A Phenomenal Investment Opportunity Is Brewing in Fintech – Paul Mampilly

A Phenomenal Investment Opportunity Is Brewing in Fintech – Paul Mampilly

Hi this is Paul with your Bold Profits
Daily. Today I’m gonna tell you about an incredible opportunity sector in the
market and like many of the mega trends and opportunities I talk about there’s
this theme of the old and the new and you invest the new and you could
have incredible gains, invest in the old and you take the risk of at the very
least under performance and long-term complete wipeout in other words these
stocks are going to go away because of what these new companies are doing so
first let’s get to the new – so take a look at this chart between 2010 and 2017
private big money investors have been pouring money a hundred billion dollars
into the sector called financial technology or FinTech, so what is this?
Well FinTech essentially is using technology for finance for money for
banking all of those parts of our economy and our society and a hundred
billion dollars to go in there means that investors really see the chance to
make a lot of money that’s why they are putting so much money into it and when
you go and look at finance and banking it’s a huge sector it’s a gigantic part
of our economy and of the world economy so it makes sense that if you’re gonna
have winners they’re going to be huge, of course you put a ton of money into it so
you might be thinking hey Paul so like if this is such a big deal how come I’ve
never heard of it and that’s because these are private companies largely take
a look at this second slide and you’ll see these are the largest ten financial
technology companies out there. Maybe some of you have heard about it for
example maybe some of you use the Robinhood brokerage app which lets you trade
for free. Maybe you’ve seen this this strike payment system and there’s
others out there you can see what they are. Now the unfortunate part about
financial technology is that a vast majority of these companies are private.
However they will for sure come public at some point in time and
the growth prospects for these companies are so good and the basic business that
they’re in is so great that I believe it’ll still be a good deal when they do
come public. Now just to give you a sense of the kind of growth we’re
talking about let’s look at a little sub segment of financial technology: mobile
payments. Now look at this from 8.4 billion to over nearly 300 billion
that’s how much growth we’re talking is going to happen by 2021 in this one sub
segment of financial technology of mobile payments so that’s growth of over
three thousand percent so now you can see why people are pouring money into
financial technology and why these companies that I put up in that second
slide are growing like gangbusters say companies like Robinhood are seeing
hundreds of thousands of people sign up for their services every day. So I
mentioned before that invest in the new and you get growth of 3,000 percent
invest in the old and you will first see your stocks just kind of hanging around
a range and periodically take a dive down and then slowly keep going down and
eventually over time they are just going to get wiped out. So what are these
companies? Now it’s important and listen up because I know that many of you own
these companies because these companies have been tried and true, they’re dividend
payers, people think of them as being conservative, however in this world – no. These companies are a clear and present danger to your portfolio and you should
watch out for it and these are companies like banks, these are companies like
money management firms, and generally the old financial sector that have been
doing things the same way for a hundred years now and have no innovation and
largely have no interest in it because it would mean that they would have to
disrupt their existing business where they’re making a lot of money, so they
are right to be disruptified. Now as I mentioned the vast majority of these
companies are private and a few companies that are public I’m going to save them
for our various services at Bold Profits which are Profits Unlimited,
Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum, and the Ten Million Dollar Portfolio. So if you’d
like to get in early into this incredible phenomenal sector that can
generate three thousand percent growth check into our services our base
service is Profits Unlimited so that’s the one to check into so don’t miss out this is
gonna be an incredible opportunity and don’t forget also a huge risk if you own
all those old companies. So that’s my Bold Profits Daily for you this week.
I’ll have another one next week. Until then, this is Paul saying bye!

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  1. Thank you very much Paul for your information. You are one of the best financial advisers in the world. Keep the good work.

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