Welcome to HowToCookThat I’m Ann Reardon and
this is Dave Reardon … and today we are going to do another ‘Clever or Never’ video
for you. You guys enjoyed the last one and said could
I do another one and you loved Dave so much, so I have brought him back to test 5 more
kitchen gadgets. This is not his normal area of expertise as
you know, he used to be a journalist, he’s a writer, he’s written The Deep Enders, he’s
a great guy. Yep. Well, yep! What else can you say? So what’s our first gadget? Our first gadget is a batter dispenser… A batter dispenser, what does that do? It dispenses batter. Yes it does dispense batter! Ok so what this gadget is supposed to do is
you’re supposed to pour batter in and then it’s got a little lever on the side. And when you pull it, it opens at the bottom. And when you let go, it closes so you can
just pour out a little bit of batter at once. This is obviously going to only work for runny
type batters, so we’ve got some pancake batter. Do you want to tip that in for us? Sure. Right here. And we’ve got a fry pan. Do I tip it in there? Yes tip it all in there and hopefully it doesn’t
leak out the bottom because we haven’t tested any of these gadgets before. Ok. Ooh, I made a mess. Put the lid on. Alright so give it a go, we just want a little
bit in the bottom of the pan. Ok, what am I making? Crepes. Like the hundred layers of crepes cake. Oooh le crepe. Oh not that much. Well it did work, it just let a little bit
out. Sorry it’s more of a pancake. It’s more of a pancake than a crepe but that’s
fine. That’s very good. Now we actually have another gadget that’s
going to work with crepes as well, not with that much crepe batter, maybe a little bit
less. But this does seem to work anyway, look … open
… close. Open … close. Open … close. So it works for letting a little bit, whether
you can just get the right amount out, you might have to do it very quick. And it’s working, that’s pretty cool. And then you don’t get a mess even when you
put it down. There’s nothing there, that was from us before,
that’s not from this. So that’s pretty cool, let me know what you
think – do you think it’s Clever or Never? What do you think? I think it’s okay … not sure … like what’s
the difference between that And that? Because, look you do it and now it’s dripping
down here and then you put it here. Sure. And now it’s going to drip all the way down
onto the counter. Okay, that’s why you have cloths though. To wipe it clean? Yeah. But also if you’re doing, if you had a runny
cake batter, and you’re doing it across 12 different things, you don’t want to drip it
across from one to the next to the next. It’s good for that too. Sure, clever? I think it’s clever, you would never use it. No, definitely not. But I think it’s clever. This is another gadget that I have, which
is a spreader for spreading out pancake mixture so you can spread it out smoothly. If I was making the 100 layers crepe cake,
I would use this one. I would not make 100 crepes again without
one of those, I think that was good. And that was also very good for that but whether
I would use it often because I don’t often make 100 layers. I don’t know, let me know in the comments
if it’s clever for the batter dispenser and the pancake spreader. Next we have Perfect Roll Sushi. Which should probably be Perfect Sushi Roll,
I just think it got a bit lost in translation. Konnichiwa
Take this out Okay, let’s have a look
This looks interesting. Okay so usually you use a whole sheet but
we’ve got to cut it to a suitable width and length to match our machine. It says put in your rice, vegetables, beef,
fish and favourite ingredients into the sushi machine. Then take hold of the shelf to head with hard
pull! Take hold fo the shelf to head hard pull,
that’s what it says! There are people all over Japan right now
that are laughing us. Sorry. It’s quite simple, it says. It is quite simple. So simple that we can’t figure it out. Ahh. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Oh yeah, this is good! Ok … I can see air through it. Yep, is that not … that’s not perfect is
it? No. Do you want to try again? Yes. Okay so Dave is going to use this Perfect
Roll Sushi and I’m going to use this perfect bamboo mat. And we’re going to race and see which one’s
better. Now to be fair, I made 2 huge platters of
sush last night using this. And I made none! And Dave’s never made sushi before so it could
be a little bit unfair but I think it’s going to probably be better than if we swap because
this is a bit tricky if you’ve never used it. Ok so, are you ready? I’m ready, I’m ready. Get set, go. Wetting my hands, getting some rice. Spreading it out. You have to use wet hands or the rice sticks
to your fingers. I don’t have to because I’m using the hygienic
Perfect Roll Sushi machine. Yeah, you’ve also got a spoon, this great
device called a spoon. But I need to flatten out my rice. I’ve probably got a bit much rice because
I’m rushing. Put some carrot. It’s a very hands on meal. Chicken. Okay now roll mine around. I’m definitely the worst! What just happened? I had a malfunction … I think the electrics
on it have gone wrong. You go back to yours, I’m doing this. Mine’s done already. Ok, alright! Roll it up, there we go… Hands off! You did it. Look at that. Yay! First try! Very good, ok now what do you think? Clever or Never? I reckon with a big of practice, for a novice
like me, this could be quite clever. Could be quite clever. If this came full length. If this came the length of that, then I might
use it. It’s that it only makes a third of a sheet
that’s the issue for me. Let me know what you think in the comments
