A Special Thank You & Happy 2019 | ASMR Relaxing Cooking | In Carina’s Kitchen

A Special Thank You & Happy 2019 | ASMR Relaxing Cooking | In Carina’s Kitchen

Hey guys! I’m Carina, welcome to my kitchen. First of all I want to wish you all a Happy New Year I hope that 2019 is your year. I can’t wait to see what it brings, that’s for sure!’ From my heart, I’d like to say thank you for following this channel. On this big wide internet, I can’t believe that I even have any followers so just thank you so much and I really hope that you continue to join me in 2019. I’m really happy to leave 2018 behind. 2018 was a really difficult year for me. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I actually had to take several months off sick. Now I feel like I’m seeing the other end of it. One of the things that has really gotten me through apart from family, friends, loved ones, of course, is the fact that I have In Carina’s Kitchen. A project to work on, something that makes me feel creative and gives me such a great satisfaction when I see other people commenting acknowledging my work, it’s been such a joy. And I just want to say to the people who are following me out there, thank you so much. Thank you. So, to thank you and to have a look back at 2018, I have gathered the “most satisfying moments” that I could find in my cooking shows. You guys often tell me that you’re relaxed when you’re watching my videos. I’m so glad to hear it! Here it is, for you, Satisfying Cooking Moments of 2018. Here’s to 2019, ASMR relaxing cooking style.

16 thoughts on “A Special Thank You & Happy 2019 | ASMR Relaxing Cooking | In Carina’s Kitchen”

  1. happy new year carina 🙂 I also share the passion for cooking! Have a wonderful start in the year! Greetings from germany!

  2. Bless you. 2018 was hard for me too for similar reasons. Let's leave that in the past and have a great 2019!! Keep it up.

  3. I love you and your videos. Yes, leave the past behind, and move on with good things coming your way. Love your initiatives. Way go with ASMR. That's something I really need to learn from you. Is there a special mic you are using? I mean I don't hear any noise pollution in your surroundings, very successful on that. I am so glad to find a baking pal. Have a blessed new year, my dear 😊🤗😘❤️😍

  4. Good job moving forward! Everyday further is another day away from the past!
    Keep up the good job in the Kitchen!

    Very nica cavalcade as well!

  5. Awesome Video Love watching your channel post more videos👏👋👍👌🙌👏👋👍✌👌

  6. Thank to you, Carina, you always share lovely videos and you're such a kind person…thanks for posting this video and for sharing your life with us. I adore your ASMR project! Keep it up. I wish you health and all the best, you deserve a great success…please, keep it up your good work 💕

  7. Really great job with your video, great to see you. That's wonderful. And your foods always look amazing and yeah, there is something fun about food noises. When cooking and baking too, they are of huge value to pay attention to as well. Here's to you and your new year. With lots of boogie boogie on the side.

  8. Hi Carina! You're not just a super talented cook, you're also an amazing person.
    I'm so happy that you're feeling better and I'm sure this year will be full of great things!

    You bring happiness to others, you're truly an inspiration! I really love your channel!
    Ty ! ❤☺

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