A look at Cook in Tuscany – an incredible cooking school experience in Tuscany, Italy

A look at Cook in Tuscany – an incredible cooking school experience in Tuscany, Italy

“Get off the road…” {car passing by} Hi I’m Mike of Mike’s Road Trip ….on this
episode I feature a very special experience here in Montefollonico, Italy
brought to you by Allianz Travel. For the next week I’m here at Cook in
Tuscany, which is a cooking school located on a rural hilltop village
overlooking the fertile farmlands and rolling hills of Tuscany, so come along
with me and let me show you around. “Hi, I’m George, and I’m Linda, and welcome
to Cook in Tuscany!” Attending Cook in Tuscany is the
quintessential experience that everyone dreams about when they think of this
part of central Italy. Tthe region is the personification of the country with a
terroir that produces the best wine and olive oil the world over. The days are
sunny and warm, while cool breezy evenings make for the perfect al fresco
dining. In addition to learning how to cook some classic Italian dishes, each
day is filled with a new and unique experience. When you attend Cook in
Tuscany, you’re not just stuck in one location
for the entire week, you take daily field trips to neighboring villages where you
learn from local chefs, wine taste with connoisseurs, and sight see some lesser
known and undiscovered parts of Tuscany. While at Cook in Tuscany they have a
number of side excursions where you get an opportunity to stroll around some
other neighboring hilltop communities. DAY ONE is arrival, with an introductory
meal to get to know everyone, along with an overview of the itinerary and a tour
of the La Chiusa Hotel, the host hotel of Cook in Tuscany. And by the way,
the accommodations are quite special, with each of the 18 rooms offering all
of the comforts of a luxury hotel. After donning our aprons, Day Two took us to the Tuscan village of Cortona where we met with a Antonieta of Netta’s Kitchen. After doing a little shopping at a local market for some supplies, we headed back to the kitchen to learn how to make pasta which was just one of the elements
for our delicious lunch. We then had an opportunity to explore the village and
do a bit of shopping. By the way, Cortona is the place where the famed
book and movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” took place. That evening we strolled up the
street from La Chiusa to the walled part of Montefollonico where we had an
exceptional meal at La Botte Piena. [Next day] So we’re strolling the streets of
Montefollonico right now and my sister has joined me on this trip. I should
have introduced her earlier, this is my big Sis Suzanne. So what do you think so far the cooking school and of Tuscany it’s general? “It’s been magical, beyond anything I
could imagine what was gonna happen here. We’ve made new friends…”
I know it has been so much
fun and I’ll tell you it’s pretty much exceeded my expectation so far, what do
you think? “Absolutely!” later that morning we were back at
La Botte Piena for a cooking class where some serious fun ensued. George
queued up some music and everyone started dancing while making pasta.
Soon it was line dancing around the restaurant. After lunch we headed to a
couple of nearby villages, the first was Bagno Vignoni which is a
popular place for its hot spring. Our next stop was to Pienza, which was named for Pope Pius ii who was born here in the early 15th century. Here we had a
chance to explore a bit while taking in this superb Renaissance architecture and
the incredible views that make Tuscany so popular. On day four we took over the kitchen at
La Chiusa where we started off making a fried eggplant dish then we started on a
chicken dish and other accoutrements to the meal. Finally, we headed out to the courtyard
to prepare a few final items for our feast of a lunch. Of course, while cooking in Tuscany, a
glass of wine is always essential. After lunch we headed off to explore
Montepulciano, this is another medieval hilltop town surrounded by vineyards and
is known for its noble red wine. In addition to seeing artisans at work, we
toured this incredible wine and vinegar cellar and shop, we then did something I
have never done before, truffle hunting. We went to Tenimenti Andreucci, a
7th generation winery where we boarded a truffled transport that took
us to the back of the vineyards to a lush forest. Here we met up with one of
the country’s top truffle hunters who explained the process of finding these
sought-after subterranean fungus often used in fine-dining meals. After meeting
the dogs that would sniff out this elusive delicacy, we were off …! It didn’t take long at all for the dogs to catch the scent, soon we were holding our first
of many truffles. We then took our truffles back to the
winery where they used them in our incredible meal, and where we had one of
the best wine tastings of the Cook and Tuscany experience. [on camera] Right now we’re at an organic farm where we’re learning how cheese is made and also getting our hands into some
artisan bread, and then we’re gonna have lunch overlooking this incredible valley
of Tuscany. Later that afternoon we headed back to
La Chiusa for a relaxing afternoon. We finished the night off with dinner at
the on-site restaurant where someone had a birthday. Each morning my sister and I
would enjoy breakfast outside, taking full advantage of those Tuscan views.
This would be our last full day at Cookin Tuscany and we were in for a
treat. We stayed at La Chiusa for the day and our cooking class was taught by none other than Dania Masotti, famed Michelin star chef, cookbook author and former
owner of the restaurant and hotel in which Cook and Tuscany takes place. We
headed out to the garden to grab a few items for our meal, then marched back
into the kitchen to get to work. Some of the items we prepared were stuffed
squash blooms, risotto, and a chicken dish. When it came to dessert, one of the items
we made was a spun sugar garnish which is when the entertainment portion of our
program really kicked off. Everyone was dancing to music and it was a riot
watching everyone’s unique technique. We weren’t quite done with our
preparations, we still had a pasta dish to prepare, so we went outside to the
courtyard where we made some ravioli and where the dancing continued. After our meal and having a few autographs signed, we said our goodbyes to our new friends. Well that’s it from Cook in Tuscany here
in Montefollonico Italy. I hope you enjoyed this video, and if so, please hit
the like button and don’t forget to subscribe for more Road Trip Travel
videos. I’d like to thank George and Linda Myers for completely exceeding my
expectations on this experience. And also, to Allianz Travel for making this video
possible. So, until next time, we’ll see on the road… MikesRoadTrip.com

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  1. Wow, fantastic video. This REALLY makes me want to visit Tuscany just to go to this cooking school. Well done.

  2. Tuscany looks amazing! So too does the experience and the hotel you stayed at. Gotta put this on our bucket list for sure! By the way, great video!

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