5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong (Coconuts, Crawfish, Garlic & More!) | You’re Doing It Wrong

5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong (Coconuts, Crawfish, Garlic & More!) | You’re Doing It Wrong

– Oh, I’m makin’ some progress!
Let’s go, baby! – There’s something primal
about ripping the head off of like a tiny lobster thing,
and sucking its brains out. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today we’re gonna be
showing you some food that you may not know how to eat. – Okay, I feel like I’ve eaten
a lot of food. Eating’s one of my favorite hobbies
and passions, and I’m pretty good at it. – Oh, are you gonna bring me
like really difficult foods to eat like pomegranates
and weird things like that? – I’m guessing like hard to open
type of stuff, like fruits that you don’t know
how to cut or whatever? – (FBE) We’re going to be giving you
a few foods that don’t necessarily come with instructions,
and we’re going to see if you can figure out how to eat them.
– Okay, let’s get it. – (FBE) Then we’ll show you a video of how it’s actually
supposed to be eaten. – Oh, okay.
– Oh, this’ll be fun! This is gonna be fun.
I’ve never done one of these. – Heck yeah, okay, I’m here for,
I’m literally like, I don’t know what time it is,
but I’m ready to eat! ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) First up.
– Oh. Okay.
– I’ve never had crawfish. My favorite food’s lobster. And this is just like
a little baby lobster. – I think you’re supposed to
break the legs off, you know, and get right to the body, I guess. My kids, they would freak out, because you can see
the eyes and stuff. – This thing hanging out here
is making me sad. I typically try not to eat things
that stare back at me. – I’m gonna assume you crack the head,
peel this guy off, this is the stuff
you’re supposed to eat, I assume. No? – If it’s anything like a lobster,
you take the butt end, you twist it, you go like that, whoa,
I just ripped its whole head off. Sorry buddy. It looks like there’s meat
just like the inside too. – Where’s the meat?
I want this stuff. How do I open this right? I thought it was in
like this chunky top part, but it’s actually in the tail.
Mmm, yummy! – You rip off the tail,
and then there’s meat, and then you eat the meat. I think you’re supposed
to suck it out, right? I’m pretty sure, I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure
this how you do it. – I feel like I’ve seen
where you just bust it open, see you’re just gonna
pull this meat out. It tastes a lot better than I thought. – It’s like a lot of work
for a tiny bit of meat. – I don’t know,
maybe they’re supposed to suck on the shell part first,
and then get to the (laughs). But I’m pretty sure that the video’s
gonna show me a different way like you’re supposed to
suck on something and then get to the middle part.
I’m just crackin’ it open. It ain’t really a whole lot of meat. – I think it’s fun! I like it when you play
with your food. There’s something primal
about ripping the head off of like a tiny lobster thing,
and sucking its brains out. – (chef) If you’ll take
the body right here, and the tail like this.
– Yes. – (chef) Break it away. – Break it, okay,
so I was doing too much. – (chef) Like that,
and you can see your meat. – Oh!
– (chef) Like that, that’s all the good yum.
– So I did it right! – (chef) Peel away the first little…
– Okay! – (chef) Then you should be able
to just squeeze it like this. – Alright, I was pretty close.
– (chef) Then you eat all of that. – That’s so fun. Oh, so I guess I wasn’t
supposed to eat the body and the brains. – I’d normally just stick with
my regular shrimp, Now I’m gonna be extra and be like gimme
some crawfish please! ♪ (accordion music) ♪ An artichoke! Who even eats artichokes? – I’ve never had ’em like this,
but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to
break it off somehow. ‘Cause I don’t think
you’re supposed to eat it like that, you know, like an apple or something. – I’m gonna assume
that the way people do this is just straight up go,
peel them off, and then dip ’em
and then eat ’em. – I feel like you’re supposed to
open it up until you get, until you get this chunk
in the middle. – You just like, you know,
tear into that. That’s how I’ve seen
my wife eat ’em. – You just rip it,
and then you dip it in whatever sauce. I like onion garlic sauce,
and you like, kinda like, eat it like that.
– Poor little artichoke, I’m sorry. I have the core of the artichoke,
and you can dip it in some butter. Ooh, look at that,
look at how hairy that is. Are you supposed to eat that? I feel like you’re not
supposed to eat this. Am I right?
I feel like I’m right! – (FBE) We’re gonna show you
the correct way to eat them through this video.
– I’m gonna feel so foolish when I see how
you’re supposed to do it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Okay, so say I did that part right. – In the butter,
this is the good part. Use your teeth to scrape it off.
Yeah, that’s what I did. – I was right, you dip it,
and then you skip it with your teeth. – What!? – Eat the base,
don’t eat the choke. You just eat the arti. – Oh, that’s where
that knife comes in. And there’s the heart. – Oh, okay. Well the heart was below the fuzzies.
That’s why I didn’t know. – You’re gonna just take out
the artichoke’s heart like that, and eat it in your bare hands. – My mind is like blown, like I literally eat artichoke
all the time, and I have never eaten the middle.
That was so good. Now I’m mad at myself,
and I’m mad at my parents for literally never telling me
to eat that! ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – Ah, coconuts! – I can hear the juice, okay! – I cracked a coconut open
with my bare hands and a rock in Hawaii when I first went there.
It was dope. – I mean, I remember like this
