machine, do you just put it in the freezer? Or do you have to do something else too?

    Also, Do you think you could switch the lemon for orange and it would still work? Not really a fan of lemon.

  38. Just finished churning a batch and the taste is wonderful! Can't wait to taste the final product. The flavour reminds me of the lemon pie filling my mother made.

    I think that the mixture could be whipped to medium peaks and used as a dessert topping to accompany various berry pies.

  39. mom's recipe was half and half, sugar, and lemon (juice and zest) mix with a spoon in a mixing bowl, let freeze half way, and stir vigorously again. Let freeze and serve. Funny, it never seemed icy, but maybe I just don't remember it that well. Cant seem to find the exact recipe.

  40. Hi Glen, we made this ice cream and it was awesome. We dont have an ice cream maker so I just used a whisk and put the contents into a Tupperware bowl for an overnight freeze in the chest freezer…..worked like a charm. Have you made any other flavours using this base? As well, have you ever tried blueberries with this recipe based on how well lemon and blueberries go together? Great channel, keep the videos coming.

  41. And for those of us who don't have any Whipping Cream (35%) in the kitchen but do have Double Cream (50%), here's a quick conversion… 500ml Whipping Cream = 350ml Double Cream plus 150ml Milk.

    Works a treat. I made the recipe the first time and wasn't keen on throwing away the left-over bit of Condensed Milk (since we can only get it in 400ml tins) so I scaled the recipe up a bit and churned it in two batches. Our Double Cream comes straight from the organic farm in 1 Pint bottles so I scaled the recipe to that. It would have taken me over one 400ml tin of Condensed Milk by 80ml so since the final ice cream was pretty sweet and rich, I subbed in a bit of extra milk and it worked fine. It was a little less sweet but still churned perfectly.

    Apologies for the mixing of metric/imperial units but my final proportions were as follows… 1 pint Double Cream, 320ml Whole Milk, zest and juice of 3 lemons and 400ml Sweetened Condensed Milk. Churn in two batches.

  42. I’ve seen this exact recipe (different mix-Ins than lemon) but it is usually called NO MACHINE ice cream because after you whip everything together, stick it straight into freezer to harden.

  43. Never want to hear you say “sexy” again and I’m doing hot sauce shots everytime you say “out”. 😆 #dontdisappoint

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