100 thoughts on “7 Cheap Eats You Need To Try In Vancouver”

  1. As a Vancouverite. I just watched a tourist walk on 2 streets and name the "meh" options of food that are def not cheap. Cmon Buzzfeed.

  2. These were all Asian places.
    How about lonsdale with their 1000 Iranians places or commercial drive with Italian food or ……..

  3. Japadogs are close to $10 can, poutine i’d say averages at $8-$10 can. For what these items are i’d say they are slightly more expensive than what most people would think but being from a suburb of Vancouver and having tried all this stuff I’d say, it’s totally worth it. Although, as many people have already said, in general Vancouver and “cheap” should not be in the same sentence.

  4. I'm actually visiting Vancouver in a couple of weeks, so was interested to watch this video. However, the irritating looped music, the breathless speed of the commentary, and lack of any prices made me click away after whatever no. 2 was. Real shame.

  5. Disregard this useless list and go to Mr SHAWARMA TRUCKS on graville, robson and burrard st. My regular lunch spot.

  6. stay home and cook a $1 box of western family mac and cheese and try to stretch it out for 3 meals. that is the real vancouver AMIRITE

  7. Don’t worry, since you can’t get a house there you’ll have all the money to spend on food! No need to worry about cheap food!

  8. This is not a cheap eats list at all, really this is just a list of foods that PearlTheFoodie likes and is close by to her. sad that this is what buzzfeed decided to show for Vancouver. also people in the comments need to stop being racist about the Asian population in Vancouver. Vancouver is actually pretty diverse, y'all just mad that white isn't a super high majority and that is sad, this isn't America so stop with the "if it's not white it's not right" attitude

  9. Vancouver is not a food city imo. Go to LA. The food is amazing, cheap, plentiful, and the people actually have fun.

  10. You should give the price's and I like Kent's kitchen in China town they are under 10 bucks for a complete meal

  11. This is the best you can come up with? Vancouver is home to some really amazing food spots, you’ve done the city a major injustice with this list.

  12. And or you can pick your own wild berrys practically on your way to where ever.
    I heard they are ready to be picked all year round and loaded in
    Vitamin C

  13. Maybe in Downtown Vancover it's considered cheap but JapaDog is at least $7-$8. And drinks at YiFang costs at least $6.

  14. I wanna find some gettho food where i risk getting food poisoning but is still good ass food but i csnt seem to find anything

  15. Great video, so glad that you were able to highlight some of the amazing spots here. I just finished my updated Vancouver travel guide too that features local food and activities that are a must see!

  16. Suggestion for you ….maybe you should enunciate your words to make your video more palatable to the viewers. You seem to be in a hurry for some reason to finish your sentences….just an observation….cuz I was interested in what you had to say but got annoyed in your hastiness in imparting your info.

  17. Vancouver is cheap to see. $30 hostel. $120 round trip from us. $15 for transportation. $30 for food. Visit free site. easy trip. I found Chicago roundtrip for $28.

  18. China Town is cheap. Poutine is cheap. Grocery store is cheap. Fast food. Don't go to hip places… They charge alot when traveling. Go cheap.

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