A Forever Recovery | Cooking Class

A Forever Recovery | Cooking Class

My name is Trent Mead, I’m the kitchen director
for A Forever Recovery. I’m involved in the basic meal planning and execution of all
meals, every day of the week, 365 days a year. Today’s cooking class we covered a lot of
myth busting in the culinary world. We were able to taste side by side different proteins
that were plain, dry rubbed and marinated and they could tell the difference between
them side by side. It covers everything from meal planning, to execution, to dealing with
different fruits, vegetables, meats, and how to achieve them in a home setting. I always
basically do concepts of easy things that clients can do at home. Here at A Forever
Recovery I always manage most of dietary needs for the clients, be it a diabetic or gluten
free or any allergies that are concerns, so it is my job to basically provide options
for them – breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks of things that are nutritious in general,
but things that they can have. What I provide the clients when they leave Forever Recovery
is hopefully an understanding of breaking old habits. You have to start something new
in order to achieve something new, and what I really try to promote is that through food.
Making sure you care about what you put in your body. Reading a label, how nutritious
is fresh or frozen fruit, you know, what is the difference? And it’s my job to inform
them exactly what they put in their body, and how good it is for you, and how to maintain
that positive recovery through knowing what you put in your body. My name’s Matt D. Yeah, I’ve been here
40 days, roughly, I’ve learned a lot of things. Today in cooking class we did different
techniques on how to prep chicken, try and get ready for outside life. It definitely
is beneficial because, you know, trying to keep that balance in time management when
you leave here. Trent is awesome with the cooking class. I like the way he changes it
up to be honest, and you’re always learning something new, and his personality goes great
with it. The best thing about being kitchen director
and interacting with the clients is that I actually see an amazing transformation from
when they come in the door to when they graduate, it’s an amazing transformation. I get a
chance to take a part in the recovery process of every person that comes through here. We
are able to touch every client through food, no matter who they are, 365 days a year. That
is the best, by far.

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  1. I find it amazing that the cook at AFR is so dedicated to helping these patients recover and learn to do things that will actually help them when they leave. Knowing how to cook basic things is so helpful otherwise so many of us would just be making frozen pizza night after night or going to a fast food place. Being able to make healthy meals for yourself is so much more helpful that it seems at first. I'm really glad they have that at AFR.

  2. Oh, this is awesome, what a great idea! I think that is just really awesome to teach clients things that they will be able to use later, in real every day life. This is such a huge plus and really an awesome idea for clients to do. Learning all the basics and the differences between foods and why is fresh better or what are the nutririous values, really interresting. Even I do not know all the details, that is just so great, and useful and even just interesting, and for those who did not cook before this gives such a great basic start for them. It is so important the good food amd to cook and eat healthy, so i think that since they are already going through a change, it is just an awesome idea to add this to the program. They will be able to take better care of their family and actually pay attention to what they eat. I think other rehabs should do this too.

  3. This is such a great idea. Well eating and nutritious food is so important specially during rehab. i think is so good that A Forever Recovery is having a cooking class that way the patients can learn how to make their own healthy and nutritious food for themselves even after the rehab, too. A Forever Recovery really is the best place they always come up with something new so they always give more and more to the patients. Keep up the good job!!!

  4. This is truly an excellent idea. I would find it very useful even for me, and i think that everyone would be able to profit from a cooking class. They go through basics, which is usefuo cause loads of people do not know those, and what are the differences, even now i am thinking. It is great to see that the clients are enjoying, it also gives them one more thing to do, at least thay are not thinking of the addixtion issues,but rather tzey are occupied, and the more activities thy do, they will be faster able to get back to the every day lofe withoit an problem. It is fantastic from A forver recovery to do this much for their clients, they are really interested in the betterment of their lives on all levels and i really like that. They have so many different classses and activities, that everyone could find something for themselves that they coukd enjoy, and just like the others, this educator is very nice and really is fun his class and uséful!

