“30,000+ Calories of Chicken Wings” Eating Challenge at Next Republic | Freak Eating

“30,000+ Calories of Chicken Wings” Eating Challenge at Next Republic | Freak Eating

all right, no fanfare no BS no stall and
it’s time to get down to some wings that’s 180 wings to be exact and I’m
being joined by Rayna is crazy and Catina eats kilos both are no strangers
to the big eating game our goal will eat 180 of these big wings or we know the
house a lot of money so we’re dining at a cozy restaurant named the next
Republic they have locations in Luverne Alhambra and Hacienda Heights and
they’re special on Wednesdays is $15 for all-you-can-eat wings I’ve never been
here before but you can bet your life I’ll be back so I’m sure one of those
will be okay hopefully good idea I need to pull my hair back to have enough
variable value clear beer back yeah do it I’m gonna start with the mango
habanero one here spicy barbecue Korean chili all right be sticking in delicious
they specialize in Asian fusion recipes and the array of wing flavors definitely
reflects that the house serves up nine wing flavors and not one of them is
buffalo or lemon or parmesan however you will find soy ginger Thai spicy the hot
devil sweet barbecue sauce spicy barbecue sauce black ghost which is my
favorite Korean spicy soy garlic and mango habanero oh my god can take this
moment to gossip I love you yeah I enjoyed all of them but I think my
favorite actually has to be the mango habanero which offers up a certain
sweetness tempered by a touch of heat the black ghost wins my award for the
most unique maybe that’s what I meant when I said it was my favorite that one
is the blackened wing in case you weren’t sure it’s a dry rub that locks
in an incredibly juicy flavor with a mild spiciness that kind of just creeps
up on you it has to be the most distinctive wing I’ve ever seen it looks
like it would be super spicy or burned but it’s neither
we can actually like why’d you do it suddenly so grow a huge beard
where’s never did before oh really yeah all right I know a lot of subscribers
hate it yeah do what you need to do somebody told me I look like the
American beard beats food but that’s funny I think anyone’s gonna compare a
beard for his own if you’re in competitive eating you’re on so I
thought about Joe Joe was a Spanish hmm that’s a good point
a true winged lover is gonna have a great time dining here this place also
offers all you can eat salads that goes along with your bottomless wings so
you’re definitely not gonna get bored it’s plenty of vegetable to go along
with your meat the restaurant also offers a buy one get one free drink
special on Thursdays but since I don’t drink I can’t say much about it Catina
definitely gave the beer her seal of approval though do you have any other
stage of plan on going to be on my way back is having me go up through a Salt
Lake City so I might see if there’s one like in Salt Lake because that’s kind of
the halfway point there is one there’s a gonna freak
burger showering or something maybe I’ll get my shot
you’re talking with a spicy one or the other one I’m good with one leg goes
down ooh I don’t know if I wanna do that on the road I learned my lesson like a
chili dog challenge mmm I’ve done the burly burger I think
that’s up there remember it’s not whether and what state
is that you talk to me okay damn you make me want to watch her again
it’s all for fun I miss it really really felt like waking up every day to do a
food challenge yeah die for the best of the day wake up again and do it again
DRI that would be really fun you can’t some fun live each other so it’s
Australian uh-hmm hostility go on like I watch like food
coma eats his channel stuff like that looks amazing
remember the first time I saw he’d come and eat
I thought he was LA beast he is savage ridiculously soft LEDs that guy deserves more recognition
because he isn’t good here yeah he does now as you can see the wings are hefty
they offer you thick chunks of tasty white meat coated in a lather of rich
delicious sauce some of the sauces are lighter particularly the ghost angel and
the Thai spicy now some of the sauces are lighter especially the black ghost
and a Thai spicy so if you don’t like them thick and saucy you got options
here for the other cameras I’m going to reset my camera with my sticky fingers I
have my pinkies yeah right 20 Nana’s the cool one when he doesn’t
reset it’s beyond those days huh whatever the ATD have the reset yeah 30
minutes 30 minutes I actually thought I’ll try this thing I
got a Panasonic recently but I’m not good at using new technology already and
all the file on the kind of Sonic gets so big it lags my flap off so much we saw I didn’t come up with your own
titles because I know you popped off with that one cheat day
so my Instagram handle one Schettino lips kilos because I was doing Crossfit
and so like weightlifting my name starts with a cake and starts on the K I was
like oh that’s clutter so when I started competitive eating I was like should I
change my helmet to and I was like for all its kilos come on sure he was a food
he won’t be long though and I just kind of stuff oh my gosh you can tell they’re
experienced by how tall their weight debris is proof you’re right I always
ate one of that what is that one the hot double oh no wonder
that’s the one I’ve been working on my insides are boiling
what happened real person silly garlic to people down there so juicy we’re starting season empty air plates
up pull my weight around here oh oh everyone how long is your gomorrah nutter oh yeah
tewindrow it’s a temperance Oh exist build as long in the airplane need a
battery or SD card okay so that’s not you can I use your footage because right
I ran out for sure the room thank you so we garlic let’s go with the sugar
rush I feel like I’m the girl like that girl at the party the girls last order
it says nothing well it’s okay 6:54 yeah we have a long time with a
long show there’s many years of experience here – just like the you got
the Everest whatever is a little bit shorter than
Everest I do a lot of wings and but but you guys are eating the angle that I
only ate one so I count each of those like tiny wings
Oh rod are you mad now if you’re into really spicy wings
it’s all about the hot devil we tried a few and all of a sudden our lips were
tingling our throats were burning and we found out they actually make that with
da bomb hot sauce so it’s got some extract if you’re a masochist for heat
those are the wings for you so you kill me yeah that is hot Pete is hot alright I’m doing it again taking the
last word urban party and boom goes the dynamite we conquered the challenge of
180 wings and we even did a little math and figured out that this whole meal had
to clock in at over 30,000 calories but apparently that’s just an average dinner
when you hang out with Reyna and Katina Oh be sure to check out their awesome
channels and tell them that the freak eater sent you it’s always a pleasure to
eat alongside some solid eaters we got to do it again soon wash up yeah good
job team if you liked the video be sure to show
your support and smash that thumbs up button and then go ahead and smash the
subscribing bell icons to you never miss a new video here at freakeating i got a
couple more coming real soon so until we eat again stay in school don’t do drugs
that eat like a freak I’ll see you later

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  2. YESSSS! This was SO MUCH FUN! Ya'll were an absolute delight to share a meal with and get to know. Can't wait to get a chance to meet up again. Thanks for all of the fun, Naader!

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  5. awesome video those wings look so good i wish i could eat like tht i wish i wasnt sick but its satisfying watching u guys eat love it!

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