7 DIY Barbie Life Size Food

Pink popcorn, pink soda, pink chocolate, and a pink dress-shaped cupcake! Watch our new video to learn
how to make amazing Barbie-style food! Rosie absolutely loves Barbies!
Steve is a real friend! He gives Rosie a certificate for cooking classes:
“How to cook like Barbie”! Classes have already started, hurry up!
And Steve will look after your dolls! Rosie made it just in time! The celebrity chef Barbara Pink is telling us how to make pink popcorn for Barbie!
Take notes! Heat 2/3 cup of water with a cup of sugar. Mix it until it boils. And add food coloring. Pour the syrup onto ready popcorn. Cut out a printed template
of a Barbie-style popcorn cup. Score the bends with a utility knife. Put the cup together.
Attach it with double-sided tape. Pour the pink popcorn into the cup. Decorate it with white and pink candies. Rosie follows every step the culinary guru takes! The student’s dishes are all wrong!
This is a Barbie kitchen! Let’s change up the colors!
That’s way better! Rosie’s surrounded by 50 shades of pink! Barbara invites her student
to try the sweet popcorn! Pink is the sweetest flavor this season! And now it’s time to test your skills! Barbara Pink explains
how complicated Barbie food is to Rosie! Everything needs to be delicate, pretty, and pink. Rosie starts experimenting with noodles! But something went wrong!
This cherry tomato is too red! And Rosie is being careless! Barbara Pink will have to show us herself
how to cook noodles for Barbie! Cut out a printed-out pink takeout container
with a Barbie logo. Score the bends with a utility knife. And fold the container. Put foil inside. Add salt and pink food coloring to boiling water. Boil noodles. Dice a bell pepper. And cube some cheese. Put corn in the bottom of the container. Lay out the peppers on top.
Then the pink noodles. Toss in the cubes of cheese.
And sprinkle it with sesame seeds. Close the container. Dissolve a drop of food coloring in water. Dip a cotton round in the water
and make chopsticks pastel pink. Mix ketchup with mayonnaise.
Pour the sauce into a bottle. Cover the neck with foil.
Attach a printed-out Barbie logo. Barbara Pink mixes the ingredients
like the goddess that she is. Let’s add magic! Holy Ken,
these noodles are out-of-this-world! Just add sauce! Rosie offers her the bottle!
Great job, newbie! You’re learning fast!
These Barbie noodles are amazing! The Barbie guru shows us the end result
of taking doll culinary classes! This is a graduating student’s capstone project!
A Barbie cupcake! Here’s the recipe! Wrap a small doll in Saran Wrap. Take a pre-made cupcake out of its mold. And cut out the center.
Put the doll in the middle. Beat heavy cream with a mixer. Divide the cream into parts.
And add food coloring. Use a pastry bag to put the whipped cream
onto the cupcake. Make a big skirt and a bodice. Decorate it with edible beads. Rosie memorizes all the components!
Be sure to use a lot of whipped cream! Now, the most important part!
A Barbie taste test! The cupcake is very sweet and elegant,
just like Barbie’s ballgown! Sad, I can’t make a sweet dress to fit myself. I’ll just have to enjoy this dessert. Time for a break!
Every Barbie should always make time to go on a walk! The girls drink tea by the sea! And Barbara Pink always has something sweet to eat! Barbie Hershey’s to go with their tea! Mix ½ cup melted white chocolate glaze
with pink food coloring. Pour the chocolate glaze into a chocolate mold.
Spread it out evenly. Add different sprinkles on top. Let it cool. Once the chocolate sets,
place a printed-out Barbie stencil on top. And coat it with light purple glaze. Glue a printed-out pink Hershey’s wrapper together. And put the chocolate bar inside. This chocolate bar
with Barbie’s silhouette is lovely! It’s like we’re looking at it
through a Barbie filter! Rosie can’t resist!
Careful, don’t bite your teacher’s hand off! Making Rosie into a real Barbie lady
will be hard work! But the chocolate really is delicious! Time for a lecture about the various ingredients
we have in our Barbie kitchen! Rosie tries each and every one of them!
Dry, soft, aromatic. All of this is inspiring Rosie
to invent a culinary masterpiece! She brings chaos to Barbara Pink’s kitchen! But the ends justify the means!
She made Barbie chips! Beat one egg into 3 and a half ounces
of mashed potatoes. Mix, then add in ½ cup flour. Mix the dough and add some pink food coloring. Roll the dough out thinly. Cut out round chips. Lay them out on parchment paper. Bake for 15 minutes at 300 degrees. Attach a layer of foil
onto a rectangular piece of thick paper. Hot glue a chip package. And attach a printed-out Barbie Lay’s label. Put the pink chips inside. What an interesting concept!
Even Barbara Pink herself is surprised! She’s never had Barbie chips before! They smell nice, they’re crunchy,
and the best part is — they’re pink! Amazing progress, Rosie! Next up: a theoretical lesson
about Barbie’s dishes! Don’t forget, everything has to be refined,
beautiful, and pink! Rosie’s working so hard on her notes
that she got thirsty! In Barbie school,
all we drink is special Coca-Cola! Whitewash a bottle of Coca-Cola. Then color it with pink acrylic paint.
Secure it with acrylic polish. Coat the cap with white acrylic paint.
And draw a pink Barbie logo. Attach a printed-out Barbie Cola label. Barbara Pink treats her student
to some stylish soda! This is a limited release for real fans:
Barbie Cola Edition! Rosie drinks her fill!
And now let’s check out the design of this bottle! Refined, beautiful, and pink!
Our theory is proven! Now Rosie just has to pass her final task:
Cook like Barbie. She’s been training for this for a long time, and now she can show off what she learned! Rosie mixes ingredients
with all the elegance of Barbie! And her teacher admires her cooking skills,
elegance, and the color of the food! Mix one egg with one teaspoon of salt,
one tablespoon of sugar and two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Whisk. And pour in 6 and a half fluid ounces of water. Pour in 3 cups of flour. Mix. And color the dough with food coloring. If the dough turned out too slack,
you can add a little more flour. Sprinkle a mat with flour
and roll out the dough. Make it round like a pizza crust. Coat the crust with sauce.
And sprinkle on shredded cheese. Bake the pizza for 20 minutes at 360 degrees. Use cookie-cutters to slice salami.
Decorate the pizza with salami hearts. Use mayonnaise to write the letter B.
And trace the hearts. Glue a Barbie logo to a pizza box. Put the finished pizza inside. The pizza is ready!
Barbara Pink helps package it! And add the final touch –
romantic and yummy hearts! There you go, you successfully finished
your courses at Barbie school! And Barbara Pink is ready
to teach new students! Stevie practices sweet-talking on Barbie. Oops, looks like Rosie’s back! She’s bragging all about
her accomplishments at Barbie school! Barbie pizza with salami and cheese! No way! This final project is definitely
worth a delicious A-plus! Great work, Rosie!
You discovered a hidden culinary Barbie talent! Did you like our recipes
for Barbie-style food? Then let us know in the comments
about which unusual pink dish you’ll make for your friends! And don’t forget to like this video, subscribe to our channel,
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