#5 DIML: Houseplant care, Cleaning & Cooking! [CC]

#5 DIML: Houseplant care, Cleaning & Cooking! [CC]

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel
so today I am back with another peaceful day in my life and today I’m gonna be
showing you more of my favorite things. All of the food that I ate today, the
gardening that I did, the projects that I worked on around my house and the
vitamins that I took and I’m pretty excited because today’s video is
actually sponsored by Care/Of vitamins and I’m excited to share them with you
because I’ve really been enjoying these vitamins and I really think it’s a great
product. I had some pretty exciting things take place in my house today that
I think you guys are gonna love to watch so with that being said let’s hop right
in. So when I first came downstairs, I checked my little shipment pile and have
some boxes that need to be open or just starting to be open and at the very top
I had my Care/Of vitamins that just came in the mail I hadn’t opened them yet so
I pulled them to the side to take after I ate my food and I thought I would show
you my yoga pants. These are by a company called Sweaty Betty and I got them last
year during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. They really help hold everything in
super well. They’re really high quality but very lightweight and I love the
print I will link them down below if I can find them so then it was time to
make some breakfast and per the usual I went back to my avocado toast you guys
know that in one of my recent day in my life I kind of branched out and I made
something I never make which was sourdough french toast and it was super
good but it was a little too sweet for me and avocado toast is something I can always count on I feel great every time
I eat it. I don’t have a crash. I feel satisfied and I just love it. I also decided on this morning that I wanted to have a big handful of
blueberries blueberries are super high in antioxidants and I try to include
them in my diet as much as possible on a day to day basis so of course I have to
brew my morning tea, my iced tea I mean geez you guys have seen me do this
probably hundreds of times and this mug has become like a member of my family
it’s been in my videos like I don’t even know man from the beginning but so I let
my tea brew and sit while I continued to make my breakfast {Music playing} Once I spread my avocado all over my
sourdough toast, I squeezed a bunch of lemon juice you
guys know I will find any reason to squeeze fresh lemon juice into any food
that I’m eating then I took some goat cheese and I put a little bit of that on
the toast as well {Music playing} And then I followed that up with some
red chili flakes. I like having a little bit of kick to my toast.
Dan I’m decided by the way to have some beef jerky for breakfast. Dan makes the
best beef jerky literally on the planet if you didn’t know that I don’t eat beef
jerky except for when Dan makes it at home and it’s so good and he always
gives a little bit to the pups. So then I took my chives and I chopped them up by
the way I’m currently trying to grow chives in my tower garden. I’m so excited
I’m counting down the days to when I have usable chives in my garden I cannot
wait {Music Playing} Then I took some olive oil and I
drizzled that on top as well as some salt and some pepper and at this point
my tea was ready to pour over ice so satisfying and you usually hear that ice
like crackling when the hot teas pouring over it and I just get even more excited.
I really like taking some time in the morning to kind of pull my thoughts
together for the day you guys know that I work from home and so much of my life
is based around just my own schedule and however I want to structure my
responsibilities throughout the day so in the morning I like to take some time
to calm my thoughts really think about what I’m gonna be doing for the day
maybe catch up on some YouTube videos I just like this time in the morning to
gather my thoughts by the way Zoe is usually somewhere
nearby while I’m eating my breakfast. So once I was done eating, I pulled out my
Care/Of vitamins and if you don’t know what Care/Of is Care/Of is a monthly
subscription vitamin service that delivers completely personalized vitamin
and supplement packs right to your door and I actually have my own code so for
50% off of your first month of personalized Care/Of vitamins go to take
Care/Of dot com and enter the code Nikkip50 you guys know that I’m a true believer
in vitamins I believe that they can do so much so whether you’re looking for
energy, better sleep to maintain stress or something else to help you feel your
healthiest I think that vitamins can often help people achieve those goals.
You sign up for Care/Of you actually take an online quiz and they ask you
questions about your diet, your health goals and your lifestyle choices it only
takes about five minutes and you can find out your personal scientifically
backed vitamin and supplement recommendations like I mentioned the
personalized Care/Of subscription box gets sent right to your door every month
with your personalized daily packs that are put together based on the results
from your online quiz and they’re awesome for people that are busy and on
the go. When I travel, I just grab a couple packs bring them with me and I’m
good to go. The other cool thing
is if you are vegan or vegetarian they have those type of supplement options as
well to match your dietary needs. Besides the fact that the packaging is cute
which I will say with vitamins that is not enough to sucker me in the packaging
but the packaging is cuter so to throw that in there and probably the most
important thing for me when I’m looking at vitamins is their sourcing, where they
get the ingredients for that they put into their vitamins. Care/Of sources such
high-quality ingredients that I was so excited to start taking their vitamins
so I have my little multi pack it’s got five pills in it which you guys know if
you follow me on instagram is nothing for me that’s a breeze. In my pack I am
taking magnesium, a probiotic supplement which honestly anyone that’s
ever getting into health I’m always like are you taking a probiotic it’s so
important rhodiola for energy which my mom swears
by ashwagandha which I’ve never taken but I’ve heard people talk about. Ohh there’s five pills because I have two magnesium’s in here and magnesium is
something that I’ve been wanting to start taking again but I used to take
really regularly it’s great for sleep support and your muscles and your joints
and all of that so I’m pretty excited to be taking this for so many reasons so
now you see them…. Now you dont! So once again guys if you want to try
Care/Of go to take Care Of dot com and enter the code NikkiP50 and you
will get 50% off of your first month of vitamins. So then I made my way upstairs