whole thing starting with the face, and then I think it was
just a crack along the seam. – Why is there a hammer here? – Let’s go, let’s go right for
these little holes right there. – Don’t mind us! – This is really hard. – Oh, I’m makin’ some progress!
Let’s go, baby! – Boom, bitch! Boom, it’s in there! – I think I found a spot,
I think I got it! – Cheers boys!
– Jeff Probst, where you at? Get me on Survivor, ASAP! – Ew, God, what the, ew! – Okay, mmm.
That [bleep] is good right there. I didn’t do it the right way,
but I think I was close. – (FBE) Are you ready to see
how to actually eat this coconut? – Yeah, show me the video. – Alright, now we’re gonna
just drain the coconut water. – Okay. – (scoffs) My coconut water
came out way more smooth. – We’re going to take the hammer,
and we’re gonna crack this guy open. Now, there’s three ridges
that are going to be most prominent. – Okay. You got the butthole. – Oh, he smashed the end,
see I didn’t try, oh, in the center, oh my God.
OMG whoa, that’s such a clean line! – See oh, I did it
the wrong way, I think. – That’s some BS!
I was wackin’ that thing all day! – Oh, this is how you do it!
Bop-bop! Got it! – With this last wack,
yep, there we go. Okay, and that’s how we
open the coconut. – Whoa, okay, well,
yeah that’s a lot cleaner than mine. – I definitely was hitting it.
I had the right idea. I had a hammer,
and you have to hit it. – I don’t think I would have
been able to figure that out, and I’m really scared using hammers.
Somehow I would’ve gotten injured. This is really hard! ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Next up, you’re going
to try to prepare a clove of garlic. – Garlic, oh man! – Okay, so there was a tweet I saw,
I think Chrissy Teigen retweeted it, and the person just went like this
and then took it out. – Okay, peel this first layer,
and then they’re just like (swishes). – Jesus Christ, it’s Jason Bourne. – Kind of go at the base,
and like flip it out, and then boom,
you got a garlic clove. Then you just kinda, I don’t know,
I just use my hands for everything. – Crack technique, and then you get
’em all nice and open. – Well there’s that new thing
on the internet where you just take it right out like that.
What the [bleep] yo! How ’bout that? – Oh, gotcha bitch!
Gotcha! – (gasps) Wow! This is so good,
I should be a chef. – Oh. (gags) That’s good.
– (FBE) How did you think you did? Did you think
that was the correct way? – Right, wrong, when it comes to food,
who knows? – This is the exact video
that I watched, and she goes ham bone,
look at that, skirt, skirt, skirt! – See that’s, how do,
that’s so fast! – I think I got a few out,
but not like super great, like they did.
– I’m gonna be honest, I think I like my method more. – There’s a removed section, 100%.
Which, they probably removed (spits). ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) We are going to
have you tackle nopales. – Oh, it’s a cactus! – (FBE) In English, they are sometimes
called a prickly pear, and they are common in Mexico. These are actually paddles
pulled from a cactus. – Yeah, I was just gonna say,
this is like a cactus. Okay, I’m guessing you already
took off the prickly stuff. What, do you eat these? – Well I would say the first thing
would be to put these gloves on. This is a peeler, and so I think
maybe the next thing would be to peel it off like that. – What the heck is going on?
You’re supposed to skin it? – You just gotta peel it,
and then chop this bitch up! Let’s see.
Psych, this is really hard! Yeah, don’t think
you’re supposed to do that hold on, let’s try to cut it first,
and then peel it. Ooh, cuts really nice though. – I’m gonna cut it in
like little boyos, and cut the edges off. I’m treating this like
an aloe vera plant, where you cut the edges off
and then you peel it apart. That didn’t work, wait. – I’m gonna assume that
it starts off with a knife. You get the big chunks
of the thorns off, and then when that’s done,
and they’re down, like they’re reduced that’s when you come in
with the apple peeler, and you get the rest
of the guys off. – Let’s see. Wow, that’s really tart. I feel like I would grab this
as a little snacky-snack. – I kinda like it! I don’t think that’s how
you eat it though, but I like it. – (host) At the market,
nopales might come all ready to cook with the spines removed.
– Okay! – (host) Either full pads,
or cut into strips or pieces. Or they might be sold
with the spines still on. If that’s the case,
to remove the spines… – Ooh, okay.
Well mine didn’t have any spines. – (host) To remove the spines,
protect your hands with dish gloves, and lay a pad flat.
– Ooh, okay! You guys already did that for me? – Turn the base with a knife,
give the pad a good rinse, and they’re ready for cooking. – So you didn’t really
need to do anything! You just chop ’em?
– That’s what I did, yep. Momma taught me right! – I feel really good
about my cooking skills. I feel like the younger you learn
the easier it is, and the more adventurous
you can be with eating. I feel really confident now!
I’m ready to get back in the kitchen, and not order Uber Eats every day.
(laughs) – Food content in general,
like watching people make food is like really interesting,
and lots of different chefs and creators have different styles
to how they do things, including how they prepare
or like slice open fruit, you know? So I think that yeah,
this is pretty interesting to watch. – Thanks for watching
You’re Doing It Wrong on the REACT Channel. – You’d be coconuts
if you didn’t subscribe and hit the notification bell!
– Later! – Hey guys, Sabrina here,
REACT Channel producer. Did you learn something today? ‘Cause you could learn
a whole lot more about FBE if you follow us on Instagram
@FBE, see ya there! Bye! (laughs)

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