You know what is up guys? It is two days in a row I told you guys I’m back, but now that it’s 2018 I start to think like I don’t even need to get into drama or be a negative person and make negative videos to even get views you you guys would watch me eat a bowl of cereal see like I don’t even need to make fun of kids anymore and now that I think about it Making fun of kids is so last year like it’s really not even be funny I’m speaking with loyalty And I’m a youngest LexA of the century recently this broke boy named Brice cup rice dum what it is irrelevant as nation but once this year just started and I like This little tape and I’m reaching to all y’all broke gas Julie public and ass niggas described as a passive getting really peppy and sassy with me And I don’t have a good feeling about this Let’s just see what she has to say drop the video on me so today we be reacting to it a shit, okay Hold on something is not adding up because you’re telling me this girl is 9 years old And she’s not even do your standard reaction video because what I’m doing is your standard reaction video She has a whole green screen and a reaction video sampling She’s trying to be fancy, and she’s making me look bad ok hold on. She’s over here trying to make me laugh a stick For what I was saying if something’s not adding up because you’re telling me this van rule this city here Here’s a microphone on her shirt is this bitch iconic or something? I mean she kinda looks like her but how does a nine year old film a video put it into her computer edit it and put it on YouTube title and Thumbnail I mean if something isn’t adding up because when I was 9 years old $10,000 Hundreds down my wrist $10,000 a nothing. He’s broke gasps big. Okay. This dough is nine years old She has no idea how much money is actually worth $10,000. There’s quite a bit of money some of that Where didn’t even work at as a nine-year-old to even make that much money? She’s never seen that much money in her life in the hundred that won her wrist why does she keep saying that it’s time to? Get to the bottom of this all right. I’m currently slowing it down right now. I’m blue right there Yes, and clearly see the watch let’s put that image into Google, okay Okay, the watch is $50, so I don’t know what she’s talking about talk about a hunted down her wrist Yep, $50 watch so stop calling people broke. I don’t know what she’s saying Let’s carry on Bitch shut the fuck up. I’m nine years old You look like 21 or some shit, and I’m a scrap your auntie with wait a minute What does my all you have to do with this leave her out of this watch you breathe my audience at this I’ll talk about That what type of insult is this you like 21 or some shit? You can call me up you have my contact you damned me we can go get a ride, and I’m a smack your face Okay, watch it Up six – does she even rich my face. She’s pile it on top of that. I’ve been hauling this bag the whole video It’s been bothering me. It pissed me off more than it hurt Can you please just flip your phone because you’re watching the video refer to harder than we just flip it because the image would be better
You know I’m saying like just flip your phone the image would be just bigger legs to just flip Flip your phone that bitch that be a Gucci bill. That’d be my Louie Bell, and that’d be my hon It’s out on my wrist y’all can’t afford anything leggo. What can y’all for you well can y’all afford? It’s as if she’s like looking down on my bro people and I know some of my viewers are broken down How kind of offended like I haven’t even properly roasted her and the way she’s acting I think I’m gonna have to I could have Sworn the hoodie, you’re wearing you worried this other video. It’s like a gap honey. Let’s actually put it to Google Tom Let’s see it is 3495 her over here flexed on all of us with a 34 $95 hoodie Roasting you for the cost of your honey. I’m like roasting you for your money management because those Louie billion Gucci belt Those are $500 each right if you think it would have been smart to buy like a cheaper belt So you can like buy more hoodies, so you’ll have to wear the same shit every day Are you mean cloaking? What who in cloak gang is actually clout you all broke at Okay bitch you’ll be texting your sister about me that really shows how irrelevant watch Getting your views your money for this video about me the video that you made like this video right here Then got more views than your Jake Paul video bitch you making money off of my video, okay, okay, okay? She’s over here thinking. She’s fine making the greatest points in the world only did I go through that whole rant? She just went on is that Jake is irrelevant like more people would rather watch me. Talk about a random girl Then watch me talk about Jake whoa Like your name is even in the title like people don’t even know who you are so calm down She’s over your dad all worked up checking up all these stats and stuff like relax You’re making a video on a nine-year-old you making money off of my video. It’s like Like will course. No one will tell you where your money bags. We’re in like fake ass Right showing off your nine-year-old fan base Yes, I thought you were nodding how you go make fun of your own peoples you’re not speech, I’m Partially black or feel like you don’t even know anything about me, so why are you just making? assumptions So now you know you can just shut the fuck up Thanks Okay, a substance is actually a pretty big word for a nine-year-old. Anyways. She’s partially black July I’m nine years old you’re 22 I’m nine years old. I’m nine years old Okay stop saying it stop repeating you’re dying. Okay. You don’t care. You’re telling me I need some help when you’re triple my age, and you make it. Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute tell me what that just looked like a Maori intro scene I Swear man, just put a little text up there so background music. It looks like she’s thrown up Maori intimacy all right Hopefully one day this doesn’t actually happen, but the way she’s acted she might be on that show some guys I actually can’t fit her voice anymore So I’m gonna exit out and this part is actually awkward because at the end of the video I usually don’t give him the final roaster You know something But like she’s that years old and go I’ll wait till her date gets double digits because it feels kind of weird to roast her And I feel like all the things that she said like I just roasted Herself and all the viewers are gonna already roast her in the comments so like I don’t even need to do anything But look guys two days in a row I am back I miss you guys, and I’m sorry if you guys are never mad at me for not uploading, but like I’m black I’m posting tomorrow. I posted tomorrow tomorrow if you guys can’t if this bill gets more than two legs I will be really really happy out of this goal is out of reach or not But if you guys are new subscribe come on I read all comments, and thank you guys once again for just being the best Supporters out there. I’ll see you guys tomorrow My pockets full of hundred bill, I’m in the hell’s bitch. my song just hit 100 mil flexing

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