9 Plate Hyderabadi Special Green Chicken Eating Challenge | Hyderabad Green Chicken Recipe in Tamil

9 Plate Hyderabadi Special Green Chicken Eating Challenge | Hyderabad Green Chicken Recipe in Tamil

Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman Dad:sabari what you kept here in green colour Sabari:dad it is Hyderabadi green chicken Sabari:it is special chicken in Hyderabad Dad: did you spray any green paint Sabari: no dad there is no artificial colour in it. it contains only coriander, mint, green chilli from that ingredient we will got this green colour people will add artificial colours for this recipe but we didn’t add anything it is country chicken Dad: ok fine Dad: How many plates here? Sabari: There is 9 plates here Dad : ok fine, timer is covered in camera? Dad:9 plate green chicken. am i correct? Sabari: Hyderabadi green chicken Dad: Ohhh ok ok Hyderabadi Green Chicken. and raita is here honey ok let’s start it is green in colour. i don’t know what is the taste? let’s try ok then, let’s start today we are going to prepare Hyderabadi green chicken for that we have to fry onion it came gold in colour make it three in paste form fry it slightly make these four into paste form mostly people will add artificial green colour but today we don’t add green colour marinate upto 1 to one and half hour kumaravel close it chicken marinated well boil it like this don’t add water Hyderabadi green chicken ready 5…4…3…2…1 Start start the timer ohh it is green in colour did you cut the chicken head into two pieces country chicken dad so i put chicken head in gravy it is good coriander and mint gave perfect flavour. i can feel the smell i thing you added some nuts Sabari: yes we added badam, pista, cashew if you added these nuts i will became fat(in the funny way) chinthamani chicken gave good taste like that it gave good taste comparing to chinthamani it is good taste too many boney Sabari: country chicken dad that’s why i’m going to eat with bone double bone it is more spicy i think this green chilli is spicy this gravy is too much spicy ohhhh it is more spicy i can smell that ginger garlic paste too we marinate it for one and half hour green chicken this chicken is famous in Hyderabad they will add green colour powder? Sabari: yes dad they are adding green colour that is not need for us without adding green colour it looks green colour dad Dad: it is blackish green it is too spicy so i will add raita broiler chicken won’t give this much taste chicken leg piece yes dad i kept some leg piece kumaravel do me a favour, kindly put some raita give me that chicken liver to me this gravy is good for white rice sweating because of its spicy see the camera dad final plate kumaravel for you no chicken it’s ok dad. mom kept something for me only gravy is there for me to complete this green chicken challenge it took 30 minutes 54 seconds why it took this much time means quantity is high and it is too spicy from mouth to stomach it is burning for other dish we add green chilli into two pieces and while eating we will through it that out for this dish we make it green chilli into paste and added completely so it is more spicy so that it took more time to complete but the taste was to good it contains natural flavours like coriander leaves, mint leaves and some masala’s you to try this recipe in your home but don’t try to eat this much try 2 plates of chicken it will give good experience this Hyderabadi green chicken is famous in Andhra and Telangana they make this recipe for important functions like marriage etc… people from Hyderabad like this dish so much our subscribers from Andra & Telangana asked us to do green chicken challenge for that we did this challenge. we got confusion in green colour powder so that it took this much time but we got perfect colour without adding artificial colour artificial colour are not good for health please like, comment and share the video subscribe to Saapattu Raman until then bye from Porchezhiyan Byee…!!!

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  1. I am watching ur videos but i think stopwatch is not needed because he is eating damn slow not like a time challenge but its like a food eating challenge

  2. சொடக்கு தான் இனிமேல் 😹"!

    யப்பா சாமி இது வேற
    லெவல் ஆச்சே 😉🙄"!

    வர வர குறும்பு அதிகமா போச்சு 😺"!

  3. It's boring only non veg, I said one task did you see that comment

    Please eat the 100 sweet ulatha vadai with banana ghee what ever you can add

    Waiting from Perth

  4. അദ്ദേഹത്തിന്റ വീട്ടുപരിസരത് ഉള്ള കോഴികളുടെ ഒരു അവസ്ഥേയ് 🤣🤣

  5. Nice video editing skills..
    U can eat 1000 plates f chicken with editing…
    Great condolences to u r viewers who r 🐑 sheeps believing tat this is true

  6. Hi uncle Ur really doing a great job but once Challenge vit food fighter Tamil. Challenge vit a person who is a tough contestant vil be much more interesting

  7. നിങ്ങൾ ഉണ്ടാക്കി കഴിക്കുന്നത് നാട്ടുകാരെ എന്തിനാ കാണിക്കുന്നത്. നിങ്ങൾക്കല്ലാതെ വേറെ ആർക്കും ഒരു പ്രയോജനവും ഇല്ല. ഇല്ലെങ്കിൽ അതിന്റെ recipe കാണിക്ക്. ഇല്ലെങ്കിൽ കുറച്ചു പാവങ്ങൾക് ആഹാരം കൊടുക്കണം. അതെല്ലാം വീഡിയോ ഇടൂ. അതെല്ലാം കാണുമ്പോൾ ആളുകൾക്കു സഹായിക്കാനുള്ള ഒരു താല്പര്യം ഉണ്ടാവും

  8. அடேய் சாப்பாட்டு ராமா…. இது உண்மையா.

  9. Hi sir I very enjoy ur videos.. I laughed at all time I saw u😂🤣 can I have a favor? Can u pls make a video of eating a hundred pcs of boiled egg? The challenge is u will only eat the yellow part.. Then the white white must be removed😊 only the yellow part😂 so plss I'm ur subscriber here in philippines🇵🇭😍

  10. Super ayya and unga challenge la oru thadavayavathu kalanthukanum aasa Enna kupduvingala ayya naan romba naala wait pantren ennu kupdunga

  11. Huge fan here! your channel is pretty good and I enjoy a lot.. As a suggestion please make your challenges more challenging for Raman.. Rather than timing your meal, Make a competitive time limitation for Raman and ask him to finish within time.. or give him challenges like eating fried chicken and rice without gravy or water etc. Make it more challenging for Raman otherwise it is the same result we all know that 🙂

  12. இன்னிக்கு தனி ஆளாக வச்சி செய்வோம்….😆 Doctor mind voice.. இங்கவரை kkum கேட்கிறது.😆😆

  13. Please stop doing this type of eating challenge. You are doing the worst to you, your body, your kids & your family. There are other ways to earn money through youtube like teach something you know or make tutorials. By doing this, you are harming your health to the worst extent. Please don't encourage your DAD to eat like this

  14. This is really good. But there are many people including children in India who are struggling for food daily. We should think about them too.

  15. இன்னும் இவரு பத்து செங்கல் மட்டும் தான் சாப்பிடல.. 😆😆😆

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