below, Clever or Never for the … was it called Perfect …
Perfect Roll Sushi. Perfect Roll Sushi, let us know. Next we have this gadget. Do you know what it does? It’s uh … no. Any guesses? It’s um … something with your hair? It’s a kitchen gadget. Oh, I think it’s probably something to do
with pie. Something to do with pastry? I know your really like apple pie, I wanted
to do apple and cherry so I can show the colours. So this has little circles that are incomplete
so that as we roll it, it should make a pattern. So roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll,
roll. I’ve never done this before but I think it’s
going to work. We are going to flip this over. Do you want to move the pie over a bit. Yep. Onto the pie. And then I’m going to peel off the Glad wrap. And then we are going to stretch it out a
bit … see that. Oh lattice! Did you expect that to happen? I didn’t, that is actually very clever. But I’ve got to pull it out a bit more. I don’t think I pressed hard enough in the
middle! It hasn’t cut all the way through. Trying to press hard enough to make sure we
get all the way to the bottom. CRACK! Not too hard. Wow. Let’s just cut that bit 🙂
I don’t thing this is sharp enough to cut all the way through. What if we cut but I guess that defeats the
purpose of having a gadget. I think it’s clever, the whole concept is
clever and I’ve seen ones before that are made of metal and they work beautifully but
this one unfortunately is not strong enough to do the job. So that’s a pain, I really wanted a nice pretty
pie. We’ll just have to eat it anyway. Yeah we’ll have to bake it anyway, I’ll try
and get it as repaired as I can and we’ll put it in the oven. Even though I pushed down on it as I rolled,
which hurt my hand, it still didn’t cut through the pastry properly. So for me, this one is a Never but the same
design in maybe metal or something stronger would be Clever. I like it, let me know what you think in the
comments below. It still looks ok though and would you like
some pie? I would love a piece of pie. Let’s eat some pie! This one, I’m really excited about. This is an ice cream sandwich maker. And you like ice cream sandwiches. I love ice cream sandwiches. So what’s in the box … there’s a spatula,
a recipe book which I’ve made the batter according to their directions. And this! Hmm, which is cool. It says in the directions to put a tablespoon
of batter into each of these, now we are going to put them on a tray because I don’t fancy
trying to get that into the oven without spilling it otherwise. So we’ll just put a tablespoon in each and
maybe if you can spread it. It says to make sure you don’t get it out
of the mould, so you’ve got to keep it in the mould section. I’ll do my best. I think we are going to have way too much
batter. I don’t know why it made us make so much batter
if we don’t need that much. There we go, I think we’re ready. Ok, so that’s just got to go in the oven to
bake and once it’s baked, we’ll come back and read the next step. So they’re baked and we’ve cooled them in
the fridge like it said so they’re cold to the touch. Now the top and bottom are exactly the same
and we have to click this in. And now we are supposed to “smoosh” these
full of ice cream. That’s not a word. It’s a made up word it’s a ‘my’ word. Smoosh is a good word. It should be in the dictionary I think … can
you push it down using that? Yep. Just because you’re the journalist it doesn’t
mean you get to not let me make up words. Who made up words a lot? Dr Seuss. Dr Seuss, what a genius! I like Dr Seuss books. What’s your favourite word? ZizzaZazzaZuzz. You know what mine is? What? Lugubrious! Lugubrious. Do you know what lugubrious means, I do. Do you know what lugubrious means? If you know what it means put it in the comments
below. Looking good. Ok now we have to … I think if we flip this
one they will all fall out so I think we have to flip this one onto that one and then use
your muscles again to join them together. So now we have to put that in the freezer
for at least an hour it says and then come back and eat them. It has been about 3 hours and it feels pretty
cold. So apparently what we have to do is peel off
the top. And then flip it over and peel off the other
side, I don’t know how you get them out of the middle though. And then we have to push them out I assume. No I can’t do it, your turn muscles. I wonder if we run a knife around the edge
first if that will be easier to get it out. Let’s eat some. Maybe you’re meant to wait for it to melt
a little bit, a fraction. Hmm, they’re good. What do you think, Clever or Never? Clever, good. And they taste good. They don’t look quite perfect but we might
have overloaded them a bit with ice cream. So there you have it, that’s 5 new gadgets
reviewed for you. Let me know in the comments below which ones
you thought were Clever and which ones you would Never use and they’d just clutter up
your drawer. Some of today’s ones I would use again. Yep, you probably would, I don’t think I would. I would but some of them I wouldn’t so let
me know below which ones you think were Clever or Never. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more cakes,
chocolates and desserts. Click here for the website. Here for more Clever or Never videos. And here’s one of our videos randomly selected
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  2. The pastry latticer – I have one, it works perfectly and you don't need to press hard. Maybe the one tested is poor quality or defective but If used properly (there is a "knack" to spreading the pie lid) this device creates the best looking fruit tarts ever. Definitely clever.

