9 Sauce Plating Tricks

9 Sauce Plating Tricks

Welcome back to another cooking video. Today
I’m going to show you nine simple tricks how to plate up puree like a chef. The puree
I’m going to use today is a pea puree but you can use any kind of puree you want, carrots,
potato, cauliflower, anything. Here’s how to do it, let’s go!
Okay, start off by taking a metal ring and placing it on the plate like so, and then
you take your squeeze bottle for the puree and just laid it into the corner of the ring
doing a semicircle of puree. Then you take a spoon and with the backend you place it
against the ring and the puree and you just move it round in one swooping motion to make
a beautiful semicircle swirl of puree. The next one you just make a little blob on
the plate and then you just take a spatula and you spread it across in one swooping motion
which creates a very elegant display of puree. Okay for this one I’m just going to make
some dots on the plate and I’m just going to make them in a little triangular pattern.
You can do it in whatever pattern you wish just make it your own, put them wherever you
want however you want. You can make big ones and you can make small ones, just like this
and just go crazy, put it next to your food, on top of your food, below your food, however
you want just make it your own. There we go. For this next one you take your spoon and
you just whack it down and then drag it across, very classic, very simple way to display sauce.
Here I am just using a little bit more liquid puree and you just want to take a tissue and
just drag it across just like so to create a beautiful curve, and you can also make a
straight line with this you just have to angle your tissue paper in a slightly different
way, just like so. Now staying on the liquid puree, you take
a spoon from high above and just whack it down just like this and you create a beautiful
display of art. Now you make a blob in the center of your
plate and then you want to take a glass and just press it down very firmly onto the plate
and then lift off and you get this beautiful organic shape, which I really love.
Here, I am just going to put a blob on the plate and just spread it across with a spoon
creating a very classic swoosh. For this last one I’m going to place a plate
onto a cake spinning device and then just spin it with one hand as I place the puree
down with the other one creating this mesmerizing spiral of puree which is both amazing and
interesting at the same time. You can also do this with a record player which will make
it a little bit better. Voila! Done.
Alright, so this is the end of the video, I hope you enjoyed it and if you did check
out some more of my videos by clicking on the frame that’s going to appear Now!
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