I brought Zoe with me because I will always bring Zoe with me to do
everything if I have the option and it was time to get ready so I poured my
water in my diffuser and I decided to diffuse some tangerine while I put on my
makeup. By the way a bunch of you guys have asked about safety of oils around
animals I can’t speak around you know all companies and all products but just
so you are aware young livings oils are safe to diffuse around animals. A lot of
those articles that have circulated are based on oils that are not completely
pure or possibly synthetic and also this is a little anecdotal but my dogs have
never had any issues with the oils like at all just kind of throwing that out
there but I get asked that question a lot so I just kind of wanted to let you
know so once my hair and makeup was complete
my friend Deanna actually came over to my house because she is an incredible
piano player and harp player randomly enough and she’s actually starting to
give me piano lessons which is so exciting because I’m one of those people
that really thrives with lessons like with people and honestly even one lesson
I can already tell the difference in my piano playing. She has just been so
helpful and we actually go to church together and play on worship team
together and fun fact I think Deanna was Miss Tennessee so that’s kind of random
and cool honestly shout out to you, Deanna! You’re such a sweet human and I’m
so glad that we’re getting to do this together. So after my piano lesson Dan actually got back to the house and he brought me
this little tray of succulents from my neighbor’s house he helped our neighbor
with some construction stuff around their house and his wife is really into
plants so she sent this home with Dan to give me as a gift so, Thank You Lexi! So
at this point it was time for lunch and so I made my way upstairs to cut off a
head of lettuce from my tower garden yes it is as good as it looks and I decided
to make a salad so I cut up my lettuce no I did not wash it because I do not
wash my produce from my tower garden. There’s no pesticides and I don’t have
any bugs or dirt or anything so I don’t feel a need to do that which is nice
because it helps keep my salad crisp so I chopped up my lettuce and then I
chopped up my green onions which I did cut off from my green onions that I’m
growing upstairs which is really cool so I cut those up threw those into the
salad as well and then I chopped up a jalapeno and threw that into the mix too {Soft piano music playing} Then I diced up some of my cherry
tomatoes {Soft piano music playing} Once I threw those into the bowl, I
squeezed a ton of lemon juice onto the salad and then I added some olive oil.
And then last but not least, I scooped in my leftover chickpea salad that I had
made about a day or two before that. Oh! And I chopped up some cilantro to throw
on as well. A lot of times when I’m cooking, I will
just go through my fridge and find every piece of produce that I think could go
together to try to make a recipe. I also added a
little bit of crunchy chunky sea salt to the top and then I had a side of some
blueberries and some raspberries and that was my lunch and yes it was as good
as it looks. So after I ate I decided to go and water my plants downstairs they
were all looking a little bit limp and I realized I hadn’t watered them in a
couple of days so I just gave a good watering to all of my downstairs indoor
plants {Soft piano music playing} Also I filled up my diffuser in my
living room. I added some eucalyptus globulus to the
diffuser. This diffuser, by the way, I get a ton of questions about it it’s called
the Aria diffuser from Young Living and I love it and when the sun is shining
through my living room and the diffuser is going it honestly just feels like
heaven it’s so beautiful and relaxing clearly Zoe loves it as well and I
decided because it was so beautiful to do some of my computer work downstairs
in the kitchen I have been asked quite a bit recently in videos what my job is or
like if I’m between jobs right now and I thought everybody knew this but my
full-time job is actually YouTube and like internet stuff so every day at some
point I am spending a good chunk of time either filming or editing or both and I
flippin love it and I appreciate you guys so much for watching my videos you
literally have no idea how grateful I am so I took a break in the late afternoon
to actually go and have a therapy session and I know this looks weird I’m
just on my computer but my therapist was actually someone that I worked with when
I lived in California and when I moved I didn’t want to leave her because I’ve
been working with her for years and so we continued our relationship via Skype
and I loved working with her yeah it was a great question it’s always a great
session. I love my therapist so once I was done with therapy, I decided to get
some laundry going I had quite a few loads I wanted to get done that day so I
just kind of switched everything over started a new load and then guys are you
ready to get hyped?! I got a second tower garden! So I actually mentioned this in
my last tower garden diary that I just uploaded this week that we had ordered a
second tower garden so on this day the tower garden got in and Dan set it up
for me and not only did we get another tower garden but we actually got two
dollies so one for each tower garden so now we can easily spin it around kind of
sunglasses rack so that we can see all of the plants around the tower garden
and I’ve mentioned this before but our office is in a major transition I said
our because it used to be mine but with us going through the process of becoming
foster parents, Dan’s office is going to become our foster child’s room and my
office is now our office so we are doing major transition setting everything up
it’s really cool to make steps forward in that. Of course I had to check on my
seedlings because I do that every day and then I sat down in my office to get
a little bit more computer work done while Dan sat next to me and raced on
his simulator. To those of you that don’t know Dan is super into something called
I-racing and it’s basically like NASCAR racing simulation and it is how Dan
trained to race in actual cars if you didn’t know that about Dan he’s actually
done like legitimate NASCAR racing. He likes to do I racing multiple times a
week not only because it’s a fun hobby for him but it keeps that skill up and
while he was working on that I uploaded a new video of course another day in my
life I want to give a shout out and thank you to Care/Of for sponsoring this
video I was over the moon excited to get to be working with such a high quality
vitamin company. Don’t forget to check out the link down below use the code if
you’re interested and I will hopefully see you guys back here soon with another
new video all right bye guys!! {Music Playing}

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