Today let’s cook fish fry We bought too many FISH here And kept it there Let’s go There is a big chance of rain I will cut the fishes before the rain comes We have to clean it first we have to marinate in masala Now the has started raining I will cut it before the sudden storm we will put the fire where you put the fire haha I think it’s very hard to put fire here for Ponna That’s why What that’s why? haha I bought wood also I think someone is shooting a short film there There is some shooting happening there y..e…s….. They need this hero And you comedian? No, I will be a Goon Which goon? Rowdy!! Roady?? Which kind of Roady haha I will destroy everyone haha… Haha brother Hey, Ponna WHat is this? haha Big heads are coming ( flies ) haha… Ponna is sure he will keep the flies away Rain will not gonna leave us… there is a big cloud here A big black cloud here not a single sunray Now we are making a quick fry according to whether If there is no rain there will be a fish curry because of rain, we are making fry This is a quick type of cooking it’s a very easy, we have to add 4 to 5 ingredients only after that 1 hour marination, that’s it Ponna is sleepy this will help you from the rain What about Guruji? Hey What are you doing ponna…? are you killing insects Bring water bro raining now I kept a helmet …and you bought an umbrella Tell now He became so dumb just because of this helmet… I told him to talk, but he is whispering that I can’t hear Go, do it fast Now it’s cleaned well and no raining now I will keep this helmet aside and come back Let’s marinate fishes in the masala we have to marinate at least 1 hour bring it throw it Ponna Hey Show him how he’s coming…haha Is that red chilli? Give me the lemon bag Ponna We have to add this entire jar of ginger & garlic paste today coz we bought too many fishes now the salt 1 2 3 enough now the red chilli powder Ponna remove the seeds 1 2 3 half Turmeric powder Turmeric powder ( loudly ) haha I think I will disappear from here haha tell this is turmeric powder No one heard we will add 2 spoons of it it is only a half now add the cornflour total 500 grams the entire packet? Yup Ponna what happened to you are removing seed or not? Yes I removed totally You can’t find 1 you will have a tree of lemons here in one year what is that? I mean A lemon tree ok Garama masala Coriander powder the aroma is wonderful Raj brother come here Do I have any work to do? yes a little What is that? what’s the work here? Tell me haha Is This one? Now we will add lemon in this jar? ..cumin powder can we add 12 lemons? total we have 12 lemons here see the seeds are there take care.. it should not come Ponna you are throwing seeds in this now we have to add cumin powder 1 2 I will massage this fish with masala’s After that will fry on the pan like this…and eat haha I cleaned it nicely let’s mix it is that fish-eating the entire masala You can eat after that we have to rub it deeply yes deep we made some cuts to the fishes good now it’s done, bro we have used total masala Now we gonna marinate this for an hour put the lid and shake it well now it’s done rest for an hour we will take rest for an hour what happened to him? have you got an injury? Rain is coming now see what happens here…it is very hard to put fire Very hard What happened to him? the wind is blowing I will make sure it doesn’t get into Ohh, God, this Smoke is unbearable Put a helmet haha This one is very big haha see there once what to do haha ponna has done it The fire is ready no, it’s not see let’s add some oil The pan is very hot ? why are you not pouring oil …stingy I bought fishes here oh Ponna add more oil ponna If you say Ponna He will say Anna ( brother ) Because of raindrops, it making sounds it has more masala, so we’ll remove the extra masala if we don’t remove, There is a chance of burning Is all fried nicely, brothers? Yeah it’s done you came in the end I want to eat one Why one You can eat more this is last these are last fishes that we have after that, we’ll pack the whole thing we…will… pack after eating…….. pour the oil…this is not hot you want me to add oil or fire? put the fire sir, now this is done this is last fish we will remove from the pan and pack it Ponna have brought the covers Let’s move then It’s very heavy we packed all of them but left only 4 for us We’ll taste it and tell you how it is? give me one sir one for one only I am thinking about where to start eating where to start which side eat first eat the head taste is yummy cameraman please come and taste it haha I don’t mind it’s very nice to see you ppl eating it’s very hot and it’s tasty when it is hot take lemon drops enough enough my heart says eat it yes it is very hot Alok has completed his fish I am an expert in eating fish we have to move it is very late let’s go


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  2. आप जैसे लोगो के वजह से आज हमारी संस्कृति जिंदा है सर् लव यू

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  4. Love looking at u guys cooking But I don’t understand what u guys saying any one in the group speak English.

  5. थैंक्यू भैया जी ऐसे ही बनाते रहना हम रोज देखते हैं खाना बना रहे हैं आपको क्योंकि हमको खाना पहले आता नहीं था आपको देखकर ही खाना बना रहे हो

  6. सर जी हिन्दी मै बोले करें मसाला के नाम आप जो बाहासा बोलते हैं नहीं समज न
    ही आता ok सर जी

  7. Good friends I m try to do so & serve poor as like u & daddy's kitchen too in my area boss any how ur young brother is very instring ahahhhhaaahah

  8. "खाने के बाद पैकिंग " 😀😀😀😀 पूना के लिए एक LIKE तो बनता है… 👇👇👇

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