4 Steps to Break a Habit | Dr. Judson Brewer

4 Steps to Break a Habit | Dr. Judson Brewer

I’m jedson brewer I’m the director of
research at the Center for mindfulness at UMass Medical School and an addiction
psychiatrist and I’m really excited about helping people change habits I’ve
been looking at my own habits for the last 20 years
and over the last 10 years with my research and working with my patients
have developed a few ways to really help people in a very simple way to change
habits and that’s what we’re going to do together today we’re going to do a
couple of step process so well with your sleeves and let’s get started first look
at whatever your habit is whether it’s smoking cigarettes checking text
messages while you’re driving checking your Facebook feed at dinner and just
ask yourself what do I get from this not up here in your brain books what do I
get from this in my body what’s this reward what am I getting
from this why because we need to know what our rewards are before we can start
to really change our habit if we don’t see clearly what we’re actually getting
from our behaviors we’re never going to change them here’s an example somebody
thought I was helping quit smoking she really started to pay attention to when
she was smoking cigarettes and she realized that they don’t actually taste
very good and that helped her start to get disenchanted with that behavior
which gave her the motivation to actually change it so that’s step one
just pay attention rub your face in it what do I actually get from this step two this is where we’re going to
come back into our bodies we’re going to use a four-step process called rain Rai
n the first one R is recognized so we have to first recognize when we’re
caught up in a habit if we can’t recognize it we’re lost we’re going to
be on autopilot doing it so just step back oh there’s that habit the a is the
acceptance why do we have to accept that it’s here because typically when we have
an urge to act on something it’s on that traving itself feels unpleasant so we
want it to go away as quickly as possible so we indulge or we stop it or
we make it go away we do whatever we can to make that unpleasant craving go away
so instead instead of trying to make it go away we’re going to paradoxically
turn toward it Oh what does this actually feel like in my body right now
so that’s the a acceptance three investigate so we’re going to put on our
Sherlock Holmes cap and we’re going to get really curious Oh what is this
craving feel like in my body right now and we’re going to dive into our bodies
so that’s the investigation I investigate what does this feel like in
my body and the N very simple we’re going to just note we’re going to pull
out our notebook and we’re going to mentally know to ourselves whatever we
notice in our body so a craving can feel like tightness we know tightness if a
craving feels like restlessness we note Restless and we just note this okay what
is this in my body right now okay so our AI n recognize allow investigate and
note you ready so let’s do this so just bring to mind the last time you
had a real urge for whatever that was whether it was chocolate or to check
your Facebook feed when you know you weren’t supposed to and just bring that
to mind so we’ll recognize okay here’s this craving coming on now let’s just
dive into it allow it to be there and just get allow ourselves to be close and
intimate with it now let’s get curious what does this feel like in my body and
just note whatever your experience is for a moment to moment is a tightness
okay we don’t tightness tension burning restlessness my mouth might be watering
and we’ll just note that for a minute you can just note it to yourself
silently and that’s the process and what you can do is you can use this process
anytime you have a craving to write it out whether it’s a cigarette a
smartphone or getting caught up in some crazy thought pattern so now that you’ve
got the steps remember each time you have a craving doesn’t mean you have to
indulge it instead we can dive in and investigate what it feels like in our
body each time we can do that we can write out these cravings so that they
have less of a pull up on us and we’re less likely to get sucked into them so
see if you can play with this for a week or so and see how it changes your life
and importantly have fun with this that’s what the investigation is about
being really curious about our experience curiosity is key
bringing it an attitude of curiosity to this practice helps us be light with it
and really be able to dive in so that we can write out these cravings rather than
feeling like we have to ride them out we have to force ourselves to try this see
how it changes your life

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  1. Great and very insightful 5 minute clip that should really help in breaking those bad habits that start with an urge or craving!

  2. Hii sir u r god for me pls tell me how to get rid of from tea&sweets as I m v addicted to this it is my high time now pls tel me ur no or upload video on this as my hb in blood is v less

  3. I have the craving mind on audible but after watching your videos wish you had narrated the audio book. Far more relatable voice.

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