  5. When I went through rehab so many of the patients had no idea how to cook anything. The majority of our skills in the kitchen was throwing a frozen pizza in the oven and even just doing that I would mess up sometimes. Giving these clients the skills to be able to plan and cook their own meals is such an amazing thing. When they graduate and leave the program they are able to keep eating healthy foods. It's also such a pleasure and feels like such a great accomplishment when you cook something that tastes good. I think it's such an awesome thing to do for their clients and I find it amazing that you don't see other rehabs doing this.

  6. So happy for you ! I still have the recipe you gave me 🙂 it makes me so happy to see you doing so well !

  7. It is a great thing! I think it`s important that the patients know how to make their own nutritious food and this class is the to learn that. A Forever Recovery always comes up with something new and useful and I love it! Keep up the excellent job!

  8. It is a very great idea and a really cool thing. I love that A Forever Recovery is having this class. I like that this place is having so many different classes and those are all useful. This place is amazing.

  9. It is indeed very important to know what you put into your body, and make sure that you eat good things, things that are healthy for you and not cause illnesses and obesity and what not. And alao if you have already lut your bidy theough drugs or alcohol than it is i lortant to care for it and make sure it gets all the needed fuel so it works better. I personally think that alimentation is one of the most important things to stay healthy. We can really prevent so many illnesses by eating healthy. Or get better by eating healthy. And i think it is a ver nice thing that they offer this cooking class and all the information on the nutritiens for the clients at a forever recovery. Everyone should know how to cook well and it does help to be less stressed too. And it is always a good thing to learn new recipes and get some more knowledge about food or how to make it taste better or different, and also a great occupation if the clients feel like thyare bored. I think the cook is also a nice guy who enjoys cooking, so probably his class is great and fun. I like how he also cares so much about every little detail, like how to cook for people who have certain allergis, or who have gluten sensitivity. Nowadays it is a very usual thing, since our food is not as good as it has been 50 years ago, so peope do have allergies, so I find it a very nice touch that they really care about those who have special diets, and that he also teaches them how to cook good food for themselves. Looking now over all the info about this rehab, I think with all they offer, they do rakky help people to live a sober, better and healthier life.

  10. To have cooking class is such a great idea! I like that at A Forever Recovery the patients have the chance to learn new things and things that good to know about. I think its good to know how to make our own food from healthy ingredients.

  11. This is an incredible cooking program they have at a forever recovery! It's to important to eat and to know what you eat. Your body needs its nutrition and this cooking program shows you how and why its important do eat healthy.I love this program. It has helped me out a lot after I graduated I was never much of a cook but since I left a forever recovery they showed me so many great recipes and didn't even cost me much either. At a forever recovery they help you get sober but also teach you about life skills and help build you back up when you are feeling at your lowest. This cooking program has really helped me feel confident about actually being able to succeed after graduating from this program. This is an amazing facility so beautiful clean and the staff members are incredibly passionate at what they do. If you or a love one are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction I would recommend coming here to a forever recovery.

  12. Such a great idea! I think is important to know how to make your own healthy meal specially when your body needs to be healthy.

  13. What a great idea to have a cooking class in a rehab center. I think cooking classes can always be very useful for people. One can always learn new things and new recipes, things that make food prepping faster, or recipes that are fast and easy but still heathy, also the things he teaches, like gluten free or recipes for diabetic people. Those are always in demand. Of course eating healthy after one has put themselves through alcohol and drug abuse, is always in the center. That helps to heal the body, thus making the person happier, and I think like that they recover faster, since they do not have the attention on their body, or like hunger issues, or pain from incorrect eating, since detoxing is already hard. I think it is a really nice plus that they help you to learn useful life skills, like cooking, that you can use later and it also benefits your recovery. I really think that A forever recovery is quite a unique place, I say this, especially because their holistic approach seems like it works wonders, and personally I think that it is always a better choice to go chemical substance free, especially when one is dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. There is no need to put people onto other drugs, even if they are prescription drugs, they are still drugs, and they do not handle the issues the person has. Usually people use because of a reason, because there is something in their life they can not face or some other things that are hard to deal with or something that needs to be addressed in counseling, not suppressed by other pills. For me AFR does offer a workable solution to addiction issues, and I am glad that many people got help from them, and more and more go to seek it out.