  3. I think some breakfast diners use the batter dispenser for pancakes since they're making them all the time in big numbers. quick and less messy. but as a person who doesn't eat pancakes that often it would seem like a waste of money and cabinet space. its not that hard to get a paper towel lol

  4. I think with the ice cream sandwich maker:

    Make sure to soften the ice cream slightly to spread it evenly

    Don't over fill

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    Clenever for number 4 :P(that's a maybe)
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    lugubrious: mournful or gloomy! atleast that's what i think! 😛

  9. It’s always good to remember some gadgets that we view as a little pointless can really help disabled people with cooking

  10. the batter dispenser I got sucked, was leaky, and the lever broke even before I finished with one recipe, so I assume it was a very very cheap copy

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    3, I better learn it the handy way.
    Number 4 should be made of steel.
    5 is one I would buy.

  12. Fun fact of the day, a metal lattice maker is used in skin grafting to make the replacement skin stretch more :O!

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  14. Ohhh that ice cream sandwich maker reminds me of a really good "cake" my mother-in-law makes. You basically put 12 ice cream sandwiches in a layer, spread a mixture of chocolate pudding and crushed up oreos over it, then add two more layers of the sandwiches and filling and cover the whole thing in cool whip, wrap it in foil, and keep it in the freezer. A knife under hot water will slice it nicely and it's delicious.

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    2. Clever. Can’t make crepes without them because I have no talent.
    3. Never! But I also hate sushi soooo….
    4. Clever. I have something very similar (made of metal) that I’ve used many times. I had a good laugh watching yours break though!
    5. Never. I’m sure a homemade ice cream sandwich tastes better, but to me it’s not worth the extra time.

  17. Just imagine what kind of castle you'd have to live to even store every gadget for the most trivial tasks in kitchen. Most of gadgets, even those which work, are stupid unless you have addiction for a certain type of food. Or some kind of restaurant or bakery where you output excessive amount of certain type of food.

    A good rule of thumb for every gadget is "you don't need it unless you thought needing it before you heard about it".

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  22. That sushi roller is just a fat joint roller… lol
    I'm from Jamaica and you see small versions of those on every coffee table and car glove bin Hahaha
    It's kinda funny that someone made a bigger one for sushi.. since it's the same principal.

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    LOL, I spill and make way too many messes when I'm cooking and I would be just so disappointed if I ended staining something or ruining it. Plus, I'm a little obsessive with certain things, and would probably spend hours trying to get rid of all the fingerprints, dust and worrying that everything was evenly clean! I'm getting a bit anxious even thinking about it,LOL!

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  32. dispenser and sushi roller: won't use it often enough to justify it's purchase.

    those spreader thingies have, to my experience, a tendency to spread the batter too thin to stay intact.
    instead I prefer to use tilt-spreading.

    pie lattice cutter: it can't cut 3 way lattices (let alone 4 or more way), so for me it's a NEVER. (Yes, I know, 3 way lattice top crusts require old-fashioned manual weaving to look good)

    ice cream sandwich maker: just a tip, put the thing under running COLD water for a few seconds after you take it out of the freezer. (that's how we got the home-made ice lollies out of their molds back when I was 9)

  33. I have a stainless steel version of the lattice cutter
    I freaking LOVE it, I didn't even know there was a plastic version

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