A Netflix Chef Makes Pasta From Scratch In A Tiny Apartment | Good Chef, Bad Kitchen | Refinery29

A Netflix Chef Makes Pasta From Scratch In A Tiny Apartment | Good Chef, Bad Kitchen | Refinery29

Okay, this is Chewbacca.
I’m Samin. You may have seen my
Netflix show. “Chewbacca and Samin.” No *laughs* I’m Samin Nosrat of
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Netflix. Today I’m gonna make
Fettuccine Alfredo. Before we get started though,
you should click below to subscribe. Now it looks like
this kitchen’s super nice… but something’s going on. I’m Jess welcome to my kitchen. I know it looks really beautiful
and I love cooking in here, but there are a few things that
make it less than ideal. Our gas is off, so the stove
isn’t working. *laugh* I also used to have a rolling pin,
but an ex-roommate stole it. Should I ask why? Alright, good luck, have fun. *sustained laughter* Alright. My challenge is really gonna be
to make the pasta by hand, and to make the sauce
and get the pasta cooked. It’s really cooking without a
stove that’s freaking me out. I guess I’m cooking
with a microwave today. Which I’ve never really done
before so that’ll be fun. Senior week, we can use that. Cheez-Its! Oh, my apron! Awesome. This is kinda fun guys,
I’m pretty excited. So, I know I can make pasta.
Flower and eggs, that one I’m good. My ratio for making pasta,
it’s hard to forget It’s one cup of flour, one egg,
one egg yolk. This is the thing you’ve seen
a million times in every, like, Italian old time-y video. You make a little well. I just crack into the well. And egg yolks. And the idea is I’m breaking
up the egg whites, breaking up the egg yolks. As I’m doing that, flour is starting
to incorporate in. Flour is slow to absorb liquid, if you go slowly and work it in
slowly it gives the flower time to absorb the
eggs and turn into dough. Pasta is never the same twice. So, you really have to use
your senses. When I’m rolling by hand it’s better
to have it on a little of a wet side. Ope, that was a whole white. This is so gross guys. *laughs* You know when you open play-doh
it’s really soft, and like, it just came out of
that extrusion machine. That’s what you want, is like
a brand new play-doh. And let it rest for, I don’t know,
ten minutes. At home I have a little hand-cranky
guy that I clip to the counter. We don’t have that. The next choice down is a rolling pin. We don’t have that. So, I’m just gonna use
this wine bottle. I’ve definitely been in a rental home
with no rolling pin. So, this is not totally unfamiliar. Also, I didn’t make this up,
it’s a classic. Like many an Italian grandma
have done this. I’m more nervous about the sauce. *laughs* I’m pretty nervous about
the sauce guys. I’m just gonna cover it with a damp
towel, and let it sit for a few minutes before I get to the next step. Oh, it’s already so much floppier,
and softer. Floppy is good. When I work on a machine, I like to roll
the pasta out into one long strip. But I think by hand I’m really just
gonna, sort of roll, roll, roll, always from the
center out, and then turn it. Alright let’s see if we’re gonna be
able to do this. I had to cut that, because I wanna
go thinner now. My mentor, Benedetta, taught me
to do this. I’m using my hands to pull outward
as I roll. Alright, that’s good. basically translucent,
at least in parts. I’m gonna call that good enough. I like to use a lot of flour in this step. This is gonna be Lady and the Tramp
style. They’re really long. I’ll just cut it into noodles, and shake off the excess flour. Alright now we have to go into
our new terrible territory. To make the sauce first I’m
going to bloom the garlic. So, I’m gonna chop it up
super-duper finely, and soften some butter in
the microwave. Gonna have to do a lot of
starting and stopping, and beeping buttons. Beep beep beep,
boop boop boop. Oh god! Mmm, I think it can keep going. I just want that very raw smell
to be gone. Your food is ready. Okay. It smells good, let’s taste it. Check! Okay. I’m googling how to grate
parmesan without a grater. Oh, you can rub two pieces together? *laughs* Somethings happening. Yeah it makes little weird
clumps of cheese, but it seems disrespectful so
I’d rather do it like this. I really don’t think you can
use too much parmesan, especially in Alfredo. I’d rather have more than less. Now what I’m afraid of. The cream. I wanna use a nice wide bowl. When you heat liquids in the
microwave there’s like crazy chemical reactions
happening underneath what appears to be a perfectly
still surface. It’s basically boiling, or sometimes
I think even hotter than boiling underneath. I think the way to prevent that whole
surface tension insanity, to encourage simmering,
is to stop it pretty often and like break the surface tension to
let heat out. We’re just gonna be doing this
for like thirty minutes guys. Oh, something’s happening,
I just saw a bubble. It’s steam. Oh yes, oh god, oh god. Alright it’s fully simmering Look, how crazy is that, when you
put the spoon and break the surface tension. It’s like a crazy science experiment. I can’t believe it worked. I wanna make a little bit courser
pepper than this. Anything with a flat bottom that’s
nice and heavy, you can just sorta smear it. Smells good. If I can make this into something that
tastes pretty good. I mean it’s not gonna taste bad,
it’s cheese and cream. We add our garlic,
and black pepper. You know what I haven’t added any of?
Salt. I think Fettuccine Alfredo tastes
like the most luxurious, elegant macaroni
and cheese you ever had. I think people think it’s kind of
a trashy thing maybe. But that’s a mistake. It’s good. More cheese. I mean I feel like you could just eat
this by the spoonful, it’d be so good. Let me get the water going, because
that’s gonna take a minute. Sup. Now I have to take it out, salt it,
and put it back. Like salty as the sea is what
I always say. Aw man, I was so dumb. I could have used the water boiler
to boil the water. Ugh! Going in.
Oh god, please. Oh god! So, it almost boiled over, it didn’t
boil over, it’s not that much more water than
pasta which freaks me out. I’m like it’s gonna cook into a whole
clump at the bottom of the thing. So, that was in there for
maybe two and a half minutes. That’s what you want your pasta
to be like, ya know? Flippity floppity. Now I have two important things. I have the salty pasta water, and the nice, like, creamy sauce. You want that creamy yummy sound. Honestly, I’m really pleasantly
surprised that I got all the steps done. I bloomed the garlic,
I reduced the cream, I made the whole sauce,
I cooked the pasta. I was able to do it and
it wasn’t disastrous, it didn’t separate, it didn’t turn
into like an oily mess. It didn’t sizzle and fizzle,
and like sputter in there. I didn’t make a huge overflow like
lava bomb in the microwave. I’m not leaving this place
totally destroyed. I’m pretty proud. The only think I’d do differently
next time is use a stove. The kitchen really needs a stove. And honestly, I think the whole thing
was a scam, I bet you it’s working. *laughs* There we go, microwave mac. *slurp* Now can you give us some privacy
so Chewie and I can eat our lunch. Thank you. Ready? Woah! *laughs* Thanks so much for watching. For more of these wacky cooking
videos click here, and to subscribe click here. I guess, now I’m just
gonna eat my lunch.

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