100 thoughts on “4 Levels of Roast Chicken: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious”

  1. level 1: I'm just using some chicken thighs
    level 2: I'm using a whole chicken from the supermarket
    level 3: I am using the chicken I have raised my whole life named Ronald, that I just slaughtered last night

    {-Ronald is very good, crispy skin on the outside, tender on the inside-}

  2. I don't like first guy. Also, what a stupid waste of a plastic bag. Just pour the olive oil on the vegetables on the pan and season them there.there is no reason to create more garbage and waste a plastic bag for an unnecessary step!

  3. The problem with the level one version is more environmental waste. Tin foil and plastic bags go right in landfill. If he used one bowl for the veggies first, then used the same bowl for the chicken and then used a silicone test line for the pan he would be producing less waste (but yes doing 2 more dishes).

  4. what the hell!! lvl one boy just tosses all those plastic bags away? there's no way thats his best solution to the dishes problem

  5. Jay is my hero.
    He is the hero that we need and deserve lmfao.
    I was laughing throughout his shenanigans with the bags.
    It was hilarious.

  6. When they say to let the chicken rest, it's to let the fat re-solidify after having been rendered (liquefied) in the oven. Be patient and you will have a juicier, fattier bird.

  7. Please Epicurious be careful with your content. We have to stop promoting using zip lock bag just to avoid cleaning the dishes. Plastic bag are among the most difficult items to be recycled. Please reduce and reuse

  8. Don't follow the directions of the level 1 chef, please don't throw away plastic bags instead of washing one single bowl. if you use a stainless steel or ceramic bowl it will clean up very easily. Don't use plastics they take forever to clean and they're worse for the environment.

  9. The old lady was the best..level 3 chef needs to get demoted..her seasoning was just salt and thyme lmao..20 years experience huh..let Ramsey taste her chicken lmao

  10. Barbara for the win! And Jay, those aren't baby carrots, they are normal sized carrots that have been trimmed to a standard size. Also, you should have cooked the thighs on top of the vegetables so they collect all the flavour from the dripping fat. Missed a trick there, mate!

  11. loved the lvl 1 Chef, he was great and a new way to look at people who might know enough but don't have the time to do all the things!

  12. I am sorry but I could not help it. Yo USA…..this is why the planet is going to hell, you guys use so much plastic that it is ridiculous. Please stop being so "comfy" and wash a dish. It is easy for you to throw away that plastic bags but it takes hundreds of years to decompose, more that it will take your grand-grand-grand-grand-grand children to decompose. Please start thinking before you act. The video is fine but the ease with which he just simply throws those bags make me go crazy.

  13. I like how this food scientist actually calls out the dumb things they do lol. It used to drive me crazy when they would say nothing about some of their recipes

  14. The Level 3 chicken receipe was very easy to follow. I made it today without the salad. Came out great, that's my new way to bake my chicken. Period.

  15. The level 2 is the absolute best way to roast chicken, it's similar to an early Jamie Oliver recipe we've been making in my family for years. The butter under the skin + stuffing the cavity combo is friggen amazing.

  16. level 1 is a dad who uses this as his go to meal whenever mom is gone and he has to cook dinner lol his method has even perfected the dish clean up process

  17. Guys, I've been watching this for ages, love it, but the 4th level is unclear. 3 levels of blah blah makes perfect sense…. maybe I'm not smart enough..

  18. The 2 sides of a coin:
    Lvl 1: – easy to make
    – cost efficient
    – feeds lots of people
    Lvl 3: – complex
    – expensive ingredients
    – small portions

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