  14. Great video. I totally agree with Trent. I am a big health maniac so I loved- loved this video 🙂 I like that they can learn valuable lessons for life at forever recovery , its very important that your body gets the needed nutritions as it helps the body to get rid of toxic much easier and faster. Todays food is full of crap ( sorry but its true) as someone else mentioned 50 years ago our foods was in a much better state then now. They put all kinds of chemical, ( steroids + pesticides) I mean who the helll wants to put that in hers/his body? I for sure not! Great that they are learning how to cook more efficiently and with more healthier options. Its great that they makes a menu for everybody and even for those who got allergies that makes their journey so much more easier.They got so many more great programs such as music therapy , faith-based , holistic programs etc. The facility is very nice I must say almost like a holiday resort , staff members look very kind and helpful on other videos . I think overall this is a great Rehab.

  15. It is amazing that A Forever Recovery is having cooking class. It so good when you know how to make your own nutritious food.

  16. I really think this is great. Living a healthy life is such a basic and fundamental step towards having a good life. I honestly believe that if you have a healthy body and are careful about what you eat you can prevent so many bad things from happening, and I am sure that you are so much less likely to have a relapse if you care about your health and what you eat. Plus I like that he really looks at it from the viewpoint of breaking old habits because eating whatever comes your way really is an bad habit that needs to be broken with education and critical thinking (meaning not just assuming that all "health" food is good for you but actually reading labels). I am very glad to see that this is part of the program at A Forever Recovery, because I personally believe very strongly in taking care of your body and what you eat. On top of all that I think that most addicts when they were in their addiction never paid much attention to what they ate, and many probably have no clue how to prepare a healthy meal at a low cost at home, which if you want to be healthy is a very important skill to have. I think cooking at home is crucial and learning how to do it helps with speed and certainty so they are more likely to actually do it, even in stressful times, or when they don't have much time.

  17. I love this. I think that many addicts don't know how to cook or have never taken the time to ensure they cook healthy meals for themselves, because why would then, then the most important thing is to get the next fix? I also strongly believe that if someone leaves their rehab center clean and starts implementing new habits like watching that they are eating healthy food and taking the time to cook their own food and read labels before buying food, than they can be paying enough attention and are interested enough that they most likely won't relapse, or at least they can use these new habits to ensure that they don't. I really like the viewpoint that he takes that he is teaching them not just to cook or to mind what they are eating, but also to help them break old bad habits, and to start to care and be more aware, and to not just believe the advertising they see, but actually read labels. Plus I think that a cooking class can be a real help when you have no basics in the kitchen, to build some confidence so you are more likely to cook your own meals. Plus on top of everything I think that eating healthy and having a healthy body is the first step towards having a healthy mind. I love the video, I think he seems very caring and I love that he puts so much into these lessons as well as into making sure that while they are at the facility they get the best food in alignment with their dietary needs and prohibitions. That is also very important during recovery.

  18. I always wanted to go and take cooking class. It is so good that A Forever Recovery has it. I know the patients love it. And it is so important to know how to make your own nutritious food because there is no better than home made. And beside that well and healthy eating is very important when somebody is going through rehab and the body need to heal.

  19. I think that is one of the best thing A Forever Recovery did. To teach the patients how they can make their own healthy food. It is amazing.

  20. promised BRT's from Terry whole time i was there and was denied once they had my money! im a disabled vet and i needed them for my PAIN! Refund my Money! Your rep made gurantees you didnt keep and contract thus was voided. my name is JACOB B TOWNSEND, fyi. From Illinois!

  21. COOKING! So so therapeutic for people. I love love love love to cook and this is so great. I think that many people don't know how to cook and they can learn so much from it also! Learning how to cook for some people should be nothing but for some people it is a whole ordeal and you can learn so much because those labels are important!! This is SO great and so many people need to realize how much of a great tool it is to have!

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